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11:11 experiences An 11:11 Trip

Experience: It all started when my horoscope told me to run, run far away and never look back on my eighteenth birthday. Then Green Day songs from the album dookie began happening right in front of me, people I knew, situations I was in. The songs would randomly come on as the situation was playing out. Then December 21st came, and everything changed. Complete peace and tranquility, complete whole ness. I went home for Christmas and my sh*t got all f*d up, angry, sick, psychotic. Seeing 11:11 literally everywhere I looked, everywhere I went. I continue to check my phone at 11:11 every night and day.

I moved away from my home town because of a Green Day connection, the Jesus of Suberbia leaves home and meets Saint Jimmy. Thinking he was an alternate side of myself, I thought I found him. I moved with my father, and two weeks after we moved he moved us to a Suberb, of course. First night there I have bizzare dreams, stranger than I've ever had before. I wake up and decide to put on a movie, and Netflix chose one for me. When your strange, a documentary on JIM Morrison and the doors. Saint Jimmy. More messages from The Doors, Green Day and Tool.

It's gone so far I started throwing items away, "letting go" of everything I was to persue whatever destiny I made myself. Thinking I'm some sort of Jesus. I wrote Green Day a letter, with no response. Telling them they used to be such an amazing band, the greatest of all time, but not anymore. They have lost themselves, and I wish I could just f*n talk to them so I can find out if I'm crazy or if they're truly calling out to someone.

I went to a book store today, after letting go of myself and trying to find myself spiritually, meditating constantly. And I found this book called 11:11 and everything that's been happening to me was explained in the book! I can't describe all the details, but if anyone else out there is experiencing weird sh*t stay paranoid, stay alive. We're either all crazy, or all being called. See you soon if I'm not.

Name: Skitzo
Location: USA

11:11 experiences In The Presence of Angels

Experience: I've noticed 11:11 many years ago and just didn't think nothing of it. I tried to ignore the numbers and it would show up at home and work, on my clock, dvd player, cell phone, receipts and even saw someone's license plate. Sometimes the numbers would show 22,12 but more frequently 11:11.

When I was having problems with my marriage it would show up as if to say I will be ok and that GOD, Jesus and the angels was with me.

I would tell my family about it and they even witnessed this. We were at a restaurant and 11:11 was on my cell phone, I said oh look here it is again and told them it shows up everywhere. When the bill came the time on the receipt said 11:11 and I smiled and told them see I'm not crazy.

I was at a wedding today and the bride's father said his wife was not able to attend because she had just passed on 1/11/13. I told him that she was at the wedding watching.

Name: JT
Location: Hawaii, Maui

11:11 experiences Birthday Synchronicity

Experience: Ok not sure what meaning it has was hoping for some input on this but here goes. My Birthday is January 11 so there is 1 11 and the time is 11 11 and I seem to see these numbers all over and all the time. If any one has any feedback I would like that. Email is stevencjap(at)gmail.com

Name: Steven Clark
Location: WV

11:11 experiences We Are All One

Experience: We live in a time where our technology is advancing at a faster rate than our spirituality.

Enough with the small talk......

11:11 is multi-dimensional beings that are using our technology as a way to send the more enlightened people a message, that message is,

"we all are 1"

Peace is my intention.

Name: Gulluminatus
Location: Oregon

11:11 experiences A Special Gift

Experience: I meant to say - how literally SPECIAL I feel, as should everyone who sees these numbers in these special sequences.

I would like to close with, as I was forgiving that individual, and had dropped off a book and dvd of spirituality and hope to this person who took everything from me, who betrayed me...I text that person to let him know that this material would be waiting for him when he returned home and forgived him, and his text of gratitude was sent at 11:11 back to me.

When I saw the familiar 11:11 time come across the text message...I felt a weight lift from my being, and it was my best day, and maybe the closest I ever felt to God!

Smile often.......be a blessing to everyone!!

Name: Valarey
Location: CA - USA

11:11 experiences An Angelic Connection

Experience: I began initially seeing 333! I would wake up to it, and see it randomly during the day! I was never alarmed by seeing it, but I thought waking up exactly at that time and seeing it on the alarm was different. I eventually brought it up to family members, and my dad said he saw the same 333 every morning!

This was a time of great trouble for me. I did a lot of talking to God and even questioned my faith because of something that happened that cost me a lot, and all I tried to do was good for that individual.

Later, I was in a state of mind of forgiveness and trying to move forward with my life, and I started to notice 11:11 or 1:11. I never noticed these numbers before in this sequence! How pleasantly surprised I am to learn that these numbers are Angels and or the Creator trying to connect with me! How literally SPECIAL

Name: Valarey
Location: CA - USA

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