The Number Eleven

Here are some interesting things About The Number 11, some fun facts, and the mysterious Coincidences that are connected to it. Some would consider that the frequent appearance of the number eleven in events that are similar in nature is more than just a coincidence and is referred to as a Synchronicity. A Synchronicity can be considered a meaningful coincidence between two unrelated events. For example, many people from all around the world are experiencing synchronicities involving the 11:11 showing up in their lives in unusual and unexpected ways. It becomes meaningful to them and often leads them onto a path of insight and self-growth where many hidden things (both internal and external) begin to come to light to be revealed. 11 is also considered a Master Number in Numerology.

Explore for yourself what is so unusual about the appearance of the number 11 in everything from Cosmic Events and Time Cycles, to Global Events such as the World Trade Center attack in New York City. The Number 11 also has Spiritual and Religious meaning and there are many Prophecies regarding this number and its Esoteric and Mystical nature.

The 1111 can manifest in the most unsual and unexpected of places and spaces. Numbers were discovered; not invented. Humanity has a very special and important relationship with numbers. There is often a message in the pattern of numbers for those who are aware of the meanings that are hidden beneath the surface. You will also find some amazing Mathematical wonders and Numerological Synchronicities here as well, along with strange instances of the number 11 appearing in Science and Technology, Entertainment and Culture, and Political History.

Interesting Synchronicities Involving the Number Eleven...

The Number 11 in Computers and Mathematics

The Number 11 in Entertainment and Culture

The Number 11 in Science and Technology

The Number 11 in Religion and Spirituality

The Number 11 in History and Politics

The Number 11 and Celestial Events, Time Cycles and Calendars

The Number 11 Synchronicity and September 11th Events

What is the 11 trying to tell us?

One should draw their own conclusions as to the significance of these numbers and what they might mean within the context of these seemingly random historical and modern events.Often, we see what we want to see and when we are looking for something we tend to find it. But our beliefs and perceptions do play a significant role in the reality that we experience every day in our own lives, and numbers can guide us in mysterious ways allowing us to 'connect the dots' within the details in order to then zoom out and contemplate the larger picture.

What Do These 'Coincidences' With The Number 11 Mean?

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