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11:11 experiences We Are All Connected

Experience: I started seeing 11 11 a couple of years ago and now there are more that I see on a regular basis like 1234,222,333,444,555,1117,etc. I usually say thank you and try to use my intuition to see what the messages are. I am greatful and thankful and that is always how I feel. I have been reading about the Akashic Construct by George Barnard and other information about 11 11 from different sites. I'm always reading and trying to learn as much as I can to understand. Just remember that WE ALL are connected. God Bless and good luck to all of you. Braenda

Name: Braenda
Location: Oregon, USA

11:11 experiences Waking Up to a Revelation

Experience: About 18 years ago I had a terable nighhtmare it was all about the end of time, evil, and God's judgment. 1111 was all through the dream. when I woke up the clock was 1111. now I am hearing all these "experiences". The Revelation time is upon us! repent!!

Name: Jamie

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Sparks Curiosity

Experience: Well it's not a freaky one, at least I hope not, but I was born on 11/11/83 and 8+3=11. I had never paid attention to this fact until a girl who is now friends with me & I found out we were both born on the same date. Ever since I've been seeing the number wether it is the time I go to sleep or time I punch out for break at work or time I wake up on the weekends and I was always curious about it. She actually advised me about this website.

Name: Gabriela Pinto
Location: North bergen, NJ

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Connected To July

Experience: i also see 11:11 all the time, it surprised me to know that there are many people who also see it. I have no clue what it means, but i have been seeing it for more than 10 years. I also noticed most people that see eleven also mention july,kinda wierd because my b-day is also in july. if anyone figured out how it changed there life please share.

Location: Texas, usa

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Leads To A New Start

Experience: It all started close to a year ago seeing 11:11 on my cell phone not purpously looking at it but being drawn to it,its uncontrollable. The first time I saw it I made a wish cuz I had heard once to do that. Since then it has occured more and more and now every single day, where I am noticing it happenning and wonder what is going on. I had gotton out of a very bad divorce and bankruptcy 3 years ago and since started a business that is doing very well that I am very passionate about. Now that life is good again is this the reason for The constant 11:11? I dont know yet but my eyes are open and I am going to keep searching the meaning for me.

Location: Waterford, Wisconsin

Direction For A New Life Path

Experience: Its been with me for years now. It comes and goes, but never leaves. It is as much a part of me as my arm, or my head. So much that I tattoo-ed it on my right wrist. Deep down I know that whatever this is, it is directing me and setting my life on a path I NEVER saw myself on. I learn new things each day. I started out trying to figure out what the rabbit hole was, then I tried to see how far it went, but now............as I write this, I no longer see myself in a hole at all.

Name: Chad
Location: US

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