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11:11 experiences 11:11 and DNA

Experience: I had never heard of this 1111 thing at all till a couple of months ago i don't know if this counts.my phone keeps ringing three or four times a day and evrytime i pick it up it sounds as if there is someone there for a couple of seconds and the phone just goes blank and when i check the number it always says the last call was 1111 so for some reason i check it out in google and have found loads of people are seeing these numbers all over the place and since i checked it out i have started to see 1111 everywere on my bank statements on the side of vans and this morning i was telling my wife that some people think it is to do with your DNA and your memory and i pulled into the fuel station and when i got out of my car i noticed something in the corner of my eye on the floor so i picked it up and it was silver tag off a chain and it had memory wrote right across it is some one trying to tell me something

Name: steve
Location : England

11:11 experiences 11:11 Following Us Everywhere

Experience: My family and I moved into our house 8 years ago. After about a year my mum starting noticing 11:11 showing up. Every night she would go to bed, struggle to sleep, then roll over and see 11:11 on the clock. After a few months she told my dad and dad told us. In the two weeks after being told the whole family saw it everywhere. My dad's watch stopped at 11:11 exactly. The VCR broke and was going 9:58, 9:59, 11:00, 10:01, 10:02. So officially we has 11 o'clock 4 times a day. My dad put 10 pounds of petrol in the car and it stopped on 11.11 litres. We then told the man at the garage about it and he phoned us a few minutes after we left. Apparently the man standing behind us had overheard the conversation and his items totalled up to 11.11. When I hit 1111 miles in my new car the car in front had the number plate 5P3llS. These are just a few of the things we have noticed and I am eager to find out what it means. we still by a lottery ticket on the 11th November every year though. (Just in case)

Name: Anonymous
Location : /

11:11 experiences The Key To 11:11

Experience: During a time of intense life trauma i have been given peace by this number.Over the weekend three separate hotels my room number was 22/1112 only to find out that they did not have room # 1111/and the last night in the city the clerk hands me the key for room # 1111 I just cried.

Name: Ralph H
Location : /

11:11 experiences A 11:11 Text Message

Experience: I have always wished on 11:11... After a few bad experiences with men all I wished for was a good guy, to love. Soon after I met my boyfriend James. I asked a girl at my work to do our numerology, not knowing James birth day I texted him. It took him a long time to get back b/c he was working. At 11:11 I got a texed form him His Full name and his birthday was November 11, 11/11. When the girl did out numerology we matched number in many places and we each had the number 2/11 twice. We have been dating for almost a year... (He asked me out April 11) ever since I have seen 11's everywhere, he?s seen them his whole life. I am sooo glad I found this site to give me some answers. James Dad recently past, he had a thing about 3:33, I think it was something about angles?? Any Theories on what both numbers and what they may mean for James or me I would love to hear them (Email- BikeGRL12 @ aol(dot)com) Thanks MAKE a WISH ON 11:11 it may come true? mine did....

Name: Kym
Location : Barrington

11:11 experiences Someone Is Keeping Watch

Experience: Nearing the birth of my first child, i began noticing 1:11 and 11:11 quite frequently when looking at the digital clock on my microwave, oven, car, and cell phone. My son was due to be born in Nov., so I thought Mayebe someone was telling me that he would be born on the 1st or the 11th (he was due the 10th.) Sure enough, he was born on 11/11/03 at 10:58 p.m. (just missing 11 pm!) Since the I still see it pretty frequently (he's nearly 4) and I have always considered it a reminder that someone was watchin over me and my son. I knew nothing about the 1111 phenomana until coming across it one day online!

Name: Kate
Location : /

11:11 experiences 11:11 and Unexplained Phenomenon

Experience: I've had many experiences. Having spirits,orbs,entities with me all my life. The entity was a negitive and invasive one that had to be smudged out of my house. The orbs are every where,the spirits are usually always in the bedroom. And recently strips of glowing enery things have all been caught on camera like all the other phenomenom!

I've had prophetic dreams, and dreamed about the Katrina disaster. I saw an actual entity or ghost when I was 10 yrs old. It was neat and lasted for awhile. I have visions in Sweat Lodges I participate in.

And the most craziest thing that I ever experienced was telepathy. It happened to me in a hospital by a very bad man that told me he used to hurt little boys. He spoke to me with no words from his mouth, he spoke to me through my mind!

An Indian man was around us and he asked me what the dude said to me! Like he was telepathic too. I told him thinking what I'm about to say is going to sound absurd. But he knew already and shook his head at me and walked away. Not saying another word to me.

When I left I saw that creepy bad man outside, but the Indian man was out there too in a distance. Like he was watching or following that dude?

Just so bizzar, but it happened! I have sent out 2 messages to 2 people that were not the things to say, and those were my only experiences with that. I felt like it was a spiritual test and I failed.

I had a vision that I sit down with an Elder and we have conversation but we don't not talk aloud, we speak though our minds. I hope the vision becomes true....

Yep there's things out there that may be greater then us. Unexplainded phenomenom that's happening all around us is being brought to our attention slowly thanks to tecnology now a days. Hopefully we will find ways to really understand it all. CAUSE IT'S FRICK'N COOL!

Name: Renee S.
Location : Wpg. Canada

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