Cosmic Beings

The universe is vast and mysterious and breeming with life of all kinds. There are those beings who trascend space and time, Spiritual beings who come to us in many forms. They may guide us, teach us, and speak to us in many different ways. There are even those who walk amoungst us whose origins are not of this earth. Many different cultures around the world speak and write about amazing human beings, enlightened spirits and those who are here now awaiting to awaken humanity to their true potential.

angelic angel being Angels and Celestial Beings
All about angels, angelic entities, guardian angels, celestial guides & light beings. They visit and communicate with us in order to help protect us, heal us, and offer assistance.

crystal and indigo child Indigos & Crystal Children
All About the Indigo Children and Adults, and the new wave of Crystal Children who have unusual characteristics and extraordinary traits. They are a new step in human evolution and are to bring us into the age.

Starseed sillouette rainbow faces Starseeds & Walk-Ins
All about the Starseeds and Walk-Ins who are now amoung us. Defined as those who have incarnated on earth, but have a soul that is not originally from this planet. In the case of walk-ins a soul-exchange is involved usually during adulthood.

Lightworkers hands holding earth with tree The Lightworkers
Lightworkers are individuals who have made a conscious soul decision to help assist in the ascension process by walking a path of love and light.

black sillouhette of lovers and heart Soul Mates & Twinflames
Learn about Soulmates, twin flame soul mates, and those people who we are destined to meet sometimes through karmic obligations. They can be lovers, family members, friends or strangers.

Ascended Master Jesus Christ sacred heart Ascended Masters
The Ascended Masters who are the enlightened beings such as Jesus and Buddha. It is believed that Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on the Earth and learned the lessons of life during their incarnations.

Alien ufo flying saucerExtraterrestrials
All about aliens, extraterrestrial visitors and interdimensional beings which are evident by the overwhelming reports by abductees, government officials, ancient cultures and scientific studies.

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