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Mythology is the study of religious or heroic legends and tales that seem incredible and which were created by particular communities as myth. One constant rule of mythology is that whatever happens amongst the gods or other mythical beings was in one sense or another a reflection of events on earth: as Emile Durkheim emphasized, god is another name for society, for humans make their god in their own image. Thus recorded myths and legends, perhaps preserved in literature or folklore, have an immediate interest to archaeology in trying to unravel the nature and meaning of ancient events and traditions.

Mythology Links & Mythological Resources

Mythology Encyclopedia
Godchecker's Mythology Encyclopedia currently features over 2,850 deities. Browse the pantheons of the world, explore ancient myths, and discover Gods of everything from Fertility to Fluff with the fully searchable Holy Database Of All Known Gods.

Creation Myths
A creation myth is a supernatural mytho-religious story or explanation that describes the beginnings of humanity, earth, life, and the universe. Here is the Wikipedia article explaining Greek Mythology in detail along with creation myths from different cultures around the world.

Greek Mythology
GreekMythology.com has information on all subjects of Greek Mythology, including details on Greek Gods and Greek Goddesses, Greek Myths and Greek Heroes like Achilles and Hercules

Encyclopedia Mythica
The award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between.

Mythological Creatures
The ultimate user-generated encyclopedia of mythical creatures and beasts. Know more about mythical sea serpents, magical mythical creatures and their mysteries. Learn more about mythical dragons and magical beings. Discover the power of folklores, mythical legends, cryptids and stories behind the beasts.

Nibiru, the Anunaki and Sumerian Mythology
Zecharia Sitchin has devoted his life to the study of ancient Sumerian civilzation, language, art, and religion. Sitchen is also the author of several books which explain his theories about human origins on earth and the involvement of the "ancient astronauts", a group called the "Annunaki" (or "Nephilim") whom "from heaven to earth came", inhabitants from the planet Nibiru, also known as planet X, the tenth planet in our solar system, and one that the ancients of the past knew about and depicted in their mythology.

Celtic Mythology - Beliefs and Legends
Celtic mythology comes from several regions and different tribes. The bulk of them are from Ireland and also Wales. When we look at Celtic mythology today, there are a number of marked similarities between their ancient tales and Christian stories in the Bible. Learn more about Celtic mythology, its cycles, characters, and origins

Myths & Legends

Butterfly Legends and Mythology
A site dedicated to butterflies, including informative and inspirational articles, and the meanings and symbolism of butterflies, including legendary butterflies fables, poetry and images.

Oban's Myths, Legends and Fables
Here is a neat site where you can read stories from Native American Indians, the Aboriginal Dreamtime, Korea, India and many other countries.

World Myths & Legends In Art
Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Get various art by culture, learn the history and more.

Urban Legends
Snopes.com brings you this fascinating website. Explore hundreds of Urban Myths and Legends in dozens of unique categories.

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