Earth Changes And Ascension

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  Our World Is Changing

The earth is changing, our bodies and reality itself is changing. 2012 is almost here, the 11:11 is everywhere. What does it all mean?

Natural disasters are at an ever increasing and alarming rate, all over the world. It can not be ignored. These are the times that prophets of the past have spoken and written about. The scientists of our own day and age confirm that there is indeed changes taking place on our planet, and beyond.

There are changes taking place in the universe and the conscioussness of humanity is starting to take notice. It can't be ignored. One just needs to turn on the local news or weather station and it's easy to get a clear picture of how the actions of the past are starting to effect our present timeline, and our future. Greed, hate, violence, neglect and disregard for human life. Some of it is all "politics" as they say, but it still comes down to one thing. and that one thing is NOW.

What can you or I do right now to change the future. What do you believe? Are we facing the end times or is it just a new beginning? Well that depends on each and every one of us.

But what about the Prophecies and the predicitions such as the ones in the bibles' Book of Revelation that speak of the Apocalypse? Or what about the Mayan culture whose sciences and mathematics, was very advanced for it's time, and very accurate. They chose December 2012 as an ending point for their calendar. A new cycle would emerge. A new time.

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A new age like Astrology has predicted would be the Age of Aquarius. The myths, the warnings, the reality, has been with us for a long time. Seers and Saints of the past such as Nostradamus and Saint Malachy have made referances to the impending events that are now taking place, or will sooner than we may realize or be prepared for. The native americans have spoke words of wisdom about the end times. Albert Einstein talked much about the solar flares and other occurances that would manifest as these changing times approach us.

It's about time that we accept that we are not alone in this universe either. Extraterrestrial contact looms on the horizon. But they are not necessarily here to "save us". Neither our the gods that we choose to worship unless we begin to understand that God is all and all is God, or Allah, Great Spirit, or Universal Consciousness---Whatever name or understanding you wish to associate with this infinite and loving source is OK.

As long as you live within this Love and Light and Truth and seek wisdom that resonates with it. As long as you undestand that we are all ONE in this universal game of life then there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Your free will gives you the choice in the matter.

How will the coming changes effect your own individual consiousness? It already is effecting the consciousness of humanity. People are starting to awaken. Those in control are finding it more and more difficult to pull the wool over our eyes. So now we see our choices, and in turn we realize how our choices can effect each other, the earth, and the planet itself.

Whether you want to refer to it as the rapture or the spiritual enlightenment, you can not forget your own place here.You are here for a reason whether you came from the stars or were born from the dust of earth, you must remember to always look towards the light because without it you will be more dramatically effected by the changes that our now taking place. Light is Pure and it is Love. Light illuminates the darkness no matter where it lurks, and darkness can not extinguish the light no matter where it consciously chooses to shine it's love and truth.

As we move further into this new timeline of the NOW you will start to experience changes on all levels. Remember that our reality is changing. Time is changing. Hours are seeming to fly by like minutes lately. Aches and pains and mental confusion are increasing and it's easy to get caught up in the 3 dimensional program which tempts us with all the pleasures that we have come to know and love. The addictions feed upon themselves, and the money will eventually run out. We are still left with ourselves and we can choose to go with the light, even if that means taking baby steps towards our future or burying our heads in the sands and waiting for someone else to do it for us.

We can change the world now just by changing our own thoughts. We can effect our family, our friends, and the stranger down the street. We can pay attention to the synchronicities that surround us such as the 11:11 prompts and listen to what the inner voice and universal spirit is telling us.

These changing times effect everyone and in so many ways. There are physical There are many Ascension symptoms ooccuring because the human body is changing. Our DNA is changing, and yes even the animals and plants, and the earth itself is changing. We may notice these changes if we become aware and this is the signal and the wake up call to get moving! We must do what is right and we must follow our paths as long as that path brings truth and as long as we travel that path in love. Remember that even in the darkest of moments the light will always be there to warm and comfort you, to guide you, and to illuminate you as you move from this current moment of NOW into the next. What will the future bring?

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Earth Changes
The earth is changing, our bodies and reality itself is changing. 2012 is almost here, the 11:11 is everywhere. Find out what it all means and how it is all connected.

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