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Are U.F.O's Real? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Have extraterrestrials visited earth in the past--or currently? Humankind has been pondering these questions for century.Unidentified flying objects are very real. Just because something is unidentified, unknown or even unseen, does not make it any more or less real than something we can see, touch, indentify and know. For example, we can't see gravity, but we know it is very real. Many people see strange unidentified objects or bizarre blinking lights in the sky, and others automatically assume that the things being witnessed absolutely could not be anything other thanphysical man-made objects, or a result of some natural weather or light phenomenon─even despite the evidence.

The debate is not about whether UFO's are real, but whether they are connected to something from 'out of this world'. The real question here is: Are U.F.O's really extra-terrestrial? When one hears or sees the word UFO they usually think about flying saucer-shaped discs, alien spaceships in triangular formation, mysterious blinking lights in the sky, or even secret government aircraft. But are these UFO's really IFO's? (Unidentified Flying Objects)? Reported sightings of these aerial objects appear more often than one realizes; these objects may be of unknown origin, but indentifying them as being of extra-terrestrial origin seems hard to imagine for some.

Can we comprehend the possibility that life itself — in some form or another — just might exist somewhere other than on little and lonely planet Earth?

We now know that the universe is seemingly unimaginably immense, complex, and ancient. Could it be the height of conceit for humankind to believe that this whole universe was designed solely for us? Perhaps our perspective is about to change. Ancient cultures once believed that Earth was the center of the universe; this belief was based on their limited observations and without the use of modern science and technology. We now understand that we are no longer the center of the universe — not our planet, not our star, and not even our galaxy.

Now, the universe as we know it is a very big place. VERY BIG. Possibly Infinite. Our experience of the everyday world does not even prepare us to grasp the concept of how big the universe really is.

If you want to get an idea of just how vast the Cosmos really are then take a look at this video..

Our solar system, which is made up of the planets, the moon and the sun, is flying through space at 134 miles per second; it turns in circles as part of a vast collection of stars and star systems called a galaxy─our Milky Way galaxy. Our Sun is actually a star, and there may be over 200 billion others stars in our milky way galaxy alone. An estimated 6 billion of those stars have planetary systems just like ours.The milky way galaxy is one of more than 125 Billion galaxies that make up the entire visible universe..


In comparison to the entire visible universe, Earth can be compared to a single grain of sand among all of the sand, on every beach on the planet combined. Do you really consider Earth to be the only planet with any form of life on it? Wouldn't that make the rest of space a "waste..of space?"

But we want proof, solid proof. How much more proof do we need? The proof is written down throughout our history. There are cave paintings from thousands and thousands of years ago showingmysterious non-earth-like beings, and futuristic aircraft that didn't exist in those days (but they do today!). Various cultures for around the world also share similarities within their mythology and religion that depict these strange visitors from the stars; the myths even describe these space beings as having walked the physical earth, leaving behind evidence, and how they may have a special connection with humanity itself.

UFO's In Ancient Art   Ancient Astronauts

Many video recordings and photos have been taken in recent years depicting UFO's. This is good, but the problem is that many of these are hoaxes, and this number will probably increase as the technology to make them gets even more advanced. Sigh. Even so, it only requires one of these videos or photos to be authentic to answer the question: Are U.F.O lights or aircraft actually extraterrestrial in nature? If just one was confirmed as to be real, then perhaps we would have our answer. But of course, this all depends on what you think is real. ; )

In truth there have been many videos and photos that cannot be explained or called fake. But the majority of us still choose to ignore what is put in front of us. why?Would finally finding out that we are not alone in the universe put humankind's mind at rest? Why do the media not hype every unexplainable UFO like they do with what the latest popular celebrity is wearing? Surely it would be the greatest news story ever!

On the rare occasion that the latest popular UFO sighting makes it's way onto the local evening news, it's usually not met without some snickering and rolling eyes while the theme song from the X-files plays in the background. Perhaps there are not enough people taking the subject as seriously as it could be taken, or even considering it to be worthy enough for discussion or further investigation. Although, as you read further, you will see how this situation is beginning to change. We should also keep in mind that big government is behind big media.

We Are Not Alone In The Universe

flying saucer

We are not alone, and sooner rather than later we will find out the truth, that is, the version of truth that we can all agree upon. But until then, we may just have to agree to disagree, redefine what is 'real', or simply just wait and see if extraterrestrial beings make contact with us at some point in the future.

Many people feel that the government and those in positions of power know more about the UFO phenomenon then they let on; they may not want to reveal what's really going on, and they would have a reason for this. There are is a lot of information about the Government conspiracy and the UFO cover-ups.

Many well known former and current Political and Military figures, such as Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, to name a few, have spoken out about their own UFO experiences; even those who were previously skeptical about the phenomenon quickly became believers after having witnessed something extraordinary. From celebrities such as John Lennon, Victoria Beckham, Billy Ray Cyrus and Jackie Gleason; to high level government and military personel, airforce and commerical jet pilots, and even astronaut Buzz Aldrin who once described a UFO encounter on the Apollo 11 mission.

Numerous UFO sightings are reported each year, but many of those who are experiencing these close encounters of the third kind often don't report them for personal reasons; they often neglect to do this out of fear of ridicule, shock from what they witnessed and perhaps skeptical themselves, or simply because they do not know where to report such things.

There are several serious UFO researchers and organizations committed to uncovering the truth about the UFO phenomenon in a scientific and professional way; they gatherer evidence, investigate cases of sightings and claimed extraterrestrial contact, and exposing the bogus video footage that seems to be swarming the internet these days. Other organizations are involved more with the political aspect of the UFO phenomenon; many of the former members of the military and current political figures are pushing for UFO and Extraterrestrial disclosure.

The people have a right to know what's really going on here, and our government has a responsibility to inform the public about these important issues.

List of UFO organizations

An Alien Invasion or Negotiations With ET?

Many people feel that if extraterrestrials are indeed making contact with us, or simply observing us, that they could be malevolent and have negative intention. A majority of films or television shows pertaining to UFOs or Alien beings tend to portray them as hostile invaders or enemies of humankind; the surge of big budget Hollywood movies is not helping to improve this impression.

Why are aliens always portrayed as destructive and evil in movies and/or video games?

Some feel that 'those individuals or entities who are in power behind the scenes' are deliberately planting this seed of negative impression about ET's within us for some reason─but is it all conspiracy? Lke many things in life, human beings tend to fear what they don't understand. Just like in humanity, there are good people and not so good people.

Even though there are many who feel that if extraterrestrial are there and aware that we are here, that they would be violent and probably want to invade and turn us in to slaves, or flat out destroy the earth. Many believers and non-believers alike feel that this is ridiculous, simply for the reason that if there were extraterrestrials beings out there wanting to destroy us or harm us in some way, that they would have already done so.

"Nobody has asserted that there is an actual threat to humanity from these objects: It seems to me that any civilization capable of routine interstellar travel could terminate our civilization in a nanosecond if that was their intent. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations." --Steven Greer, M.D

But of course none of this would be complete without a conspiracy theory of its own. A lot of UFO conspiracies tend to be pointing a collective finger at the United States Government, speculating that they may somehow be playing a role in the whole UFO/ET phenomenon─and what conspiracy does not tend toinvolve the U.S Government these days?

UFO government coverup live on CNN news channel

Then there are the whistleblowers; the individuals with political and military backgrounds who have spoken publicly about these issues and disclosed important pieces of the puzzle to the public; this is often not without consequence. Many people believe that the Government has made contact with extraterrestrial beings in the past, or are currently still in negotiation with them for reasons only those 'behind the scenes' may know, hence, the UFO Cover-up.

Governments from various countries around the world, such as Canada and the U.K have recently been releasing their once classified and top-secret documents and reports of UFO sightings to the public; these files involving UFO cases were once considered important enough to be kept private, and worthy of further investigation. Yet, the U.S government has not released their own X-files. Interesting.

Update: As of 2011 the U.S Government has Declassified the NSA UFO Documents, and several FBI UFO Files were released to the public. FBI Records - The Vault

So does this increased exposure of the UFO/ET phenomenon in the media and government mean that they are slowly preparing us for something?We could weave a tangled web around countless conspiracies all day. But let's explore more of the facts and evidence by exploring the concept of actual possibility of extraterrestrial life itself.

Top 10 Evidence for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Top 10: Controversial pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave..

Using discernment and trusting your intuition

Image of galaxy cluster of stars in space

One has to be careful when researching into the UFO/ET subject on the internet. There is an overwhelming amount of information and media available, and the source of the information is not always reliable. This is often the case with the countless home videos of ufo sightings which can easily be faked; often these videos are simply 'Identified Flying Objects' such as airplane lights, glares from the sun, birds or even military jets--but not all of them necessarily are! Use discernment and do a little extra research whenever you encounter something that doesn't seem very credible or if it seems to good to be true.

Some of the information or media that is being deliberately misrepesented is often for fun and games, but others feel it is deliberate, and this is because someone or something does not want too many people knowing or even revealing the truth. There is said to be much unintentional mis-information and deliberate dis-information out there in connection with the UFO/ET phenomenon in general right now, so it's important to pay attention if you are going to keep a wide open mind about any of these matters. Trust your instincts and know what resonates with you by paying attention to how you feel when you view film or read information─and even about your own personal experiences.

With all of the conspiracy theories floating around it can be difficult to determine what is authentic and what information might even have an agenda behind it. This is why it is a good idea to visit some of the more well-known UFO organizations, or groups who devote their time and energy to the research and sharing of these subjects, along with their own personal experiences. Discernment is always good advice when surfing the internet even if you're just satisfying your curiousity. In the meantime, don't forget to watch the sky because seeing is believing. If you ever experience a personal UFO or ET sighting while gazing at the sky some time, then write down the details right away or get some clear video footage if you can; do some research on the internet to make sure that what you saw was not something that can definitely be identified as a man-made object or natural phenomenon. Afterwards, If what you saw still stands as unexplainable or extra-terrestrial in nature then consider reporting it to one of the many UFO organizations or sharing your experience with others.

In the end, it all comes down to what you feel is your own truth and what believe is possible. What you saw may be just as real to you as the non-existance of aliens is to another. What's important is that you trust your own intuition no matter what anyone else believes or tells you; this is true especially if a situation or experience empowers you in a positive way, orif it helps to awaken your consciousness to a more expanded perception of our world and even reality itself.

"No social question -- and UFOs are a social question -- can be delineated in simple Yes or No terms: No, there are no such thing as UFOs; Yes, UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships. The time is long past for such childish generalizations. Believers have to get over embracing every unidentified flying object as a spaceship, and every contrary explanation as blinkered skepticism or an evil government cover-up. And skeptics have to accept that people do see things they cannot explain. How we interpret what we see is what the game is all about." --Paul B. Thompson

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