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11:11 experiences Being In The Now

Experience: I see it since my childhood.

About five years ago I consciously "woke up". On good days, when I am "in tune" I see it. That's what it tell's me - that I am aligned wiht my higher self, heading into the right direction.

Now it's not only the eleven. It's every fractal geometry. 15:55, 22:22 - it all tell's me there is some connection. Also 14:41, etc. As soon as there is beauty and symmetry to it there is this wonder.

Other events in my life are seeing ufo's, auras and having obe's, etc.

I went to India.

Meteor's exploded into blue flashes of light when a roof-top conversation reached it's conclusion by: "And then, in the end of the dream, everything - the whole universe - came together in this one spot of light - all was one and still everything, infinite."

11:11 is like a small exploding meteor for me. :)

Yeah. Well. That's like a hugh "pay attention!" sign.

I got very esoteric over the years, and now I am getting much more into the basics of Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharshi.

Funny thing is that David Wilcock and Sri Aurobindo basically say the same things.

And the even better thing about all this is, that I am having a vibrant life including all this. :)

Be in the now, everyone!

(Cause that's what "end of times" really means! ;))


11:11 experiences Soul Searching And Life Changes

Experience: My 11:11 experiences don't frighten me however they do frustrate me, as I'm sure many others have been frustrated as well. I just feel compelled to continually look for answers but honestly I'm afraid no one really has the full answer. I feel its a positive entity and welcome all it brings. If I had to list all the experiences I've encountered in the last year since I first noticed it I would be here all day and I'm sure would begin to bore everyone. The first time I noticed it was when my new husband and I were relocating from NJ to FL, our apartment number was 1111 in NJ, our new house number in Fl. was 11 and our street name had 11 letters in it. We felt oh cool its meant to be, fate.

Anyway this time of my life was a time of major life change, relocating, job change, my son moving in with his father, my older son getting married and now fathering his first child and so on. Ive had people say 11:11 to me several times about five or 6 times within a 90 day period, one was when making an appointment and the girl asked if November 11th was ok, my oil change sticker has 11 11 or 111,111 miles for the next oil change, when working my new job, I continually questioned my self "is this what u want to do", just then someone in the same aisle asked what time it was and a gentlemen standing next to him said 11:11, when in training for this new job the facilitator said let me just throw a number out at ya... yep u guessed it 11.11. a co worker replied to me it was only 11:11 when i said oh let me get to lunch so I can get back.. the list goes on.. my new married name has 11 letters in it.. Every time I get the urge to look at the clock its 11:11 or 2:11 3:11 and so forth, the microwave will stop on 111, I wake up and see its 11:11 several times, things like that.I mean the list goes on and on.

However the the most memorable was when driving in my new neighborhood after about 3 months there and I had been driving down this road lots of times but one day something made me turn my head just in time to see the local church and on their sign that I had looked at maybe 30 times or so before, suddenly 1111 big as day fixed on their marker or name plate, indicating their address. that shook me to the core. I then had to come and Google 1111 after feeling like someone was trying to tell me something but I didn't know what, and the flood gates opened.

I had no idea as many others has the same experiences. I'm feeling like this is a hush hush topic as I've never seen any TV shoes about the phenomenon and when I feel compelled to ask people if they ever heard about this or know about it they don't know anything about it or feel its a special number. I feel special and embrace these experiences but would love to know what it means and why this is happening to me. Ive read many articles but just don't feel satisfied yet. One thing I noticed is that Im continually questioning myself ":are you doing the right thing, is this where you should be in life, and also what my purpose is in life and how I can make a difference. In a sense I feel a bit lost, my husband is wonderful and I love him and has no reflection on him, but its just kind of soul searching. I feel these are connected with the 11:11 along with major life changes.

Name: -
Location:Florida USA

11:11 experiences The 11:11 Is Calling

Experience: I tried calling my friend but she wasn't home, so i left a message (it was 11:11 pm), then two more times I left a message and each message was at 11:11, it wasn't on purpose, just happened to look at clock to tell her what time I was calling. All 3 calls were in a row, starting at 11:11 pm.

Location:N Dak

11:11 experiences Have No Fear: 11:11 Is Here

Experience: Yes 11:11 I almost see this number in my watch, cellphone, digital clock, laptop for almost 3 years now. I'm a bit scared since I thought I was the only one seeing this number at least 3 to 4 times a week. But, just this morning I tried to browse it and I saw this website and was surprised that i'm not only the person experiencing this 11:11 .

I hope that i can learned more about this 11:11


11:11 experiences A Time To Focus On Good Intentions

Experience: My 1st awareness of 11 11 was about 11 yrs ago! Saw it alot was feeling crazy.. a weird shift also I delivered mail and names music house nos. were matching sometimes 15 x a day I asked fellow letter carriers not 1 had the experiences I did. at 1st I was frightened, wigged out ! Now when I see it I make the time to observe it and remain calm for a min. try to meditate and focus my intentions on world peace universal harmony and gratitude. Make sense!!!

Location:USA Fl a Or.

11:11 experiences The Nature of Numbers and Time Cycles

Experience: On 1/11 my grandmother was born. She had a daughter on 1/11. My grandmother's mother then died on her birthday 1/11. Later after 38 years of marriage her husband also died on that same day 1/11. I her first grandchild then gave birth to her first great grandchild on 1/11. He will turn 11, 1/11/11.

Location:NY, USA

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