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11:11 experiences We Are All Guided To The Same Calling

Experience: Thanks Robin, for your input, because I think you just voecsilad very well what it is a lot of us feel. And if you wouldn't mind I'd like to get further into the subject somehow. All I can really say in my defense is: I've had a hard life too, I think we all have had our challenges and I'm sure we both know those are the things that make a person. And to this very day I find it VERY hard. We find these things and we can say Yeah, that defines my purpose very well , and in reality that's a good thing, but what these new mythologies are (like all mythologies and scientific theories), a collection of assumptions. To a degree there's a lot of truth in the concept of Starseeds, a lot less so with Indigo Children, but you have truth there. Just be aware of what Jonathan Zap calls The Trickster Aspect of the Unconscious (read: it's worth the read/listen!), you'll get called down certain avenues by the magic (is all I can call it) to see things within yourself and will always take a half-baked good idea over a completely shitty one. You may be getting signs and communications telling you you're onto the truth but is it PRECISELY Starseeds? Does ANYTHING really work that way?

I live in a world of synchronicity and paranormal happenstance that Guides me, but I'm learning to stay aware that I am a part of that communication truth isn't being dictated to me, I'm being given the opportunity to decipher it. I can't in all honesty pretend that I know for certain about aliens, hierarchies, souls, and all the stuff I've never seen and could easily be lied to about. I try to stay grounded in my own senses and my senses just perceive something bigger than everything put together.What I'm trying to convey to you and anyone else reading this is that we're discovering something that is beyond our comprehension, and we need to focus on how we relate to each other in honest, open, and sincere ways so we stop harming each other as this big thing is going to change how we relate to ourselves as miniature parts of that thing. Look at Transhumanism! Is that a healthy reaction to The Singularity?I hope I've made sense here, because I really poured out my Heart and Soul into that.We're both being guided by the same calling . Respect

Name: Marthita
Location: /

11:11 experiences More 11:11 Synchronicities

Experience: I had just posted my experiences about 11:11 One hour ago. That was was the first time I had shared this experience online, because I feel these experiences are greater then me. After I posted I felt that I must some how have mentioned the year that I went to buy the car, I had only mentioned the day and the month. The year is 2012. I was looking at the websites again and I felt I needed to open crystallink again. She had written about how the programme is ending and a number of people are feeling this. I pressed on the 2012 button in the website and at the end of the page the date of the Mayan callender was given . It said the Solstice date of the Mayan callender is 22 9 2012 ,the day I purchased my car. Also in the website solara or nvisible the date for the the 11th gate ascension which I wanted zto register for was in 22 11 2012. 22 being the common number.

Also when I started typing my name in the experience section I typed z by mistake instead of a, it reminded of z Ellie from crystal inks used to talk about,( z is the name of the Zoroastrian god, or Hermes according to Ellie) thought it was a coincidence but when I started writing about my experience the first word I typed was z instead of I, again by mistake. It really got me spooked like as though it was z wanting to relay this rather then me. I thought of all the time times my experiences used to synchronize with that of the crystal links website, it was z who was orchestrating it. Again when I typed synchronize I typed s instead of z by mistake and recorrected it. One more thing when I was typing crystal links the correction said crystal inks. I realised the colour of the car I am buying is inky blue. Before submitting I read my statement to correct any mistakes and I saw that I had written z in front of (to register), I have decided not correct this mistake, I gather this is z telling me that he approves of registering and also to sounds like 2 or 1 and 1 which is 11. I read my last passage again and guess what, I had forgotten to write to in front of (not correct this message) I can't help but smile, how clumsy am I but this one time I do not mind, I feel so prevail edged and deeply grateful for being able to share this with you all. Also I looked at my horoscope and my sun is conjunt my natal parfortune which is in Virgo in the 11 th house.

note I wrote about my experiences with 11:11 twice in the last two hours but I have to write again as I need to correct something I have written in my last statement, I have been researching Z in the crystal links website and z does not seem to be connected to Hermes, He is zoroastra the founder of Zoroastrian religion. He preached of one supreme god many thousands of years ago in Persia or Iran. Please connect this message to the one before. Thankyou

Name: Srilatha
Location: London

11:11 experiences Everything Will Be Okay

Experience: I have been having many 11: 11 experiences since going to USA in 2005 , I had no idea what this meant, so i looked it up in the internet and came to know others were also experiencing this phenomenon. Also I found a close link with crystal link website, lot of my experiences would coincide with what she was saying, like if she mentioned a certain number that number would find prominence in my day.I have now returned to London. I don't open crystal link website much now but the 11:11 experiences have continued, sometimes it is 12:12 also or 22:22. On 22 of September I went to buy a new car. That day I was bit upset with certain things happening in my life. Things seem to obstruct what I was trying to get. The appointment to see about the car was 10, there was a delay. When we arrived the time on the clock was exactly 11:11. I did select a car that day and by coincidence a higher and better model for almost the same price, as the cheaper model which we had orginally asked for was not available. I went back home that day feeling that god is aware of my frustrations and everything will work out fine in the end.

Name: Srilathagalivet
Location: London

11:11 experiences A Message From A Loved One

Experience: I've been seeing the 11:11 for the past 3 years , it all started when my dad passed away , I guess he's looking after me , is there anyway i can communicate with him, anyone out there to help ??

Name: Isaac Oppong
Location: Accra, GH

11:11 experiences A Most blissful Time

Experience: HI, Most of my life has been filled with traumas and turmoils, I was never at peace mentally though was financially sound. But it all changed on 11th nov 2011 i.e.11-11- 11, i met somone under the most unusual circumstances, it was like it was designed by destiny, felt so much affection, connect and love that i never felt. Since then i can happily say, im experiencing the most blissful time of my life and I have also become too much spiritual. I thank god for that

Name: Hrithik
Location: Mumbai, India

11:11 experiences A Blessing From God

Experience: I had started seeing 11:11 & 1:11 on the clocks all the time. And one day I was in my mothers salon & seen it and I said it's 11:11 & this this older lady said to me when you see 11:11 you are to make a wish. At this time I had lost many pregnancies and was just always asking God why why and had alot of nights of crying and praying for a child. I could just never imagine my life without ever being a mommy. All of my sisters, friends and people around me was having children. Some were unplanned and I even knew of at least 2 abortions that took place and I was SO against it. I found myself having to drive a friend to a clinic one time and I just cryed and cryed and ended up going out and talking with the people that were picketing against killing babies. She ended up not having it done that day!I tryed and would have adopted every child that I came across that was unwanted but it just never came in that way for me.

I lost my first child at 17 yrs old and by age 31 I had lost both tubes. Doctors,family & friends all told me that I needed to just face that I was not going to be able to have my own child. I was then blessed with money that I did not have & I said I'm not giving up and I went and done I.V.F at age 32. I'm here to tell you all that I now have a 7 year old son and Dillon was born on 11-11-2004 (: Glory To God!!!! I still see 11:11 all the time. And just tonight when facebooking a friend that is at U.A.B with her baby boy Webb that has been on life support and is having another heart surgery in the morning I looked down at the clock and 11:11 was on my phone clock...That was God reassuring me that baby Webb is going to beat all odds and be just fine in the name of Jesus!!!! Thank you all for sharing your story with me...God Bless!

Name: Susan Holladay
Location: Alabama U.S.A

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