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11:11 experiences

Experience: I've been having the 11's experience for at least 15 years. I have been looking at the clock on a daily basis at 1:11 and 11:11 on and off. I lived at the street address 111 in New York City, then I rented an artist's loft at 111 First Street. Then I bought a house at number 11. For years, I didn't notice. Then I got really sick at the 11 address, and was seeing 1:11 and 11:11 everywhere. My first reaction was that 11's were really bad luck. I tried to avoid this number. Eventually, I sold my house (for reasons other than the 11) and moved to a non-11 address. I tried to avoid flying on 11 dates.

One day I accidentally took a plane on an 11 day and nothing bad happened. I was continuing to see 11:11, and soon after that I decided I would try to embrace the 11 as part of my karma. It dawned on me that this number seems to be connected to some sort of spiritual-psychological collective unconscious.

I think maybe this is happening because modern western capitalist culture is blocking expression of the force of collective human love. This is causing extreme suffering in all kinds of people -- people from all walks of life, spanning the whole gamut of income, life experience, ethnicity, etc. Our conditioning makes us limit our own experience to an obsession with a fictitious "individual" self and prevents us from connecting with this greater love. But it exists without boundaries as one of the primordial states of human emotion. To put it simply, it is the sense of solidarity between people. Perhaps 11:11 is a discreet way of moving us all in the direction of reuniting with this part of human experience. It really seems like it, reading all the moving experiences people have posted here.

Name: RLS
Location: New York
Date Submitted: Aug, 12, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: I have received two sets of 11 stitches to the index finger of my left hand! Prior to both I was given recurring dreams and saw 1111 continually. During the second instance I realized that I had a choice to stop what I was doing or to continue. Faith and fate combined and with trust I received an "11" shaped scar that took 11 stiches to close. A hatchet went through my finger longitudinally causing only superficial damage while solidifying my faith in Universal Love. We are One! All life is part of us! Time is one! Fear is gone because the One who guides is Love.

Name: ecyov atsuj
Location: N.B. Canada
Date Submitted: Aug, 08, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: At the age of about 13, I began to see 11s repeated on the clock. For about a month almost every time and I mean almost every time I looked at clock it would be something 11. Like it would be 1:11pm then the next 7:11pm then the next day 10:11am. I couldn't explain it, I tried to ignore it or force it but every time I forced it, it didn't work. It was every time I wasn't thinking about it. Some times just noticing the clock as I walked by. I thought - maybe my body is on timer or maybe I'm seeing but it's not really there. When it lasted for so long, it was defiantly mysterious, something I couldn't explain and real.

Most people see 11:11pm a lot. My experience was a little different because it has now come back at the age of 24. That is why I am on this site.

Name: Joy
Location: USA
Date Submitted: Aug, 02, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: : I have been seeing 11:11, since I was 15 years old. Everywhere, on clocks, in prices at the checkout, in cashier register numbers, on my cards, in my car, absolutely everywhere, everyday, for 12 years. When I was 16, my mind opened up to what I would like to think is a third demensional world. Since then, I have had unseemingly good luck, almost like I am being protected by a force higher than what man knows to be god. I see the world in a third dimension, I am not crazy, I am very sane, and honestly, very smart in a very different way. Things for me are in a whole different light and have been my whole life. I believe its the universe, and I do believe its a calling, possibly I am an old soul, but I know that its definitely spiritual and way beyond what the average human eye can comprehend. Not sure what my purpose is, but I certainly know that I have a higher purpose and ma a big part of a higher power.

Name: Aspen Thrasher
Location: Colorodo
Date Submitted: July 30, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: Im 23 years now, have seen 11:11 and 4:44 since early school years, thought it was funny and weird, just laughed about it and made fun about it, not realizing what it means. Curiosity made me google 444, means angels are surrounding you, you have nothing to worry about, they are with you and they will help you in times of trouble. 1111 seems like it's also some message for us about peace or something like that, so glad I found this site. I am a person who wants peace and righteousness, this is my personality, also since birth I have had a connection with God and Exited about the bible and the history. Thanks Guys. O' I was also born in November (11th Month)

Name: ME
Location: SA
Date Submitted: July 10, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: I don't know how I found these websites tonight, and this is so weird that I did! I thought I was the only person this was happening to. I didn't really pay attention to when all this starting happening, but I know it's been about a year I think, but I have been seeing crosses everywhere since before 2008. Now the numbers have gotten really strong and all the time. I can't sleep at night sometimes, so I see triple digits all night long, and 11:11, and 12:12 all the time! I'm telling you every single day! I know this means something and I believe God is trying to tell me something.

I have taught "end times" for many years and have studied much about the Lord's return. I also read "Rapture Ready" and "Prophecy Update" everyday. I do not believe we have much time left on earth here. Not only that, but I had a prophectic dream about a week ago showing me the rapture and part of heaven. I was reading earlier that these people who are having this "phenomenon" call themselves "lightworkers". Well the Lord told me in this dream that He called me His little worker". He is the Light though, so I am His lightworker. We are to let our light shine, as He says in His word.

I believe these numbers are a countdown of things to come. The Lord in heaven uses these triple digit numbers as messages of divine implementation if you study bibical numerology. Using 3 digits of the same number means divine work. That is why 333 means the trinity, 777 is heaven, and so forth.

I have been told by quite a few people with the prophetic gift, that I had a special abilility concerning my gift of 'end time study". I believe that the Lord is showing these numbers to me and the crosses for a BIG reason! I just didn't know anyone else was having the number things going on with them. It is to my amazing find, that a lot of people is seeing this same thing. I have been told in prophetic words that God has set certain people aside, especially for these end times, and these people have a special calling and has been appointed to these days. So I would say, pray, listen for God to speek, seek His face, and be really in all seasons for the job He has for us! I still can't believe I found this site! It blew me away! Study bibical numerology and know what each number means!

Name: Diane
Location: Ga. USA
Date Submitted: July, 05, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: Roughly 13 years ago I began to experience the 1111 phenomenon.I've never understood what it meant-I just thought that maybe it was confirmation of going in the right direction in my life -and I just happen to get this website;probably due to being the right time to share my experience.Over the years it developed it developed into happening with other numbers as well such as 111 222 333 etc. A few months ago I had the most amazing experience happen- they happened in consecutive order-1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 (6:66 & 7:77 came later). It was really was quite astonishing!! People around me don't understand why it would bother me or be curious to me. I have had to try not to think about it too much over the years, but everytime I see it, I just have to say it out loud and laugh a little.This website speaks almost Word for Word the conclusions that I had come to so I thank you whoever is posting this and thank God that I was directed to find it when I was looking for something completely different so God bless you all! Oh- has anyone started to read something and on radio or tv they're saying the same thing at same time? I have the same thing happen with talking and tv/ radio say same at same time, but one day I thumbed through a book and was looking at something then started to read- and the Pastor on tv started reading the EXACT paragraph, AS I read each word! Whole paragraph! THATS NEW FOR ME, and exciting!

Name: Melissa Luis
Location: ID, USA
Date Submitted: May, 18, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: i recently made a wish,and every since then,I'll have the music on my phone on shuffle,and more often than not,the date on the album or song when it was created or added to my pc music collection then sent to my phone is 11/11 I'll even hit reshuffle and again more often than not i'll see 11/11 but only when i am thinking about my wish.

Name: MillaJFan
Location: mississippi USA
Date Submitted: April, 20, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: I see 11:11 quite often. To the point that every time my friends or boyfriend see it they yell "Lauren! 11:11!" My boyfriend and I kiss every time we see 11:11 or text if we are not together. Looking back, all my high school jersey numbers were 11 and the address of my first home was 1111 Rush Creek Circle. My birthday is 6/5/92. 6 + 5 = 11 and 9 + 2 = 11 (1111) I've only recently become aware of its deeper meaning.

Name: Lauren
Location: Idaho, United States
Date Submitted: March, 30, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: i have been seeing 11 11 since 12/21/12 @ 11:11 am ... and i printed it out by accident on my cash register at work where we are also scored of our rate of speed. this ticket that shows the date and time as indicated but my scoring rate was 1111 scans per hour @ 100%...ever since then,i look at the clock and its 11 min past an hour at work (cashiering) all day,most ppls totals are $111.??..or i give them 11 cents back in change..etc..story's is like the rest..its driving me CRAZY,anyone else?

Name: Nicole
Location: Mich.
Date Submitted: March, 09, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: I had been seeing the 11:11 for over a year now. I could not figure out why, I even started playing the numbers on lotto. The numbers led me to a site on the internet on accident. I am wondering what we all have in common? I never believed in the book of King James, or this God that has the powers to do about anything but yet there is no real proof of anything he has done. The story of Jesus I see as just a man in times story someone wrote about. I find myself wanting to find out more about the star seed. I have a lot in common with the stories of this. Mostly the unsettling feeling of wanting to go home but not knowing where that feeling of comfort is. I have suffered a pretty sh..tty child hood to say the least and a good battle with cancer in my adult hood. I was consumed with a feeling of comfort when I felt I was finally led to something to find out more about. If I am part of a calling from the higher powers than I sure wish we could get on with this faster, I have to wonder if once we start seeing the numbers if it means our time on this earth is coming to an end?

Name: Wanda
Location: Pennsylvania
Date Submitted: June, 23, 2014

11:11 experiences

Experience: I was born on 11.11.83 . I've always loved the fact that I was born on this date. Infact I almost can't stop myself from telling everyone I meet that I'm 11.11.11 (as 8 plus three is 11) . I also constantly see 11.11 all the time. Mainly on clocks. I have a special connection with the divine including God, Jesus and angels from birth. im driven to seek the truths of the universe and have a deep understanding of the bigger picture and strong faith. Many many times in my life I have been guided by angelic forces which give me a sixth sense with their help. I've found myself in sticky situations that have been miraculously solved by a higher power

Name: Amy rose Gilltrap
Location: Gold Coast
Date Submitted: Dec, 28, 2013

11:11 experiences

Experience: I don't see 11:11 very much, but my version of 11:11 is 3:14. Every single day for 3 weeks this has been happening. Never have I missed 3:14 on the clock in these past 3 weeks and it's actually starting to scare me.

Name: Red
Location: NJ,USA
Date Submitted: Nov, 5, 2013

11:11 experiences

Experience: Hi eleveners.. I started seeing the 11:11 like 2 o 3 years ago, to the point one night i had my cell on my pocket..and i thought i bet its 11:11 and ,, it was.. i saw on the street , plates, clocks.. and keeps showing it self as 2:11, 3:11, ETC.. one night i dream i was cooking,, and the being who was with me was grabing my hands as i was cutting groceries.. but the energy and love that i felt was inmense...not from this dimension.. then,, one morning ,,it was like 8 o 9 am,, i was lying in my bed and bright hot energy penetrated my whole body.. from head to toe.. (it was the budha energy that was coming to the earth).. we are old souls,, that agreed to be on this time,, to help the planet in this journey, and i felt so blessed, to the point i ask my self,, why me? i have done nothing worthy on this life,, and suddenly,, all this,,i still havent met a single soul that is living this.. i am glad i am not the only one.. (loner)

Name: alberto
Location: austin texas..
Date Submitted: July 13, 2013

11:11 experiences

Experience: I have NO idea what is happening, but this year since January I've been seeing 11:11 CONSTANTLY EVERYWHERE! I'm going to see a Chinese numerology \'priest/monk\' in NanJing since my wife went before. She doesn't believe too strongly in these things, but she went a couple times and they were DEAD ON on some important happenings in her life. She's Chinese, BTW :-)

I AM convinced it's something significant and I'm NOT a believer in these kinds of things at ALL.

Name: Jeff
Location: China
Date Submitted: June 23, 2013

11:11 experiences

Experience: My twin sister went into a coma 9-11-01 and she past away 10-11-01 my daughter was born 12-11 son born 11-24 I see 11 everywhere for years now.

Name: /
Location: /
Date Submitted: June 26, 2013

11:11 experiences

Experience: Today on 11:11:2012 I dedicate my birthday to my dad who passed away yesterday on 11:10:2012. For the past year during 2012 my dad and I shared a very special and significant synchronicity of the numbers of 11:11. I was born on this very day many eons ago. Little did I know back then of the significance of this particular date that 11:11 represents Universal Peace. The gates of Peace opened in 1992 and on this very day of 11:11:2012 the gates of Peace opened to the hearts and souls of all wanting to enter into this portal.

At the beginning of 2012 my dad and I were talking over the phone and I shared with him the significance of 11:11. My dad seemed to catch on quickly because since that particular conversation we continued to share this mutual knowing through many future conversations reminding one another whenever those numbers of 11:11, 1:11 or 111 appeared to us daily either on the clock, driving down the road seeing these numbers on signs and/or exit numbers and for whatever reasons we did not understand at that time. My dad has been battling cancer for the past several years. During his struggles in and out of the hospital this was the one commonality that he and I shared and later realized how these numbers brought us close in heart and soul as his cancer progressed.

One week ago exactly to this date of 11:11 on a beautiful clear Sunday morning driving to visit my dad at the hospital for the last time, I experienced the most spectacular sunrise as I drove through beautiful breathtaking rolling hills and took in the beauty of the most amazing Autumn leaves that were still in peak bursting with vibrant colors of oranges, yellows and reds. My only thoughts as I drove into this picturesque setting was the sadness that I felt in my heart knowing that this visit was going to be the last. I wept with much sadness inside realizing that he no longer was going to be in my physical world. I walked into the hospital room and saw my dad lying so peaceful as if time was standing still. I kissed him on the forehead and said "good morning dad, I love you". As he slept I shared with him quietly the beautiful sunrise while driving to visit with him. I told dad that he has been fighting this thing for so long. Well at that very moment he opened one eye and looked at me and said, "not really honey". I was takened by his response. Anyone who knew my dad knows that he is a man of pride. My dad never complained of his aches or pains throughout his life but instead kept everything inside as not to burden anyone with his troubles. I knew why he said this to me. He didn't want anyone to know of the pain he endured with his cancer in the past several months. It brought tears to my eyes as I was hoping that he would finally open up and talk to me in a more intimate way. I then said "dad, it's okay; you don't need to worry about anything."You're going to be okay dad". Saying these words to my dad and already knowing deep in my heart that his time here on earth was nearing the end and realized at that moment this thing we call time would be no more for dad. Peace was going to be the final decent of dad's journey, beyond time and space.

As my dad lay there peacefully I kissed him on the forehead and whispered in his ear, "I love you dad with all my heart". He quietly said to me that he loved me. I wrote him two notes and taped them to the walls right before I left with the words, "I love you...11:11". I left with a deep sadness in my heart. I drove home for the next 7 hours with a feeling unlike I have ever experienced but at the same time an overall sense of peace that engulfed my entire being. The next day at home the sun was shining, the skies were clear and this peace that I experienced the day before lingered onto this very day. I called the Hospice nurse that day to check up on my father. She said that my dad seemed to be very peaceful and different on this day. I shared with her my morning with him the day before and the words and energy that we shared for the last time and our synchronicity of 11:11. The nurse said that this was probably why he was so peaceful that day. He was listening to me while he was sleeping. She also said to me that she would be visiting with dad on the upcoming Monday but expressed that it will probably be her last visit with him. As she quietly said those few words I knew she was telling me that it was only a matter of time.

Being awake most of that night contemplating on my dad and trying to understand the reason we shared this 11:11 synchronicity for the past year. I was reading, goggling, anything I could find on the internet to make sense of this as it was the one thing that brought my dad and I closer in spirit in 2012 more so than throughout our entire father and daughter relationship. I found some reading on the internet from Archangel Michael's view on 11:11. Universal Peace waits for all mankind on 11:11:2012. That was the moment when I finally understood this phenomena. My dad was coming to the end of his physical reality and into his spiritual reality entering the gates of Peace. My dad throughout his life here on earth, the one thing he struggled so long and so hard for was that very thing, called Peace. I knew deep down that my dad was now going to enter this portal. The 11:11 connection that my dad and I shared became the focal point of our relationship. Dad was tired and frustrated with his life on earth. He was seeking peace but was unable to find it within. My dad was a free flowing spirit in every sense of the word. He loved eagles watching them soar through the skies. He also had a deep love for birds and would spend endless hours watching and feeding them. He found a profound calmness and peace to those species that had wings. I guess one could say that wings represent the vehicle in setting one free from the illusions that limits humans from the reality of our true essence. My dad always wanted to fly away. Being one of intuition, I could always feel his heart wanting to soar the heavens above.

On 11:10 at approximately 7:15 am I meditated very early that morning and had this vision of my dad standing at a gate that was wide open waving to me saying 'hurry honey and walk with me. I said to him, 'not yet dad you have to wait till 11:11am. He had a beautiful smile on his face and radiated this peace from his being while standing at the gate. A beautiful brilliant white light was blinding in the background. I was awakened when my phone rang. My brother Mark in California called me at approximately 7:44 am est. while my other brother is leaving me a message at the very same time both calling me all to tell me that dad passed away at 7:37 am that morning. I was frozen, unable to express my sadness. Instead, I was feeling a sense of calmness and relief for my dad as I knew deep down inside that dad was finally home. The gates, the portals and the heavens were welcoming my dad's arrival.

On this very special day of 11:11:12 I dedicate my birthday to my dad who now resides in the land of peace and celebrate our synchronicity that we shared of 11:11. There is a saying that we humans come into this world to have a spiritual experience. But the reality is that we are spirits having a human experience. My dad passed on 11:10 at approximately 7:37 am EST. This very day is also my grandmother's and my dad's mother's birthday of 11:10 and one day before my birthday of 11:11.

This was my Father's day wish before my dad passed in 2012: Dear dad. I love you with every cell in my body. Thank you for giving me my wonderful childhood and making me feel special even when you had to pay attention to four additional children in our family. Thank you for working so hard all your life just to bring home food and clothing so our needs we\'re always met. Thank you for sticking it out through every difficult and challenging time and never ...giving up on us. Thank you dad for every Christmas that our family spent as one and how you worked all year and every year of my growing years to make sure that this one holiday was our family's one day out of the year where we all gave gifts of love to express the deep feelings we had for one another. And now that you are going through some very challenging times with your own health, this father's day is all about my love that I hold deep in my heart for you. Thank you for being everything to me that a dad is to a daughter. You have been the rock in my life and I shall ever be so very grateful to you for these blessings. I love you dad. Happy father's day Dad

Name: Roseann
Location: Nc USA
Date Submitted: May, 11, 2013

11:11 experiences 1111 and 444

Experience: I've seen 1111 & 444 for many year. Now, it's shorter as in 11:44. It appears to be a count down, as if time or my time is running out. I had done research on these numbers and had a few revelations about them. Briefly, there are 4 - 1's in 1111 and things like that. Does anyone sense a countdown? Could it be related to 144,000? I'll check notes I made a decade ago if anyone responds. Pete

Name: Pete
Location: ME
Date Submitted: Apr, 11, 2013

11:11 experiences An 11:11 Trip

Experience: It all started when my horoscope told me to run, run far away and never look back on my eighteenth birthday. Then Green Day songs from the album dookie began happening right in front of me, people I knew, situations I was in. The songs would randomly come on as the situation was playing out. Then December 21st came, and everything changed. Complete peace and tranquility, complete whole ness. I went home for Christmas and my sh*t got all f*d up, angry, sick, psychotic. Seeing 11:11 literally everywhere I looked, everywhere I went. I continue to check my phone at 11:11 every night and day.

I moved away from my home town because of a Green Day connection, the Jesus of Suberbia leaves home and meets Saint Jimmy. Thinking he was an alternate side of myself, I thought I found him. I moved with my father, and two weeks after we moved he moved us to a Suberb, of course. First night there I have bizzare dreams, stranger than I've ever had before. I wake up and decide to put on a movie, and Netflix chose one for me. When your strange, a documentary on JIM Morrison and the doors. Saint Jimmy. More messages from The Doors, Green Day and Tool.

It's gone so far I started throwing items away, "letting go" of everything I was to persue whatever destiny I made myself. Thinking I'm some sort of Jesus. I wrote Green Day a letter, with no response. Telling them they used to be such an amazing band, the greatest of all time, but not anymore. They have lost themselves, and I wish I could just f*n talk to them so I can find out if I'm crazy or if they're truly calling out to someone.

I went to a book store today, after letting go of myself and trying to find myself spiritually, meditating constantly. And I found this book called 11:11 and everything that's been happening to me was explained in the book! I can't describe all the details, but if anyone else out there is experiencing weird sh*t stay paranoid, stay alive. We're either all crazy, or all being called. See you soon if I'm not.

Name: Skitzo
Location: USA
Date Submitted: Apr, 03, 2013

11:11 experiences In The Presence of Angels

Experience: I've noticed 11:11 many years ago and just didn't think nothing of it. I tried to ignore the numbers and it would show up at home and work, on my clock, dvd player, cell phone, receipts and even saw someone's license plate. Sometimes the numbers would show 22,12 but more frequently 11:11.

When I was having problems with my marriage it would show up as if to say I will be ok and that GOD, Jesus and the angels was with me.

I would tell my family about it and they even witnessed this. We were at a restaurant and 11:11 was on my cell phone, I said oh look here it is again and told them it shows up everywhere. When the bill came the time on the receipt said 11:11 and I smiled and told them see I'm not crazy.

I was at a wedding today and the bride's father said his wife was not able to attend because she had just passed on 1/11/13. I told him that she was at the wedding watching.

Name: JT
Location: Hawaii, Maui
Date Submitted: Mar, 25, 2013

11:11 experiences Birthday Synchronicity

Experience: Ok not sure what meaning it has was hoping for some input on this but here goes. My Birthday is January 11 so there is 1 11 and the time is 11 11 and I seem to see these numbers all over and all the time. If any one has any feedback I would like that. Email is stevencjap(at)gmail.com

Name: Steven Clark
Location: WV
Date Submitted: Jan, 21, 2013

11:11 experiences We Are All One

Experience: We live in a time where our technology is advancing at a faster rate than our spirituality.

Enough with the small talk......

11:11 is multi-dimensional beings that are using our technology as a way to send the more enlightened people a message, that message is,

"we all are 1"

Peace is my intention.

Name: Gulluminatus
Location: Oregon
Date Submitted: Nov, 05, 2012

11:11 experiences A Special Gift

Experience: I meant to say - how literally SPECIAL I feel, as should everyone who sees these numbers in these special sequences.

I would like to close with, as I was forgiving that individual, and had dropped off a book and dvd of spirituality and hope to this person who took everything from me, who betrayed me...I text that person to let him know that this material would be waiting for him when he returned home and forgived him, and his text of gratitude was sent at 11:11 back to me.

When I saw the familiar 11:11 time come across the text message...I felt a weight lift from my being, and it was my best day, and maybe the closest I ever felt to God!

Smile often.......be a blessing to everyone!!

Name: Valarey
Location: CA - USA
Date Submitted: Oct,12 2012

11:11 experiences An Angelic Connection

Experience: I began initially seeing 333! I would wake up to it, and see it randomly during the day! I was never alarmed by seeing it, but I thought waking up exactly at that time and seeing it on the alarm was different. I eventually brought it up to family members, and my dad said he saw the same 333 every morning!

This was a time of great trouble for me. I did a lot of talking to God and even questioned my faith because of something that happened that cost me a lot, and all I tried to do was good for that individual.

Later, I was in a state of mind of forgiveness and trying to move forward with my life, and I started to notice 11:11 or 1:11. I never noticed these numbers before in this sequence! How pleasantly surprised I am to learn that these numbers are Angels and or the Creator trying to connect with me! How literally SPECIAL

Name: Valarey
Location: CA - USA
Date Submitted: Oct 12, 2012

11:11 experiences We Are All Guided To The Same Calling

Experience: Thanks Robin, for your input, because I think you just voecsilad very well what it is a lot of us feel. And if you wouldn't mind I'd like to get further into the subject somehow. All I can really say in my defense is: I've had a hard life too, I think we all have had our challenges and I'm sure we both know those are the things that make a person. And to this very day I find it VERY hard. We find these things and we can say Yeah, that defines my purpose very well , and in reality that's a good thing, but what these new mythologies are (like all mythologies and scientific theories), a collection of assumptions. To a degree there's a lot of truth in the concept of Starseeds, a lot less so with Indigo Children, but you have truth there. Just be aware of what Jonathan Zap calls The Trickster Aspect of the Unconscious (read: it's worth the read/listen!), you'll get called down certain avenues by the magic (is all I can call it) to see things within yourself and will always take a half-baked good idea over a completely shitty one. You may be getting signs and communications telling you you're onto the truth but is it PRECISELY Starseeds? Does ANYTHING really work that way?

I live in a world of synchronicity and paranormal happenstance that Guides me, but I'm learning to stay aware that I am a part of that communication truth isn't being dictated to me, I'm being given the opportunity to decipher it. I can't in all honesty pretend that I know for certain about aliens, hierarchies, souls, and all the stuff I've never seen and could easily be lied to about. I try to stay grounded in my own senses and my senses just perceive something bigger than everything put together.What I'm trying to convey to you and anyone else reading this is that we're discovering something that is beyond our comprehension, and we need to focus on how we relate to each other in honest, open, and sincere ways so we stop harming each other as this big thing is going to change how we relate to ourselves as miniature parts of that thing. Look at Transhumanism! Is that a healthy reaction to The Singularity?I hope I've made sense here, because I really poured out my Heart and Soul into that.We're both being guided by the same calling . Respect

Name: Marthita
Location: /
Date Submitted: Sep 24, 2012

11:11 experiences More 11:11 Synchronicities

Experience: I had just posted my experiences about 11:11 One hour ago. That was was the first time I had shared this experience online, because I feel these experiences are greater then me. After I posted I felt that I must some how have mentioned the year that I went to buy the car, I had only mentioned the day and the month. The year is 2012. I was looking at the websites again and I felt I needed to open crystallink again. She had written about how the programme is ending and a number of people are feeling this. I pressed on the 2012 button in the website and at the end of the page the date of the Mayan callender was given . It said the Solstice date of the Mayan callender is 22 9 2012 ,the day I purchased my car. Also in the website solara or nvisible the date for the the 11th gate ascension which I wanted zto register for was in 22 11 2012. 22 being the common number.

Also when I started typing my name in the experience section I typed z by mistake instead of a, it reminded of z Ellie from crystal inks used to talk about,( z is the name of the Zoroastrian god, or Hermes according to Ellie) thought it was a coincidence but when I started writing about my experience the first word I typed was z instead of I, again by mistake. It really got me spooked like as though it was z wanting to relay this rather then me. I thought of all the time times my experiences used to synchronize with that of the crystal links website, it was z who was orchestrating it. Again when I typed synchronize I typed s instead of z by mistake and recorrected it. One more thing when I was typing crystal links the correction said crystal inks. I realised the colour of the car I am buying is inky blue. Before submitting I read my statement to correct any mistakes and I saw that I had written z in front of (to register), I have decided not correct this mistake, I gather this is z telling me that he approves of registering and also to sounds like 2 or 1 and 1 which is 11. I read my last passage again and guess what, I had forgotten to write to in front of (not correct this message) I can't help but smile, how clumsy am I but this one time I do not mind, I feel so prevail edged and deeply grateful for being able to share this with you all. Also I looked at my horoscope and my sun is conjunt my natal parfortune which is in Virgo in the 11 th house.

note I wrote about my experiences with 11:11 twice in the last two hours but I have to write again as I need to correct something I have written in my last statement, I have been researching Z in the crystal links website and z does not seem to be connected to Hermes, He is zoroastra the founder of Zoroastrian religion. He preached of one supreme god many thousands of years ago in Persia or Iran. Please connect this message to the one before. Thankyou

Name: Srilatha
Location: London
Date Submitted: Sep 24, 2012

11:11 experiences Everything Will Be Okay

Experience: I have been having many 11: 11 experiences since going to USA in 2005 , I had no idea what this meant, so i looked it up in the internet and came to know others were also experiencing this phenomenon. Also I found a close link with crystal link website, lot of my experiences would coincide with what she was saying, like if she mentioned a certain number that number would find prominence in my day.I have now returned to London. I don't open crystal link website much now but the 11:11 experiences have continued, sometimes it is 12:12 also or 22:22. On 22 of September I went to buy a new car. That day I was bit upset with certain things happening in my life. Things seem to obstruct what I was trying to get. The appointment to see about the car was 10, there was a delay. When we arrived the time on the clock was exactly 11:11. I did select a car that day and by coincidence a higher and better model for almost the same price, as the cheaper model which we had orginally asked for was not available. I went back home that day feeling that god is aware of my frustrations and everything will work out fine in the end.

Name: Srilathagalivet
Location: London
Date Submitted: Sep 24, 2012

11:11 experiences A Message From A Loved One

Experience: I've been seeing the 11:11 for the past 3 years , it all started when my dad passed away , I guess he's looking after me , is there anyway i can communicate with him, anyone out there to help ??

Name: Isaac Oppong
Location: Accra, GH
Date Submitted: Sep 18, 2012

11:11 experiences A Most blissful Time

Experience: HI, Most of my life has been filled with traumas and turmoils, I was never at peace mentally though was financially sound. But it all changed on 11th nov 2011 i.e.11-11- 11, i met somone under the most unusual circumstances, it was like it was designed by destiny, felt so much affection, connect and love that i never felt. Since then i can happily say, im experiencing the most blissful time of my life and I have also become too much spiritual. I thank god for that

Name: Hrithik
Location: Mumbai, India
Date Submitted: Sep 17, 2012

11:11 experiences A Blessing From God

Experience: I had started seeing 11:11 & 1:11 on the clocks all the time. And one day I was in my mothers salon & seen it and I said it's 11:11 & this this older lady said to me when you see 11:11 you are to make a wish. At this time I had lost many pregnancies and was just always asking God why why and had alot of nights of crying and praying for a child. I could just never imagine my life without ever being a mommy. All of my sisters, friends and people around me was having children. Some were unplanned and I even knew of at least 2 abortions that took place and I was SO against it. I found myself having to drive a friend to a clinic one time and I just cryed and cryed and ended up going out and talking with the people that were picketing against killing babies. She ended up not having it done that day!I tryed and would have adopted every child that I came across that was unwanted but it just never came in that way for me.

I lost my first child at 17 yrs old and by age 31 I had lost both tubes. Doctors,family & friends all told me that I needed to just face that I was not going to be able to have my own child. I was then blessed with money that I did not have & I said I'm not giving up and I went and done I.V.F at age 32. I'm here to tell you all that I now have a 7 year old son and Dillon was born on 11-11-2004 (: Glory To God!!!! I still see 11:11 all the time. And just tonight when facebooking a friend that is at U.A.B with her baby boy Webb that has been on life support and is having another heart surgery in the morning I looked down at the clock and 11:11 was on my phone clock...That was God reassuring me that baby Webb is going to beat all odds and be just fine in the name of Jesus!!!! Thank you all for sharing your story with me...God Bless!

Name: Susan Holladay
Location: Alabama U.S.A
Date Submitted: Sep 11, 2012

11:11 experiences Wondering What It's All About

Experience: It started for me several years ago, I started noticing when I looked at the clock it read 11:11, I would check the time many times a day for meetings and appointments but I would always see 11:11 morning and night. If I would be in bed before 11 p.m. I would wake up looking at the clock at 11:11. This went on for weeks and finally one day I was leaving for an appointment and started my car and the clock read 11:11, I thought to myself this is to strange for me to keep seeing 11:11. I don't know why but I decided to google it, I have never googled anything other than my name before so finding all the information with alike experiences was helpful for me because I really thought I was going crazy. I read everything from past to present, some of it I agree with much of it I do not, who's to say. For what ever reason after all the information I read and acknowledging the possibilities the occurrences are pretty much the same day to day. The day after my investigation findings and research I awoke at 6:11 a.m. I kind of chuckled to myself and went on with my day, then I looked at the clock and it read 7:11 a.m. than 8:11 this went on all day every hour on the hour 11 after was the only time I saw until 5:11 when I forced myself not view any more clocks. I don't know what that was all about or meant but it was pretty weird and cool at the same time.

My reason for submitting my 11:11 experiences is I have no reason other than maybe someone can attest and acknowledge.

Name: TJ
Location: USA
Date Submitted: Aug 07, 2012

11:11 experiences Fine Tuning Our Minds

Experience: I don't have any idea when this started maybe a year or two ago but it happens almost daily. Either I see 11:11 or 1:11 I have tried to not see it and that does not work. I am not sure it means anything at all but it is strange that there are a lot of folks out there seeing this. I am a Christian and do not believe that I am being visited by angels or anything like that and I do not think it is evil, but I can not help feeling like this means something. I have thought that maybe we just have tuned our minds into looking at the clock at that time. Who knows it does not bother me so we will just wait and see if it continues.

Name: Trian
Location: Texas
Date Submitted: Aug 02, 2012

11:11 experiences 1111 Symbolizing Unity

Experience: I've been seeing 1111 on clocks since 1989. In 1997 I opened a bible randomly and started reading. I read, "The Lord thy God is One! It was then that I realized that 1111 is God communicating with me. Then I met my wife and we decided to get married on 1/11. I am still seeing them on a consistant basis, so I googled it and was shocked to see it is a global happening. What a great thing it and God is!

Name: Robert
Location: Florida
Date Submitted: July 20, 2012

11:11 experiences Someone Watching Over You

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11 everyday, in the morning & night for a year now. I've also noticed that my grandmother passed away a year ago and ever since I've been seeing this number on my clock. I think this means she's looking after me.

Name: NYV
Location: wonderland
Date Submitted: July 17, 2012

11:11 experiences 11 and The Orion Connection

Experience: It all started when I was about 11 years old I had a fasination with Orion the star consellation. I read everything I could find on Orion. In my teenage years I always felt different, like I had intuition and knowledge about things but couldn't put my finger on it. Then in 1995 my life was in turmoil, drinking and so forth. I didn't like where I was heading and one night I layed in bed and just started crying and crying, in the fetal position. I started to pray to God to help me change, to stop drinking and make something of myself and change my life. After several almost a half hr of this, exhausted, I suddernly felt an overwhelming relief. I rolled over in bed and looked at my digital clock. And there was when I saw my very first 11:11 ! After that I started seeing 11:11 on clocks consistently. Finally one day after about 6 years of seeing 11:11 I went to visit a friend, I was living on Vancouver Island, B.C. at the time. My friend lived on a smaller island so I took the ferry to visit her. After awhile I told her that the wierdest thing had been happening to me, that I constantly was seeing 11:11..My friend smiled, and said "Oh my God, you are one of the chosen ones" She was an avid reader, she walked over to a bookshelf and pulled out a book. The book was called "11:11 The Doorway" by Solara. She gave me the book, and when I read it, I found out that apparently Orion's Belt is the Doorway to the 11:11 another dimension...so you can imagine what I was feeling in that moment. Everything suddenly all made sense of why I saw Orion at 11 years old, why I always felt different or "special" as a teenager, and why I kept seeing 11:11. So that is my story. My friends always tell me of how I have changed their lives for the better. One night we were sitting in my living room with the lights off, talking and suddenly we saw little white lights going around and around in my kitchen. I told my girlfriends those are angels which I know they were. I am still in awe at all of it but accept it and my life is very good now..:):)

I forgot to mention a couple of things when I posted earlier. My mother died when I was young, my father raised us kids by himself. We were extremely close, he was older than most parents as he was 47 when I was born, so in my teens he was already in his 60's. My dad's parents died when he was young and he was never really sure of when his birthday was or what year he was born, but knew it was on a holiday. So for years we thought his birthday was Dec. 25 1912. But then when it came time to collect his pension he got information saying he was born in 1911. After he passed away my older sister got all his paper work and it turns out my father was born Nov. 11, 1911 which is 11/11/11. Also the house we lived in growing up did not have house numbers at the time. I moved back to Sask from BC 30 years later and in the small town we lived in I drove past our old house. The houses now all had numbers. Guess what my dad's house # is now?? 111 UNBELIEVABLE ISN'T IT...maybe my dad was one of those angels trying to communicate with me too...:)

Name: Sheila
Location: Saskatchewan
Date Submitted: July 15, 2012

11:11 experiences 11 Leading back to the Heavens

Experience: I'm all of seventeen years old, which Doesn't offer to much to build off of, however I realized at a young age, that I was able to offer insurmountable amounts of knowledge. At about 14 I discovered numerology an it revealed that I am a (9 + 2) making me an 11. I was impressed, then things began to get extremely odd. As a child, I always had felt a close bond with the idea of heavens and with the stars. I was reminded of this one day, when my cousin prompted me to look up my corresponding chakra to my ruling planet. It was then I realized that not only is Aquarius the 11th house, but Uranus is the god for my chakra; the crown. With Uranus being the God of the heavens, I then realized why I felt so connected to the heavens. As an 11 life path, I am categorized as a humanitarian As an Aquarius, I am categorized as a thinker and great lover of life As designated by tarot card: the star (corresponding with Aquarius) I represent knowledge

The number 11 always leads me back to heaven, especially because the crown chakra is also called the "halo"

Name: Winter
Location: California, United States
Date Submitted: July 12, 2012

11:11 experiences Searching For A Sign

Experience: I started seeing 1111 about a year and a half ago. It was soo weird. My husband told me he was seeing 1111 and then almost immediately after he told me I began seeing 1111 EVERYWHERE. On the clocks, license plates, stores and every day at work. It has been driving me crazy. Even when I unplugged the clocks I keep seeing it. I have been doing a lot of research about it and I am still skeptical. I think it could possibly be a curse. Like a mark placed upon me. It is strange because I started seeing my birthday and my husbands birthday everywhere shortly after seeing 1111. There is another side of me which makes me think maybe it is good like I have a guardian angel trying to point me in the right direction. Since this happened I have been reading the bible over and over again trying to find the answer. I believe the bible is the only place you can find the answer. I am happy to know I am not alone

Name: Anonymous
Location: Soo happy to know I am not alone and crazy
Date Submitted: June 04, 2012

11:11 experiences A Healing Sign of Hope

Experience: After reading all of these experiences about 11:11, I decided to share my own. I started to see 11:11 when I was a kid. I would always say a prayer or make a wish. Usually when I saw it, I was going through a tough time...my parents were divorced but living together to take care of me. They fought all the time. My daddy was always in the hospital for Lupus and like 6 other crazy diseases that you can contract from it. It was always so dark and lonely in my house growing up. I tried to kill myself twice. I tried to run away from home too. I was depressed for a long time. But through it all , I remember seeing 11:11..Always I would smile and a little bit of hope would sparkle in my eye as I said my routine prayer or wish.

The second time I tried to kill myself, my mother prayed for me with the people. She found a scripture or psalm and didn't stop until I quit cutting myself. I saw 11:11 almost every day after that. I saw 4:44 , 5:55, and 3:33. Never was I afraid. I knew it was just God talking to me in a special way. Giving me a reminder to keep going, I can SEE YOU and I LOVE YOU

After growing up a little bit, I know that 11:11 is a mark. A signal. An activator. God is speaking to our subconscious minds. Calling us to do what needs to be done. It is a reminder that we are not alone in this universe, in this dimension. Somebody does care and love will prevail all. Peace will come in the morning. The first step in learning how to love, is first becoming AWARE that it exists. Those of us that see these sequences, we are blessed. We should always share the love we have inside and share our experiences together. When I see 11:11, I tell everyone around me to make a wish. I share the gift that God gave me. I pray that we all notice when God is trying to speak to us. He is everything. His energy fuels us all. Share the love he shares with us and go and be beautiful beings to each other. Enough with hate and anger and malice. Fighting fire with fire, only brings more fire...Heal yourself and help to heal others.

-Jah Bless and ONE love :]

Name: Baby Girl
Location: Texas, US
Date Submitted: May 24, 2012

11:11 experiences A Sign To Stay Focused

Experience: I've been experiencing 1111/11:11 and also 1:11/111 since I was in my late teens. For years I didn't really understand what it meant and to some degree I still don't but for me I see it as a message (I have no idea where from) for me to keep focussed on certain aspects of my life.

Name: Anonymous
Location: /
Date Submitted: May 20, 2012

11:11 experiences Be Yourself and Be At Peace

Experience: Hello everyone. I was just wandering what is 11:11? I have been seeing this number everyday on the clock and every night and everywhere i go for years. I find it really strange. I'm so happy others see it too :) I thought it was just me. I love being myself now and seeking the truth without feeling that I'm weird, strange, but accepting that i am different. I feel peaceful when i see the number and sometimes well when i didn't really understand it i felt afraid. Now i see this is a wake up call and ever since i have been being myself and loving myself i have seen the number less and less.

Name: Sarah
Location: Valley Stream
Date Submitted: May 18, 2012

11:11 experiences We're All In This Together

Experience: My 11:11 experience started just about a year ago. First, like most of us, I thought it was a wild coincidence. Then it became strange, then creepy. Now it just amuses me, as I just smile and say "Just tell me already".

It wasn't until about two days ago that I had had enough and decided to try 11:11 in google to see what I could find. I was more than stunned to see people from all walks of life with the SAME exact experience as the one that was affecting me. I felt relief for a while since others were with me. But there were no answers just speculation. Whenever I see it, I always feel it's important that I saw it.

If I may add, don't bother telling many people as they will not understand you or it in the least.

Whatever this 11:11 prompt is or means, we're in it together and I find comfort in that.

Name: Travis
Location: Seattle, WA
Date Submitted: May 10, 2012

11:11 experiences The Eleven's Are Everywhere

Experience: Hi, My half brother was born on 11/11 1951 I was born the day before Between 1985 and 1988 (I don't remember the year) I was a courier making a delivery about 2 hours out of the city. I happened to glance down and I noticed that my odomoter was reading 111109 kms (Canada) or thereabouts and I would soon click over to 111111 kms plus the 1 for the tenths of a kilometer. I looked at the time, (digital on the van panel) and believe it or not, when the odometer read 111111.1 the time was 1:11 p.m. Finally, I retired on Nov 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 and I watched my digital clock roll over at 11:11:11 am. That's my story.

Name: Ollie Bourque
Location: /
Date Submitted: March 05, 2012

11:11 experiences Other Double and Triple Numbers

Experience: i am not seeing 11:11, but i am seeing 333,444,222. now i am seeing 555 all the time. nothing special about my experience. after my investigation on this i feel better. i feel spiritually stronger. i feel a whole lot less "lost". hope everyone experiences this. with love aml.

Name: aml
Location: Indiana, usa
Date Submitted:May 10, 2012

11:11 experiences Moving Forward On A Spiritual Journey

Experience: In 1989, my life was a mess. Got fired from a job for drinking and was unemployable. So in September, I got sober. I saved so much money by not drinking that I was able to move into a nice apartment. I also got a great job. My Dad went with me looking for a new place to live and we were standing at the desk of an aprtment office and my dad said "did you know it's 11:11 on 11/11? I didn't think much about it until we get to the apartment and it was number 111. I moved in right away. I then started noticing 11:11 and 1:11 all the time. I did't know why I was experiencing this but after seeing this website, I think it's about a spiritual journey

Name: Robert
Location: Florida, USA
Date Submitted:February 10, 2012

11:11 experiences Strange Happenings On 11/11

Experience: On 11/11/11 last year, i spent the night before at my friends house. We both had heard of 11-11 having something to do with 2012, the mayan calendar, etc... And it also happened to be my friends birthday.We both woke up on his birthday(11/11) a little after 11 in the afternoon. At 11:11 AM, I had a strong sense that this was going to be an amazing day. We went to Thief River to pick up new Xbox games, him buying Call of Duty: MW3 and me buying Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim(skyrim's release date was today luckly). Later that day we went hunting in his woods, and strange things started happening. At first we heard the siren from town, even though my friends house is 10 miles out. Than came the bird noises. All around us the skys were clear, but it sounded like hundreds of hundreds of birds. When they stopped, we waited listening for any more sounds. 10 minutes later we heard the geese again, and then a group flew over us through some trees. They were only silhouettes of birds against the sky and they were flying from behind us to our left which was south. Than they would turn and go northwest off into the distance. This happened a couple of times before we had to stop hunting because it was night time. I dont know why but that day seemed like everything we did that day went perfect and we witnessed somethings nether of us could explain.

Name: xXxJoshxXx
Location: Minnesota
Date Submitted:January 05, 2012

11:11 experiences The Beginning Of A Journey

Experience: I have been seeing the numbers 1111 and 911 for years now. At first,I too believed it was a mere coincidence. After several times of this occurring,I can no longer hide the feelings and strange events in my life. For instance I flew to Texas in 2009.... 9 plus 2 equals 11. My flight number was 542 equals 11 again. My room number at the hotel was 911 equals 11 as well. I would find myself waking nearly daily at precisely 11:11 or 9:11! When the electricity went out in my house during a storm,and then came back on the clock was flashing 11:11. Isn't it supposed to do that at 12:00? We moved 3 times since Katrina each address added up to 11. Trust me it was not easy to find a house after Katrina. Now even stranger things are happening around my 2 kids and I. As we drive down the road EVERY TIME... The street lights turn off as we pass them. This has happened so many times I cant explain. I was even pulled over by the police one day because it was late at night and he thought I had some sort of device to turn off the lights. Not just 1 light would turn off as we would pass by... but everyone. Concerned ,Yes! I am not certain of what this entitles! Someone told me if it were coming from God, he would never frighten you. I have read many different opinions of what it could possibly be.

One day I was on the computer trying to find out if anyone else was having the same experiences as me. Nothing came up. This was about 7 years ago. Then a couple of years ago I decided to Google just the numbers 1111 and saw that I was not alone. In which I am grateful for. Because now I know I am not insane. When I told my friends about it,they were looking at me like I was crazy. But then it started happening to a few of them as well. Best of luck. After all my research I don't know what philosophy to believe. I am just praying it is the beginning of a good journey.

I also am a Aquarius. People have emphasized to me 2012 is the year of the Aquarius. I was born 2/17/1976. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. My name has 11 letters...1st and last name... Good luck on your ventures I hope someone finds the answer.

Name: Shari
Location: Mississippi,U.S.A.
Date Submitted:November 29, 2011

11:11 experiences Now Is The Time For A New Perspective

Experience: Hi everyone, I mean I still am in an 11:11 daze. I have seen some really good and some really bad years but by far this year takes the cake. I feel I am going through some vibrational ride. Lost a couple of people in the family, and they were really the softest and nicest people I had the pleasure of meeting in my life's journey. But the revelations or channelled knowledge that came with these experiences has increased my conscious zone. Strange unexplained new perspectives are arising in the mind and sometimes it even feels like as if everything that I knew until now was all fake and "NOW" is the time zone when "I" am experiencing "GOD" in me. It is as if the whole universal truth is getting bared before "me". All this experience is on the one hand good because I am getting all the answers I ever wanted to know about life but at the same time experiencing reality this closely is a bit too much to handle. So I request my angels to give me the courage, understanding and the ability to handle whatever I am getting and wish the same for whosoever is passing through the same experiences as me. Luv and Light to All

Name: Jas
Location: India
Date Submitted:November 24, 2011

11:11 experiences A Special Day For A Kiss

Experience: The date was 01-11-2011. I just met a girl of my dream ofter so many years. I knew something was going to happen on that day. On that day I had my first kiss even if I never thought it was going to happen in my life.

Name: gabrov
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date Submitted:November 04, 2011

11:11 experiences Surrounded By The Angels

Experience: Only had the experience of the 11:11 twice and I have seen 444 once.. My second time of coming across 11:1 was just few minutes ago before going through peoples experience...I was about reading the experience of other people about 11:11 then immediately heard fireworks sounding heavily close to my ear and I checked the time it was 11:1 pm...After noticing that I started going through peoples experience and figured I was surrounded by the 11:11 Angels...This is a sign for us to take note...Sending Light Love and Awareness..Namaste

Name: Emmanuel
Location: Lagos
Date Submitted:October 26, 2011

11:11 experiences There's Magick In The Numbers

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11 for years and was totally blown away a couple of years back when I googled and found it is a global phenomenon... I see it on clocks most days and people always propose that I have somehow synched to looking at a clock at that time so when it happens randomly I love to prove them wrong... one afternoon I saw it with a new boyfriend on the clock but then went on to see 2:22 3:33 4:44 and 5:55 in various locations which totally freaked him out! magick!

Name: Melanie
Location: New Zealand
Date Submitted:October 24, 2011

11:11 experiences Waking Up To Strange Sounds

Experience: since 2004 ive been seeing 222 333 444 555 and now since 2010 2011 ive see 111 1111 1122 1133 ect and also 246 642 1234 1012 1215 911 seeing 911 for the first 2years , i would be warned of danger heading my way. i dont know why or what the other numbers mean. however in 1995 i woke up from a dream i had , in the dream there was a clock and a man saying that god would use me. When i woke up i asked outloud, was that real and something in my room made a sound that was from this earth! ive tried to make that sound but nothing i tried worked but my belief in god is much stronger knowing that im not the only one seeing numbers.

Name: mary r
Location: California usa
Date Submitted:October 14, 2011

11:11 experiences An Eleven Message and Future Vision

Experience: i just had a freaking scary moment i was going through my missed calls cause something just told me to so im getting to the end of the list and find a call i made it was to 1111#1111# it was exactly 1min and 11sec long at the time was 6:23 which equals 11 i swear my heart alomst stoped it was so scary and alot of ther calls were like at 4:11or 1212 and stuff i was like oh coincidence the i see the 1111 one i still have it on there im still freaked out and i keep having dreams of finding the man i love in the future and so far things are getting pieced together just like my dreams i have the same posters text messages and things i stopped having dreams when i got to the one when we first meet and its like my dreams were reversed and im also taking a trip to cali soon and thats were my dreams all take place its all so scary.

Name: 1 in love
Location: /
Date Submitted:October 06, 2011

11:11 experiences The Eleven and Visions Of Love

Experience: For me it all started when i made a wish and so seeing numbers like 1111 and suff like that and one night i woke up at 1:11 am and the only way i can get woken up and not be a grumpy person is to play grenade by bruno mars really weird i know and im having dreams about the man i really love and in them he saving me in some sort of way and i look at the clock at like 222 or 111 ,1111 and on day im in my room writing and i swear i heard some one say his name then my name and so i took a picture and i have a walk in closet and i was standing in front of it and you can barley see a shape behind me it looks like and angle kind of a light white colors and wings i almost dropped my camera and now i feel like some one fallows me every where but i feel safe it all started when i fell head over heels in love with him...

it all started when i fell head over heels in love with him one day in my math class my teacher said give me a random number and i yelled 1,212 unknowingly and i realized after she wrote it down on the board funny thing is it was 1111 and i was also thinking about my love right before i yelled out i often get lost in thinking about him like in my own world but it was right then it all happened it was so weird.

Name: Lindsay
Location: /
Date Submitted:October 05, 2011

11:11 experiences Connecting The Pieces Together

Experience: My husband and I were married 11/11/06. I remember telling him that this date is significant I searched the web all I found about this date is that it's veterans day well that couldn't be it. I didn't find anything else and figured I'll know when it's time, a couple of years pass and I started seeing 11:11 all the time it would give me an eerie feeling as if GOD was trying to tell me something this continued even increased it went from clocks to billboards to license plates ect. Months went by I kept this to myself I didn't want people to think I was loosing it and then one day at work I was talking with one of my employees and we were discussing ascension he wanted more info so I printed him 36 pages on ascension I also made me a copy I went home started reading what I had printed and got to about the 33rd page and there it was 11:11 phenomena or coincidence I almost fell out of my chair when I read this, I don't know what excited me more the fact that I wasn't the only one or maybe I'm not crazy after all? Of course I have since found tons of info about 11:11 one thing I found most interesting is the people experiencing this have all researched the same things and even had similar if not the same dreams. All my life I had felt so alone so different I just didn't fit in. This is not true today, I feel so connected. There is so much more I would love to share, I also started writing a book which has been put on the back burner I feel I'm being lead in other directions, I am the car my CREATOR is the GPS! MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!!!

Name: Drema
Location: WV
Date Submitted:September 27, 2011

11:11 experiences September 05, 2011

Experience: Its just appearing more and more. 1 week ago i threw away carton of orange juice after finishibng it, had expiration of November 11,201w. Yesterday i saw epsisode of Jersey shore, one of the character had a beret with the number 11.11

Name: David
Location: Miami (USA)

11:11 experiences Reflection and Transformation

Experience: At the beginning of this year, I suddenly plummeted into an emotional state of awareness and letting go. My last day 1/8/11. I had been there 5 years. After so much chaos and conflict and getting up day after day trying to block the attacks of wickedness. I decided that it was reasonable to let go and I didn't even have another job. I managed to get another within the next week from just making a phone call. Seems like since that time, I would look at the clock or my notes from work or the time on computer or while driving in my car or looking on a billboard see 11:11 or 1:11. Its August and its still happening.

Ironically around Feb. I began to revisit in memory my past from childhood experiences to early adult and even in the past years. Reflecting on failed relationships with people.. this included friendships, relatives, love. Heartbreaks from soo many attempts to have others accept me and trying to understand why we as humans are who we are.. How did we really get here.. I began to study the planets and even began to read a bit into pyscholgy and even thought about going back to school for this..From Feb til June this occurred and by July I had created a Facebook page where I could talk about how "I believe in Transformation."

I feel that this is a year that was intended for choosen ones to rise pass the disappointments of life and accept people at face value: Human being as a suffering creature stricken to daily imperfections. We can't win the hearts of all people. We have to accept this as our existence. We search for the truth of who we are..but its simple..just look in the mirror. My life has been marked by dramatic disappointments all from treatment by other.. False Friends, Betrayal from friends, family, significant other, coworkers. My awareness of this did not really hit me until this year. This has been difficult for me to accept that we have accept some situations to be what it is. Don't try to force change or others to love you and be as true to you as you may be to them. I use to not be able to smile.. I'm smiling in the time of Transformation for me and accepting that it may be best for me not to ever be close with some family or have true friends. But I think true has crossed ny path this time and I'm enjoying this and the new life thats waiting for me ahead of this transformation. 11:11 is about me rising out of my past and hurts and stepping into the life I have always dreamed of..Its August and I accept now whats real, I like my new self focus and awareness and confidence in who I am..

Name: KC
Location: Tennessee USA
Date Submitted:August 26, 2011

11:11 experiences Searching For Your Own Truth

Experience: When I first started to see 11:11, I just blew it off as a coincidence. Well let me tell you my friend that NOTHING is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason(psalms139) Have you been feeling like mostly everything you've ever been told growing up was total crap? Most people are like computers, spitting back info. they have been programmed! It's actually pretty sad. Well it took me a couple of years after seeing 11:11 to finally look it up, not expecting to find anything. Well, was I surprised!! Supposedly it's pre encoded into our dna & has been b4 we even chose & I said CHOSE to come back to earth! It is a wake up call to find the TRUTH, whatever that may be FOR YOU! Not for others, but what truths you need to find to become who you were always meant to be! It's exciting isn't it?! It helps to know that many others are having this same experience! To let our light shine, is to show the way for others & to help them find theirs! Be True, Be Happy, Be Blessed....& then it's time to go home! Nobody lives forever! daughterofzion212(@)yahoo(dot)com

Name: Helen
Location: NJ & USA
Date Submitted:August 4, 2011

11:11 experiences Waking Up To The Eleven Eleven

Experience: I slept at 7:00 am. yesterday morning and woke up suddenly and stared at my digital clock. It was EXACTLY at 11:11 and changed in 3 seconds to 11:12. I don't understand how i woke up in 3 hours from deep sleep. I was really tired. I have never seen this number before except that 'u make a wish'. thats all. I am totally freaked out to know that it has a 'spiritual' element with Gods n angels. I have been an atheist for 7 years now. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY GOD WOULD TRY TO CONNECT WITH ME. anyways, let's see what happens.
With Love :)

Name: Mindspark
Location: USA
Date Submitted:July 31, 2011

11:11 experiences Group Consciousness and The Eleven

Experience: As far as being remarkable or outstanding my story lacks. It is by far no greater or lesser than any other. Today simply was my day to experience the relation of 11:11 and its involvement in the group consciousness' progression into the gates of Akasha. Namaste my loves! I thank you for your expanding hearts it brings me joy to see you all here :D

Name: Trinka Sivera
Location: Right here, left there
Date Submitted:July 11, 2011

11:11 experiences The Adventure Begins Here

Experience: I have been seeing 1111 for several years now and believe i now have the answer to what it means ! I have studied this number sequence consistently and will produce a book on what it means and why certain people are seeing it. I have been on a long pleasant, sometimes frustrating journey into what these numbers want us to do. All i can say for now is that it has taken me through studies on physics, religion, philosophy, psychology and common sense ! Seeing 1111 is a postive sign and through my research on various subjects i have come up with the same end conclusion which i believe is the answer. My book will be understood by everyone who sees it because it is based on facts that can be backed up with logic. My book on this subject is near completion and i will include all the resources and answer any questions one may have on this very interesting and special subject. Remember seeing 111 is very special and you should count yourself lucky as the adventure begins here.....

Name: Carl
Location: Surrey, UK
Date Submitted:June 30, 2011

11:11 experiences The Awakening to The New Era

Experience: hi... im Emmanuelle, i was born in pr, i started seeing this 1111 about 5 or 6 years ago, i thought at first i was getting crazy, 1111, 111, 222, 333,444 etc.. it was like something make me look at the clock at the exact time, first i was scare and i tried to ignore it, but then it got worst, every where, i started to feel confused about everything, nothing would make sense, so i went to the internet and i put 1111 and all this theory came up, i kept my self reading and i went deeper, it was like i was thirsty of knowledge, urantia book, the bible, sumerian, illuminatis, free mason etc.. i was getting inside of a new world of knowledge.. my family from my dad are christians, my family from my mom are catholics and my dad his a budist.. i have been reading a lot, and analyzing everything that i read with the things that happen to me in my daily live... who we are, what we supposed to do.. headaches, body pain, like my mind is somewhere else, awaking?? yes, i started to see beyond normal eyes can see, looking at the plants, the animals, life, how human race are becoming what they are.. how the bible its been manipulated to control civilizations, what happened with the essence of life, moral, love, the reason the mission... christ conscience, i see how people repeat what somebody teach them, but knowledge, real truth is inside of us, we have to look for the truth and open our conscience to understand the meaning of light and love, 2012 is going to be the start of a new era, and people like us are the new conscience poeple to lead the other, we come to life to learn, we are in a karmic cicle of life, we r not alone in the universe is time to open our eyes, and see life in a new dimension, we have the potential, we feel like we dont belong in here in this world of war and death, is time to change our life and love every single molecule of air that we breath.. its time to prove that we are a good race, and we were just manipulated since we were born. 1111 its in us, christ conscience ..love to all
coscu69(@)gmail(dot)com that my email

Name: Emmanuelle
Location: illinois
Date Submitted:June 22, 2011

11:11 experiences Something Great Is Going To Happen

Experience: Oh God ! it has always irritated me, but never knew it has a global meaning , i thought it will be a private personal incident or so ! that was 13 years ago , when i had a dream with 11:11 written infront of my eyes, so i woke up , expecting every 11 Nov. each year and nothing happens. But today, when a relative of mine attracted my attention that this year, EVRYBODY, and i mean everybody if counted the year he was born and his age, it will be 111 ! Then i remembered my dream , and iam 100% sure something realll greattt will happen this year .Only Allah knows what might happen, God bless us all .

Location: Egypt
Date Submitted:June 11, 2011

11:11 experiences A Time For Revealing The Truth

Experience: As with all on this site, I began seeing 11:11 on a clock. Not only was I seeing it, I stopped whatever I was doing if a clock was nearby and looked as if forced. My focus was held to the clock until it turned to 11:12. Sometimes it felt like time stood still and I was drawn into a trance.

Mine started about seven years ago and for a couple of years, I asked people around me and they didn 't know what I was talking about and looked at me amused. (I was the weird one in my family.)

In 1992, in a dramatic fashion, (psychic) gifts (all) opened to me and I could "hear and see " angels and other beings. Since then, retired from medical field, I have been studying metaphysics and the great "prophets " of the world, daily.

For me, I discovered we (11:11ers) are the humans chosen in this time and place to not only ascend to higher consciousness individually, revealing long lost and oppressed truths, but to tell the world what is going on. 11:11 means new world via "Forced Consciousness. " So, I am writing a book all about it with help from the 5th dimension helpers. Look for it soon. "Man Made "

Name: Marsha
Location: Missouri, USA
Date Submitted:June 08, 2011

11:11 experiences 11:11 Make A Wish!

Experience: Everytime i see 11:11 on the clock, i make a wish. made 4 this week. You should too!

Name: Buddy
Location: Philth-a-delphia USA
Date Submitted:June 04, 2011

11:11 experiences A Birthday To Remember

Experience: On 11/11/11 my daughter will turn 11. How cool is that?

Name: Yo MaMa
Location: Oklahoma USA
Date Submitted:May 31, 2011

11:11 experiences A Friend You Can Count On

Experience: Since a few years already I constantly have the 11:11 in front of my eyes. Each time i'm looking at my watch no matter where I am it seems like i'm programmed to look at the time at that moment. 11:11 is now so much part of my life that I sense some kind of humorous feeling each time I see it, like if someone was waving at me saying : "hee hoo, we're here, you remember ??"

Seeing 11:11 is like receiving a sms from a friend now, I'm not waiting for it, it just appears in front of my eyes when he wants to say hello.

Now that we are near 2012 I sense more and observe (especially on internet) that 11:11 will have a special impact.

Name: Felix
Location: Belgium
Date Submitted:May 26, 2011

11:11 experiences More To It Than Meets The Eye

Experience: I`ve been seeing 11:11 1:11 and 9:11 for i think about 10 years now. have always known it was something between me and the things we know are there but can`t "see". I was ectualy lookig up some things about Nibiru and zacariah sitchin when i came acros this web site. got to say i think it is super cool i share my 11:11 experiences with many others from all over the world! Be light...

Name: Hugo
Location: Canada bc
Date Submitted:May 23, 2011

11:11 experiences Lucky Number Eleven

Experience: In elementary, I was always number 11. My social security number equals 38. 3+8=11. 1+1=2 which happens to be my lucky number according to numerology! WEIRDDDD!!!!!

Name: Cookie
Location: CA
Date Submitted:May 17, 2011

11:11 experiences On A Spiritual Path

Experience: Since 2004 way too many too mention: would be about 300 experiences! Last example of number "coincidence" would be receipt for $11.77,change was 23 cents. I was born 12/23 1956,which adds to 11! No. 23 also comes up all the time. Ever see the movie The Number 23 with Jim Carrey? That kind of thing is regular life for me ! I find it comforting and amusing though; it means you're on the spiritual path. Hope this helps anyone else with this phenomenon.

Name: henry caudle
Location: w cola, SC
Date Submitted:May 16, 2011

11:11 experiences Destinies That Intertwine

Experience: Greetings to all my brothers and sisters, I too suffer the phenomenon thus am connected to all of you as all of you are connected to each other. Why we share this wonder has been, and is, open to much debate and speculation. I am as much confused as many of you but have realized that there are thousands and thousands of people from all over the world, from all walks of life that share a common experience on a regular basis. This is beyond mortal comprehension and as thus should not be dwelled upon too deeply. Keep you hearts and minds open as our destinies intertwine.


Name: Randy
Location: usa
Date Submitted:May 14, 2011

11:11 experiences A Connection To Guardian Angels

Experience: I read some of the stories and I don't know if some of the stories are true. I like to get an answer for my situation, last week a coworker started asking me if I believe in guardian angels and he talked to me about them if I believe in them. then even though i have always used to see 11:11 in the past but it became too frequent after my coworker spoke to me, untill yesterday that I saw it twice and I thought its too much so I started searching 11:11 on the internet. and I found out for the first time that 11:11 is connected to guardian angels. does this have meaning? I am not even christian. can anyone let me know.

Name: Unknown
Location: Canada
Date Submitted:Apr 28, 2011

11:11 experiences Sending Out Positive Vibrations

Experience: I have been seeing 11:11 for almost 30 years. I've talked to a couple of people over the years about it and no one knows what I am talking about. I am new to the internet and just today decided to google 11:11 and I am in shock that Others are seeing this too! I have pondered the meaning of this for so long! and now I have read that 11:11 is also connected to 1012! My birthday is 12-21 and in 1012 I will be 55 and it is suppose to happen at 11:11 NOW I AM REALLY FREAKING OUT.....What is going on? Can we really use the white light within us to make the changes that need to come to save ourselves from ourselves? I will keep sending out the positive vibes I have always sent to all of human kind, We are all connected...All is One

Name: -
Location: Oregon, USA
Date Submitted:Apr 24, 2011

11:11 experiences Embracing The Aquarian Age

Experience: 11:11 and 22:22 (constantly) The only fear I get is not being able to be sufficiently open- hearted to accept it when it comes. Because it is calling Our collective attention. Pisces Era is finished. Let us embrace Aquarius with open heart and fearless. Let us accept it is time to move on our evolution spiritual path. Let us accept our own Light. Pay attention to the news.. too many 11's are happening and time- gap between them is getting slimmer and slimmer.. Bless You ALL, for you will be fortunate to SEE what's heading our way.
May the Cosmo enlight your way back home..

Name: Patricia
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Date Submitted:Apr 14, 2011

11:11 experiences A Premonition Of Impending Disaster

Experience: A Thanksgiving Day Inspiration
by G. H. Cadwell III

I already told part of this to Kevin and Earl before our little transformer oil fandango on 11/24/10 so I have witnesses. Much earlier that morning when I was trying to sleep, I did one of those 'eyes pop open wide awake' things. I looked at the clock and it displayed 1:11 am. I fell back to sleep and it happened again; the clock read 2:22 am. I awoke a third time and yes; it was 3:33 am. I remember thinking prior to drifting off the last time, ?Well at least there is no 6:66 am.?

I woke up for real to get ready for work at 4:15 am. The first thing I do in the morning is let the dogs out, then I put on the coffee pot. I remembered the three wake ups and the clock when I saw the digits on the coffee pot. I said to myself, Something or someone was trying to give you some kind of a warning there.?

Lloyd, who questions everything I say would ask, Why did you say that to yourself? I would answer, because it was an alarm clock.

While the dogs are outside, I feed my daughter's cat that lives in my garage. The cat lives there and must be fed at that time because the dogs hate it. I opened the door to the garage and the stupid cat, or maybe not stupid, or maybe not the cat, had knocked over a can of old paint. There was a small puddle of congealing goo on the garage floor right at the entry. I stepped in the mess with my bare foot. The cat also ran through the paint and then into the house tracking its little beige paws prints across the tile.

I could already see what kind of day this was going to be as I hopped on my left foot to get a paper towel to wipe off the bottom of my right foot. After I cleaned most of the muck from my sole, I found an old towel and wiped up the paint from the garage floor. I also tried to wipe up the paw prints that hadn?t already dried. When I was done, I set the towel on top of the recycle trash container in the garage because my other trash cans were still outside from Monday.

I put the cat, with its food and water, back in the garage. I let the dogs in and got them fed. I looked at the oven clock unintentionally and it displayed 4:44 am. I said to myself that that clock is not an alarm clock, but then I remembered it makes a beeping noise when set, after a certain amount of cook time has expired.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed for the bathroom to get ready. As I walked through the bedroom on the way, I looked at the real alarm clock; it was reading 4:44 am.

I somehow managed not to fall and kill myself while taking my shower. I made it through the rest of my morning ritual without incident. Well, a vitamin pill did get stuck in my throat, but I got it down with the fifth slug of coffee; better than having choked.

The last activity I perform before leaving for work is walking the dogs. Letting them out to the fenced yard is not good enough for them, they want the additional fifteen minutes of comradery. The first walk is Duke and Shadow. As we came back down our road in the direction of the house, I saw the recycle garbage truck turn into the cul-de-sac up the street from mine. I tried to get the dogs to move faster as I recalled the container was still in the garage. They both ran off on a different tangent nearly ripping my arms from their sockets; this is a common occurrence so it didn't count as peculiar to that morning. I got them back to the front door as the truck turned into my street.

I ran through the house to the garage to get the recycle trash. I flung up the garage door with my eyes on the cat. I had to warn the cat to stay inside so it wouldn?t run off and become lost in the darkness outside by stomping my foot; what was I thinking? Out of the corner of my eye, I grabbed the towel from the top of the recycle container to put it in one of the garbage cans right outside the open garage door. The towel, as you would guess, was wet paint side up so my hand got coated. I found enough discipline not to wipe my hand on my shirt. I smeared most of the paint from my hand to the clean side of the towel. I dragged the recycle trash outside, closed the door without letting the cat out and made it to the street just ahead of the oncoming truck; something that sort of went right.

I took Titan for his walk without incident. I drove to work without an accident or speeding ticket. I meant to check my location at 5:55 am, but I forgot because there was a good song on the radio. I figured at that point that maybe I was going to make it clean through the rest of the day most particularly because I hadn't strangled myself with Vitamin C.

At around 11:11 am (not sure because I didn't look, but if not, it was close so it counts), Berry Foster called and told me,? It looks like we have spilled diesel fuel on the North Berm by Fire House #6. It turned out that it was transformer oil, but it's all bad juju to a wood duck.

One of my lingering memories on my arrival at the oil spill scene was an Engineer, who remains nameless and still oblivious, walking through a puddle of oil that was spilled across the safe walk path as she strolled to the Rusty Building. I did not correlate the oily, size one footprints that tracked down the green pathway behind her to the cat's paw prints until I got home that night. When I saw the remnants of the paint on the tile by the garage entry I got an adrenaline rush; brushed by an angel?

The moral of this story is that when your guardian provides a premonition of impending disaster pull the plug on your alarm clock, get back in bed and let Kevin Farris be in charge of the oil spill cleanup. Don't be hard headed; take a hint.

In retrospect, it is extremely awesome when a protector wakes you to that higher consciousness and reminds you beyond any reasonable cause for disbelief that angels are daily trying to guide us; when we are willing to open our eyes and listen.

Name: George Cadwell
Location:Fl, USA
Date Submitted:Apr 08, 2011

11:11 experiences Rapid Spiritual Advancement

Experience: Hello, I too would like to know more about this. I've read the other comments with interest and I hope you find this one of interest.
I'm 57 and have been seeing this 11:11 for 2-3 years now. I've had numerous other unusual experiences but I'm not going into all of them. Coincidentilly ( or maybe not so ) I started reading a lot of books about spiritualty at about the time this started happening. I first started paying attention to this at my parents home. My father is nearing the end of his life and I thought maybe it was some sort of eminent warning about his death. Then I started noticing it more; eleswhere. I too, got the feeling it meant something. It is kind of spooky how often it will happen. Like when you wake up at night and walk in the kitchen and its 1:11 and this just keeps happening.

I sent an e-mail to a famous person who has written of his outdoor & spiritual adventures but his associate said he didn't know anything. Now I think he just didn't want to get involved. Then I learned on another forum that those who let's say focus on angels believe that the angels are taking a snapshot of your thoughts at this moment and that other number sequences are also significant and this is how angels communicate with us.
I do believe in angels and I do pray often and I do believe they are being answered. Mostly when I pray for others. I've also become aquainted with the law of attraction and am seeing this manifest as well. I don't have time to say everything that has happened to me but I have experienced the lights going out when I'm near sometimes. This was brought up in another discussion. I'm certain this has something to do with my energy or intensity. Conicidentilly I've been receiving e-mails from someone who works at NASA and have come to find out he's having the 11:11 experience, too.

I read a book " Blessings In Disguise " by Carolyn M. Ball and discovered that the date 11:11 is one of the sacred windows in time for transformational energies. Here are some other semi quotes I've found ( they probably aren't exact so please forgive me; they're from personal notes and I hadn't planned on writing this and no distortion is intended ). " 11:11 means... gateway; the door to your evolving self. Your place within the current ascension of the planet " -Eileen Smith. This from Jonathon Cainers web site- " Apparently when people undergo a phase of rapid spriritual advancement they often find themselves spontaneously glancing at their watch or clock at 11:11 AM. Well, got to go...it's almost 11:11 ( just kidding )

Name: elfking
Location: Mississippi USA
Date Submitted:Mar 28, 2011

11:11 experiences Eleven's Every Time

Experience: My birthday is 6-11-58 my daugher is 11-11-90. a year ago my daughter told me that when she was in class at school, every time she looked at the clock it was 11.11. i started noticing in my truck everytime i look at it is says 11.11 or sometimes 111. it has been really getting to me. i have been telling people that there is something about the number 11. no one believes me. i can not explain it i just know it means something. but what ?

Name: Kay
Location: Alabama us
Date Submitted:Mar 18, 2011

11:11 experiences A Special Memory of Dad

Experience: My father dying of cancer had noticed several times that the digital clock was displaying 11:11 and he would say to my stepmom "look, it's 11:11". He died on Nov.11. (11/11) Since then, when I see my digital clock read 11:11 I think of my dad. I'm not a clock watcher and I don't even wear a watch but I could be anywhere and at the very moment I look I see 11:11 appear. In addition, I was born in 1956 and in the year 2012 I will be 56 years old.

Location: usa
Date Submitted:Mar 12, 201

11:11 experiences Major News at 11:11

Experience: I see it since my childhood.

close to 11:11 CST ON 11 march11 i learned that crescent city california had just been hit wit a tsunami wave which did some damage!

Name: larry kelderhouse
Location: Missouri usa
Date Submitted:Mar 11, 2011

11:11 experiences Being In The Now

Experience: I see it since my childhood.

About five years ago I consciously "woke up". On good days, when I am "in tune" I see it. That's what it tell's me - that I am aligned wiht my higher self, heading into the right direction.

Now it's not only the eleven. It's every fractal geometry. 15:55, 22:22 - it all tell's me there is some connection. Also 14:41, etc. As soon as there is beauty and symmetry to it there is this wonder.

Other events in my life are seeing ufo's, auras and having obe's, etc.

I went to India.

Meteor's exploded into blue flashes of light when a roof-top conversation reached it's conclusion by: "And then, in the end of the dream, everything - the whole universe - came together in this one spot of light - all was one and still everything, infinite."

11:11 is like a small exploding meteor for me. :)

Yeah. Well. That's like a hugh "pay attention!" sign.

I got very esoteric over the years, and now I am getting much more into the basics of Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharshi.

Funny thing is that David Wilcock and Sri Aurobindo basically say the same things.

And the even better thing about all this is, that I am having a vibrant life including all this. :)

Be in the now, everyone!

(Cause that's what "end of times" really means! ;))

Date Submitted: Mar 09, 2011

11:11 experiences Soul Searching And Life Changes

Experience: My 11:11 experiences don't frighten me however they do frustrate me, as I'm sure many others have been frustrated as well. I just feel compelled to continually look for answers but honestly I'm afraid no one really has the full answer. I feel its a positive entity and welcome all it brings. If I had to list all the experiences I've encountered in the last year since I first noticed it I would be here all day and I'm sure would begin to bore everyone. The first time I noticed it was when my new husband and I were relocating from NJ to FL, our apartment number was 1111 in NJ, our new house number in Fl. was 11 and our street name had 11 letters in it. We felt oh cool its meant to be, fate.

Anyway this time of my life was a time of major life change, relocating, job change, my son moving in with his father, my older son getting married and now fathering his first child and so on. Ive had people say 11:11 to me several times about five or 6 times within a 90 day period, one was when making an appointment and the girl asked if November 11th was ok, my oil change sticker has 11 11 or 111,111 miles for the next oil change, when working my new job, I continually questioned my self "is this what u want to do", just then someone in the same aisle asked what time it was and a gentlemen standing next to him said 11:11, when in training for this new job the facilitator said let me just throw a number out at ya... yep u guessed it 11.11. a co worker replied to me it was only 11:11 when i said oh let me get to lunch so I can get back.. the list goes on.. my new married name has 11 letters in it.. Every time I get the urge to look at the clock its 11:11 or 2:11 3:11 and so forth, the microwave will stop on 111, I wake up and see its 11:11 several times, things like that.I mean the list goes on and on.

However the the most memorable was when driving in my new neighborhood after about 3 months there and I had been driving down this road lots of times but one day something made me turn my head just in time to see the local church and on their sign that I had looked at maybe 30 times or so before, suddenly 1111 big as day fixed on their marker or name plate, indicating their address. that shook me to the core. I then had to come and Google 1111 after feeling like someone was trying to tell me something but I didn't know what, and the flood gates opened.

I had no idea as many others has the same experiences. I'm feeling like this is a hush hush topic as I've never seen any TV shoes about the phenomenon and when I feel compelled to ask people if they ever heard about this or know about it they don't know anything about it or feel its a special number. I feel special and embrace these experiences but would love to know what it means and why this is happening to me. Ive read many articles but just don't feel satisfied yet. One thing I noticed is that Im continually questioning myself ":are you doing the right thing, is this where you should be in life, and also what my purpose is in life and how I can make a difference. In a sense I feel a bit lost, my husband is wonderful and I love him and has no reflection on him, but its just kind of soul searching. I feel these are connected with the 11:11 along with major life changes.

Name: -
Location:Florida USA
Date Submitted:Jan 28, 2011

11:11 experiences The 11:11 Is Calling

Experience: I tried calling my friend but she wasn't home, so i left a message (it was 11:11 pm), then two more times I left a message and each message was at 11:11, it wasn't on purpose, just happened to look at clock to tell her what time I was calling. All 3 calls were in a row, starting at 11:11 pm.

Location:N Dak
Date Submitted: Jan 14, 2011

11:11 experiences Have No Fear: 11:11 Is Here

Experience: Yes 11:11 I almost see this number in my watch, cellphone, digital clock, laptop for almost 3 years now. I'm a bit scared since I thought I was the only one seeing this number at least 3 to 4 times a week. But, just this morning I tried to browse it and I saw this website and was surprised that i'm not only the person experiencing this 11:11 .

I hope that i can learned more about this 11:11

Date Submitted: Jan 10, 2011

11:11 experiences A Time To Focus On Good Intentions

Experience: My 1st awareness of 11 11 was about 11 yrs ago! Saw it alot was feeling crazy.. a weird shift also I delivered mail and names music house nos. were matching sometimes 15 x a day I asked fellow letter carriers not 1 had the experiences I did. at 1st I was frightened, wigged out ! Now when I see it I make the time to observe it and remain calm for a min. try to meditate and focus my intentions on world peace universal harmony and gratitude. Make sense!!!

Location:USA Fl a Or.
Date Submitted:Jan 05, 2011

11:11 experiences The Nature of Numbers and Time Cycles

Experience: On 1/11 my grandmother was born. She had a daughter on 1/11. My grandmother's mother then died on her birthday 1/11. Later after 38 years of marriage her husband also died on that same day 1/11. I her first grandchild then gave birth to her first great grandchild on 1/11. He will turn 11, 1/11/11.

Location:NY, USA
Date Submitted:Dec 21, 2011

11:11 experiences The Presence Of A Higher Power

Experience: I see 111 and 1111 every where. It began years ago. I read it is a higher power trying to get your attention. numbers.. numbers are everywhere. I just found out that I am a 7 life path in numerology. This actually describes me to a T! And I had absolutely no control over it... 111 X 111 = 12321 a summit made from numbers. What does it all mean? I don't quite know yet, but I think it might be a higher power reaching out.. The 1st time I started seeing it was after a vicious night terror of the end of the world.. weird

Location:WI USA
Date Submitted: Dec 08, 2010

11:11 experiences A Time For Love Beyond The Veil

Experience: My freshmen year of high school, 4 years ago, I fell in love with who turned out to be my for the next two years. We were madly in love with each other. She introduced meto 11:11; she would text me how much she loved me and to make a wish. I always just went along with it because it was her favorite number, etc. Two years into our relationship, we went out with some friends. 10 minutes after we left my house, the person who was driving caused an accident in which I broke my back, ribs, suffered internal bleeding and a severe concussion. My first love was pronounced dead after I preformed CPR for several minutes until the ambulance arrived. This is when the weird parts come in: my hospital room was 1023, which just so happened to our anniversary. She was pronounced dead at 11:11. For the past two years, these unexplainable urges to look at clocks has been following me. Each time, the click reads 1111 or 1023. Is my girlfriend trying to contact me? Is there anything I can do? Thank you for your time...

Location:NV, USA
Date Submitted: Dec 07, 2010

11:11 experiences Time For A Gift

Experience: One day I was parking my car down town and I was buying a parking pass. After I bought the pass and rolled down my window to put it on my dash I noticed I bought it @ 11:11am and my time would run out @ 1:11pm. Wow. This happened on my birthday. What a gift!

Location:Md, USA
Date Submitted:Nov 19, 2010

11:11 experiences A Positive Message

Experience: I have started seeing 11:11 for over two years...I also feel like someone or something is trying to make me acknowledge a message of some kind....or maybe not.. anyway I hope to continue seeing these numbers and maybe something positive will come out of all the 11:11 experiences.

Date Submitted:Nov 01, 2010

11:11 experiences Great Changes Felt From Within

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11, 1:11, 111 for about 3 years now. I see it everywhere, on watches, computers, digital clocks, license plates, receipts, page numbers. I see it as often as 6 or 7 times a day, It's an "in your face" type of thing. I don't seek it, it's just always there. I feel a strong pull in my solar plexus when I see this number and I feel the great change about to come.

Date Submitted:Oct 14, 2010

11:11 experiences A Sweet Time

Experience: Ever since I was little, I would stop what I was doing and gaze at the clock for no reason. I would just stare at the numbers 11:11. It's been very strange and mystical to me. Then just today I find people with the same "focus" as myself. I call 11:11 my "sweet spot" in times of life.

Location:Texas, USA
Date Submitted:Sept 24, 2010

11:11 experiences Inner Journey On A Creative Path

Experience: I have been seeing 1111 or 1:11 everywhere for almost 20 years now. It started when I had a significant difficult time in my life and I felt that I had begun a inner journey or path, that changed everything in my life, from negative to positive. I honestly beleive that I have had a spiritual experience. I feel deeper, I am no longer afraid. I do believe there is an element of cooperation with the universe working here. I also believe that there is something to do with the astrological heavens or stars. I used to point to a question mark in the stars since I was a child too, I am 51 years old now. I feel graced by a creative energy force. I found this website and was blown away that this is an actual phenomenon!!! I heard Ellen Degeneres say on her TV show recently that she sees 1111 often and named a company after it or something. I knew something was up, literally. I have been pointing it out to my daughters for years. It makes me happy. I truly feel connected. This means so much. It is like I have been told to live as if I could never fail. Namaste Eleven eleveners!

Name:Cheryl Ann N.
Location:Washington, USA
Date Submitted:July 06, 2010

11:11 experiences Seeing 11:11 on November 11th

Experience: its happen a few times that funny phenomen abt 11:11... and its happen on 11.nov.2004 on 11.11 and one of my friend tell me something..and i have to wait up till 21.12.2012. at 11:11 to see if my budy was wright..at that time i was thinking that my friend has loose his mind,but now....i am waiting...
ps sory 4 my bad enghlish :)

Name: mayham_ri
Date Submitted:May 31, 2010

11:11 experiences An Inner-Self Awakening

Experience: I have had experiences looking at the clock at 11:11. I have gone through an awakening experience feeling a strong urge to quit my job as I was on the wrong path. I happen to make this decision on 10/10/09 and my last day was on 11/10/09 and starting my journey on 11/11/09. I have never been off work in my life, quit my job just because it didn't match up anymore. I went through the whole experience of ascension without really understanding what was going on. I would make notes of my dreams in the night which eventually led me to 11/11. It all makes sense to me now.

Location:Ontario Canada
Date Submitted: May 12, 2010

11:11 experiences 11:11 During Times of Transition

Experience: hi there, eleveners... i'm having this experience since 2006/2007.. it' been 3 to 4 years now.. and sometimes i saw 10:10, 12:12, 13:13 and etc... always repeatedly numbers... however, recently i see a lot of 7:11, and i'm at the point of BIGGEST changes of my life... i'm just wondering if anyone has the same experience, if so please do tell me what is it all about... my e-mail: liewcw_11(at)hotmail.com

Name:Vincent Liew
Location: Malaysia
Date Submitted: April 28, 2010

11:11 experiences Everything Unfolding As It Should

Experience: I have been seeing the 11:11 message for about 8 years now and it has become more and more frequent in the last 3 years. Everytime it happens I feel priviledged, like I am chosen somehow. It always comes at a time when I am in emotional state (good or bad)and it usually feels like an "angel", or at the very least, something much bigger than me, is telling me all is well, and that everything is unfolding as it should. Recently I decided to move to another province, which was a huge decision for me. During the time leading up to the actual move the 11:11 was EVERYWHERE I looked. I took this to mean I was making the right decision to do so and I let it comfort me. Even on the day I drove to my new location the directional signs (ie Exit 11) used the number 11 in some way. I have yet to discover my purpose for coming here but I know that discovery is close as I can sense it somehow. I now have a tattoo of 11:11 on the back of my neck and when I feel down I touch it to remind me that I am being guided and everything I do has a purpose, even if I can't sometimes see it. I have had so many experiences, even my credit card expiry is 11/11 and the last place I lived was the street number 11 and the apartment 11. I did not intentionally chose that apartment and didn't really realize it until I left it. I have also found that it doesn't show itself just because you look for it. It finds you. I have found inspirational messages in books on page 1111 or chapter 11 pg 11. In staying with the theme of this message I have never noticed any other number combinations to be of any significance in my life thus far. I am posting this at 11:11 atlantic time.

Location: PEI Canada
Date Submitted: April 17, 2010

11:11 experiences It's Not The End.. It's Only The Beginning

Experience: Im a fairly straight laced aires who dont now much abought this 11:11 but I wos surfing the net and ran into this 11:11.......... I had seen it before in a solstices almanac................ On december 21. 2012 at 11:11 is when the winter solstices begins..........................
And supposible everything else ends? If you have any info on this drop a line.................. G.R.B

Name:Guy Richard Bowers
Location:hillsdale co. MI
Date Submitted: March 12, 2010

11:11 experiences A Reminder From God

Experience: 11:11 has been very significant to me since 2005. It has a very special meaning to me. I feel like the God of the universe is telling me that I am His number 1!! I know that I sound very boastful but this is honestly what I felt when I saw the timing.
The first time I started to feel the significance is when I looked at my watch one morning and saw the timing as 11:11:11!!! I feel instantly that moment that I am God's number one favourite creation!
Since then, whenever I feel down or when I felt that God is no longer on my side, He will make use of 11:11 or 1:11 to remind me that indeed He has a great plan for my life! =D

Location: Singapore
Date Submitted: May 08, 2010

11:11 experiences Staying On The Right Track

Experience: I'm 20 years old and have been seeing 11:11 for about five years now. I've had a couple of really awsome stories with this time and knew it was never a coinsidence.

Last year, march 2009, i was in rehab talking to a fellow recovering addict about how not only i see 11:11 but my mother and three aunts see it as well. I told her that i don't even want to look at the clock or think about it, that it's almost like my conscience is telling me to look and it would be 11:11. I don't think she believed me until i finished my story, not realizing the time, she looked down at her wrist watch and it was 11:11. We both freaked out after that. My mother has told me instead of freaking out, just pray. Now it's been about a year clean and i am fixing to go to the U.S. Navy and it seems everytime i turn around 11:11 appears. I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK IN LIFE. (i'm not religious but spriritual)


Name: juliaautumn
Location:Texas, usa
Date Submitted:Feb 27, 2010

11:11 experiences A New Path Opening Up

Experience: About 5 years ago i saw 11:11 a LOT! all the time and all over that same year, many things changed for me...spiritual, job, a whole new path opened up ....

I dont see it anymore but this is cool

Date Submitted: Dec 05, 2009

11:11 experiences Seeing The World In A New Way

Experience: My first memory of 11:11 was at 7 years of age, coming up from the basement at my aunts house in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, it was on the Microwave and I remeber stopping and seeing it - Ever since then it has been with me, I am 33 years old, average life, 3 kids, married. What is this? Weird is what comes to mind.. I see it at least 6 to 10 times a week since I was 7 - waking up at night, looking at the clock, there it is - going to the store, starting the vehicle, radio switches to clock, there it is! My computer at work does not show the clock unless you click on it, at least 3 times a week there it is... Is this superstition? Am I going crazy? I finally forced myself to look on the computer to see if others were having this happen to them and WOW! pages and pages of experiences - What is this? what does it mean if anything? I feel that I may be losing it even wonderin about it? I have now got it in my skeptic head maybe this is my death number? I know that sounds CRAZY/lunatic! what is it?

Name: Lisa Iverson
Location: Yellowknife, Canada
Date Submitted: Nov 28, 2009

11:11 experiences Angels Among Us

Experience: 10 years ago for some reason 11:11 got stuck in my head, I would see it everywhere! Well for three differerent nights now in the past week, around 1:11 am I have been awoken from a mysterious sound of random beeps. At first I thought it was the upstairs or downstair neighbours, and didn't think much of it. Then I decided to go into my kitchen and there it goes beepbeep beep so random sometimes 2 beeps, 5 beeps, 7 or 8 beeps and 11:11 a one would display each beep, then dissappear....then all over again, then the darn thing tunred on by itself! I got a little freaked out and unplugged it. That was night one. Night two i just stayed in bed when this happened all over again! Night three, I had a tape recorder all ready to go in case it happened again.....there it goes around 12:11 am beep beep...so I started recording.....then I said "Hello" beep beep!.....I got the courage to go into the kitchen with the recorder and I got a good 15 minuets of the beeping, I was actually interested to communicate with this "midwayer" in this so I started asking questions. I asked if there was some kind of guardian angel or midwayer communicating with me, beep beep...11:11 then gone. Too bad I didnt have a cam- corder!

I believe in the 11:11 phenomon and I have seen other types of these signs such as street lights or lights on apartment buildings near me go off and flicker on sometimes two in sequence! I have also ran 4-5 kilometers at night and as I have gotten closer to a street light that is turned off, bling! it turns on! I know there is a lot more in our world then we can see or hear, and if we can all become more precetive to it....it will be for the better. Angels are among us, doing the work of the Lord! Praise the Lord! God Bless

Location: Canada Ontario
Date Submitted: Nov 03, 2009

11:11 experiences Eleven's And Twin Flames

Experience: I had put out an ad specifically for a female roommate. By accident I gave my phone number and responded to a male roommate. I usually would not have called them back since I gave him the number by accident, but something told me to go for it. When he called me his voice even sounded familiar, but I couldn't recognize it. We had made arrangements to meet but I canceled our meeting. But he kept insisting so we ended up meeting anyway.

The first time I met him I felt a familiar feeling that I could not explain, as he was walking next to me I felt a wholeness within my soul. It was not a feeling of butterflies or anything like that. Nor was it a new feeling either. I didn't know anything about 11:11 or twin flames. One night I was searching on the internet and came across the twin flames website and what it meant. I was shocked to see everything on there, the more I explored the more I learned about 11:11 Experiences. I even tried to add up the date that he first emailed me which was on 12/29/08. It did not add up to 11 or anything like that well that's what I thought then one day I met a Australian lady she gave me her phone number. But she accidentally gave me her Australia phone number and she explained to me how we Australians write our dates backwards 29/12/08. A few days later, I was taking a nap and in my dream someone told me to add up the dates the first time he emailed me which was on 29/12/08. So I did, 2+9 = 11, 1+2+8= 11. Comes out to 11:11. One of my clients wrote the date that we were supposed to close a transaction on 11/11 but the real closing date was 10/16.

Name: Jade
Date Submitted: Oct 26, 2009

11:11 experiences 11:11 and Quantum Reality

Experience: I have just started to understand a lot about perception and our senses and the way we perceive the world and everything around us. I have started watching videos about quantum mechanics and entanglement. I came across the phenomenon of the number 11, and on that very day, I received a phone call on my mobile phone from my mother who i rarely talk to at 23:11.

I thought this was strange and Im starting to notice the number more often. I've entered the rabbit hole and Im actually quite excited about where its going to take me!! Explaining this to most people, I would sound crazy and fixed on a stupid number, but it is bigger than that and people need to wake up and start seeing the bigger picture, just like I am beginning to.

Location:London, UK
Date Submitted: Aug 18, 2009

11:11 experiences A Time For Transition

Experience: Ok My experience started when I was in High School 2006. At math class I was seeing 11:11 at first it was whatever but I started to get scared because I would see it everyday at school, at home, at work even my miles of my truck ...So I kept on seeing it until November 11 the only day I didn't see it that's when i heard that my friend had died November 11..That's when I was scared for the whole day I was thinking to myself it was a sign telling me that something bad was soon to happen ..... When I see 11:11 I feel like somebody is watching me .....I would love to know why this is happening to me everytime I see 11:11 I have bad luck or someone dies why?

Name:Pablo Rodriguez
Location:Long Beach, California
Date Submitted: July 19, 2009

11:11 experiences Guardians and Spiritual Helpers

Experience: Hi dear Angels, I started to see it like 2 and half ago, like every body, anywhere in computer, watches so and so. but suddenly started like urge, in papers, address, any where I was looking it was 1111111 I thought that it has a meaning, I praid and ask to give the meaning to this, and in the following day I was invited for a friend of mine to some spiritual healing, I was passing by that time for terrible moments, and I tought why not, I went there when the lady who is going to give the healing started to saying the 1111 guardians Angels they are picking my random spiritual helpers, in that moment started to understand what was happening to me. Actually, I have more to write about of the all things and experiences is happaening to me. I feel happy to be part of them, because I like to help people. Love, Aury

Name: Aury
Location: Miami, Fl
Date Submitted: July 09, 2009

11:11 experiences A Birth in Divine Timing

Experience: Here's a good story. I was born 1/11/1962 and started seeing 11:11 frequently starting in '04. Couldn't figure out why, but I paid attention. My wife and I got pregnant on our 4th round of IVF when one egg made it through - very exciting. Then, after complications arose, we were told the baby would come via c-section on 11/10/07 or 11/17/07. That was too close for me, so I asked my wife to ask the doctor if we could schedule 11/11 for the delivery. My wife scoffed and said doctors are busy and these are the only scheduled days for c-sections. the Universe had other plans, her tests arrived back late to the hospital on Friday and the doctors said she couldn't go another week. They had Saturday filled already and had to move us to Sunday, 11/11/07. It gets better... once we arrived, I asked if we could go in at 11AM and the doctor said "no, a set of twins were ahead of us and it'll be this afternoon". By now, I was sure something larger was in control and simply said, "OK, but you know, if the Universe wants this kid at 11, it'll happen at 11." Minutes later, he rushes back and said the father of twins was stuck in traffic and we were up - the time, 11:05AM. My son was born 20 minutes later. We named him Evan, which I found out later means 'God is Good' in Welsh. Here's a video I edited of the day he was born:

Evan's birth day

Name: Jeff
Location: TN, USA
Date Submitted: May 23, 2009

11:11 experiences Making Space For Synchronicity

Experience: After a really nasty divorce that took all my strength to move my kids and i out, i bought my first house on my own. The street number is 1111.
They say 11 is a doorway to your more spiritual self. Well, at my house when i bought it, the front DOOR literally came with a big bold set of 1111s plastered on it! And yes, this house has been my entry way to moving to my higher self. It was in this house that i went cold-turkey 3 years ago on my "recreational" drinking. My boyfriend at the time that made me realize my folly was born on 4/11.

A Buddhist monk did a workshop at my house, open to the community. It wasn't planned this way, but he did his talk on 11/11. Before he left, he told me "you'll be very lucky".
Here's the BONUS one::: Last fall, my daughter and i were flying to visit prospective colleges. While on the plane, she is flipping through the in-flight magazine. "hey mom," she said, ÿou're gonna like this one!" She hands me the magazine folded open to an ad featuring prominently a digital watch. You could read the whole display. Of course, the time read 11:11. But the date under it was June 25--my birthday!! (i tore out the ad!!) We got off the plane and the very first college we saw that day was the one she got accepted to and will be attending next fall.
Of course, i glance at clocks all the time and they say 11:11. I bought a package containing athletic socks, opened it up, put them on and looked down to find "ThoraFlow 11" on each foot. (i think the universe has a lively sense of humor!)
Tonite i was on-line researching the background of a master yoga teacher that i am considering studying with...Little did i know, he was featured in 11:11 Magazine and in the article was quoted as saying, "More and more people are going to be brought into the magic of 11:11. We just need to make space for things to happen." ..Gee, do you think that i'm supposed to go study with this guy!

Location:Nashville, TN
Date Submitted: July 02, 2009

11:11 experiences A Day Filled With Eleven's

Experience: No kidding! I was just viewing this site for the first time (April 7th - which is 4/7/2009...4+7=11 and 2+0+0+9=11 hence, today is 1111!) when I received a return call to schedule an appointment with a spiritual medium/healer. She scheduled me for her first available opening on April 11th at 11:00! **chills**

Location: California USA
Date Submitted: Apr 07, 2009

11:11 experiences We Are All Connected

Experience: I started seeing 11 11 a couple of years ago and now there are more that I see on a regular basis like 1234,222,333,444,555,1117,etc. I usually say thank you and try to use my intuition to see what the messages are. I am greatful and thankful and that is always how I feel. I have been reading about the Akashic Construct by George Barnard and other information about 11 11 from different sites. I'm always reading and trying to learn as much as I can to understand. Just remember that WE ALL are connected. God Bless and good luck to all of you. Braenda

Name: Braenda
Location: Oregon, USA
Date Submitted: Feb 25, 2009

11:11 experiences Waking Up to a Revelation

Experience: About 18 years ago I had a terable nighhtmare it was all about the end of time, evil, and God's judgment. 1111 was all through the dream. when I woke up the clock was 1111. now I am hearing all these "experiences". The Revelation time is upon us! repent!!

Name: Jamie
Date Submitted:Feb 23, 2009

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Sparks Curiosity

Experience: Well it's not a freaky one, at least I hope not, but I was born on 11/11/83 and 8+3=11. I had never paid attention to this fact until a girl who is now friends with me & I found out we were both born on the same date. Ever since I've been seeing the number wether it is the time I go to sleep or time I punch out for break at work or time I wake up on the weekends and I was always curious about it. She actually advised me about this website.

Name: Gabriela Pinto
Location: North bergen, NJ
Date Submitted: Feb 11, 2009

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Connected To July

Experience: i also see 11:11 all the time, it surprised me to know that there are many people who also see it. I have no clue what it means, but i have been seeing it for more than 10 years. I also noticed most people that see eleven also mention july,kinda wierd because my b-day is also in july. if anyone figured out how it changed there life please share.

Location: Texas, usa
Date Submitted: Jan 30, 2009

11:11 experiences Eleven Eleven Leads To A New Start

Experience: It all started close to a year ago seeing 11:11 on my cell phone not purpously looking at it but being drawn to it,its uncontrollable. The first time I saw it I made a wish cuz I had heard once to do that. Since then it has occured more and more and now every single day, where I am noticing it happenning and wonder what is going on. I had gotton out of a very bad divorce and bankruptcy 3 years ago and since started a business that is doing very well that I am very passionate about. Now that life is good again is this the reason for The constant 11:11? I dont know yet but my eyes are open and I am going to keep searching the meaning for me.

Location: Waterford, Wisconsin
Date Submitted: Jan 06, 2009

Direction For A New Life Path

Experience: Its been with me for years now. It comes and goes, but never leaves. It is as much a part of me as my arm, or my head. So much that I tattoo-ed it on my right wrist. Deep down I know that whatever this is, it is directing me and setting my life on a path I NEVER saw myself on. I learn new things each day. I started out trying to figure out what the rabbit hole was, then I tried to see how far it went, but now............as I write this, I no longer see myself in a hole at all.

Name: Chad
Location: US
Date Submitted: Jan 04, 2009

Seeing Is Believing

Experience: Many experiences with 11:11.. eg, hooking up with girls at this time, hooking up with girls then finding out their born on the 11th of some month.

I was also born on the 11th of July. My fiance the 11th of january.

Most of my 11:11 experiences are associated with girls entering my life.

One freaky one i would like to share. I had told my mother I have been seeing 11:11 alot. She never believed until - one night my mum and i were watching tv.. she insisted we go make sandwiches in the kitchen... i looked at the microwave and said "mum, look at the time its 11:11". She thought that was unusual. But when I got back into the Tv room... my phone was open.. on the couch.. It had just recieved a phone call at 11:11 the call duration was 11 seconds.. The girl that called me was some girl i was with at the time... How the hell was the phone call answered??

The next day, My mum was curious and wanted to see what time i woke up... She waited quietly in my room.. I got out of bed at 11:11. From that day on my mum believes me. She thinks im a freak

Name: Louie
Location:: South Australia, Australia
Date Submitted: Jan 04, 2009

A Reminder To Stay Strong

Experience: My 11:11 experience started this year, probably in June or July. Initially it didn't really bother me. But as the frequency of the sighting increased, I began to think that it was too much of a coincidence. And times, I would even see it 3 times in a row, as my laptop, watch and mobile phone are not in sync. What was weird was that I did not even have any intention to look for the time...it would be super random...it was like as if my eyes were directed to look at the time at the most precise moment.

I felt nervous, a bit scared too sometimes. In fact, I believed that I was going to die on November 11th or something. And I told my sister about it, in case anything were to happen to me...hahaha.

But actually I do have an affinity to the number 11, as I was born on November 1st...11/1....and the bus which I have to take every morning is bus number 111...and it is like the only bus in the neighbourhood...

The weirdest thing is that after reading about the 11:11 phenomenon, I came across this theory...11:11 can also be interpreted as November 11th...and it happens to be the 315th day of the year, which you can look at as March 15 (3/15)...and that really made my jaw drop as my boyfriend's birthday is March 15!!!! And after reading about twin flames, I believe that he is my twin flame...we have gone through so much together and now, we are forced to be apart for 2 years as he's working in another country. It has been tough and I have been very upset all the time.. but I guess the 11:11 is trying to tell me that hey, be strong...and only when you are strong will you be able to be reunited with your twin flame...and that is my new year resolution...to be strong as an individual...:)

Well, to all the 11:11s...Happy New Year and remember to spread more light and love around!!!!


Name: Atika
Location:: Singapore
Date Submitted: Jan 01, 2009

11:11 experiences A Spiritual Calling

Experience: I began noticing the numbers 11-11 about 4 years ago. My introduction to these numbers was on digital clocks. For whatever reason I would happen to turn to the clock at that precise moment. At first, I was disturbed by this seemingly constant event. Today I have excepted this as a call to make my spiritual connection (Prayer). I accept this and no longer fear its meaning.Today I choose to believe that I belong to a large community of chosen persons that share in this experience

Name:Dr Bob
Location:Arizona, USA
Date Submitted: Nov 27, 2008

Not Just a Coincidence

Experience: Ahh.. The beautiful and awe-inspiring 11:11 ! I see this number combination all the time and was amazed to find this page. I love it! I love what 11:11 represents and I think that many are starting to "get it" .. It's NOT just a coincidence for me. When I see these numbers on the clock (or anywhere) I feel so much love and I feel like my spirit/angel guides are always with me. I always wondered why other people never had these type of experiences with this number. Grrr.. sometimes it feels like i'm the only one.. but now i know i am not!!! AMAZING! Love and peace to you all!! Remember to make a wish at 11:11 because ya never know...

Name: Shannon Rose
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S
Date Submitted: Nov 16, 2008

All Part Of The Positivity

Experience: Well, I have had many 11:11, 12:34,1:11,11:22,3:33,4:44 experiences, but I would like to share a quick one, about a month ago, 11:11 popped up, and I said out loud, Hello, please give me a sign that you are coming from a good place, (im a christian) so I have read things that says Lucifer will pretend to be an angel of the light, the only way to be sure he is not, is if the answer you recieve is telling you to believe in god....anyways, after I asked for the sign, 2 second later the named "toby" jumped into my mind, I dont know any toby's and I certainly did not know the meaning behind the name, so I went online, and went to find the origin of the name, it means "God is good" that was all the proof I needed to know that this whole 11:11 thing is POSITIVE and we are all apart of it....I am a vegetarian, and I feel that all life is equal, I think more "11'ers" should abstain from eating meat, you cannot project peace and love if you are eating the flesh of a tortured animal, I dont mean to preach, but this is how I feel....thank you for reading, and always remember to let peace and love into your heart.

Date Submitted: Nov 12, 2008

A Musical Awakening

Experience: I started seeing 11:11 about 10 years ago. It was around the time that I became increasingly interested in spiritual topics. A couple of years ago I was changing channels on the T.V. and there it was: 11:11. I got a strong urge to play my keyboard. While I was composing(on the spot) I felt a very strange sensation all over my body. I had never felt this before. It was a very strong emotion that engulfed my body and I started shaking and my breathing accelerated. It turned out to be a really good song. I decided to name the song "11:11". Almost every other day I see 11:11 and I always get the same feeling. The closest I can describe the feeling to is of overwhelming happiness and peace.

Name: maelstrom102000
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Date Submitted: Nov 07, 2008

Choosing Between Two Paths

Experience: For a long time i thought i was crazy, so did everyone else. As time went on everyone started to notice how it was not just a coincidence. I only see eleven when my life is good or bad. Its never in the middle. I've finally decoded eleven, as far as my personal meaning. I think of it as a road,i can choose the bad, or i can choose the good, the choice is my decision. Im not religious but i think im gifted, im very talented and im going to be someone. I feel for some reason god wanted to show me this to get me back on track. Eleven is special to me, and i hope the meaning i've mentioned helps one of you! BECAUSE YOUR NOT CRAZY!

Name: Bbunchrocks
Date Submitted: Oct 30, 2008

As Within So WIthout

Experience: I had a strange ultrasound image of my son taken recently at 11 11... it looks very much like a universe or a giant eye is inside his head... I wanted to frame the image for Marty a few days later so I grabbed the picture and started to cut it to fit in a frame...I sat down at the computer and glanced at the clock...11:11... Well I could not find a frame so I set the picture aside and thought I'd wait until I found a frame for it... A few days after that Marty and I decided to move and work on our sacred spaces... I asked him if he like the picture framed for his altar...so again I went looking for a frame...I found one...I sat down on the floor to fit the picture inside and handed it to Marty...I passed the clock...it was 11:11.... Strange....

Name: ophelia_underwater
Date Submitted: Oct 28, 2008

A Toast To The Eleven Eleven

Experience: I'm just sitting here kind of...stunned. I had never (ever) heard of this - about 11:11 experiences or that anybody else would have had/been having experiences with this number 11.

Ok - here's my story and why I came to look up the number 11. My big brother (only brother), Mike, just passed away, suddenly, last year. (He was only 49) He played sports almost all of his life - mainly baseball (and he was a >natural< and always kind of the 'star' of the team - due to his incredible talent and his even more incredible personality..) Anyways...his number was always.. ..always.. 11. He never played under another number. And, we all kind of became...'proud' to see that number on his back/jersey. It...'11'...was just...'him'. Since he 'moved to Heaven' (as we call it) last year...I always seem to look at the clock at 11:11. And, it's not like I look at the clock at 11:09 and then make sure that I 'catch' 11:11 just so I can see it and think of him. I've wonderred if I >subconsciously< do that, but, it happens >all the time< and I think I would know if I did that. I started wonderring if this was his way of 'saying hello' to me. Also..(I can't believe I'm gonna tell this LOL).. one night I was 'Windows shopping', as I call it, and looking at jewelry on Ebay and I landed on a gorgeous pendant at this one site that was up for auction/bidding. I thought, 'what the heck' it was at such a rediculously low price and I thought I would bid and probably not get it. I went to bid and it said that I needed to bid '$11.00' as that was the next step up in the bidding. And, of course I had to grin as I always think of my brother when I see that number. >Then<..I look at the clock at the exact time I am bidding and - I swear - it was...yep...11:11pm. Needless to say my jaw dropped...and then I won the pendant!...for - yep - $11.00. I couldn't help but think that maybe it was just a little 'gift...from him to me'.

So...long story longer (LOL)...I was just bored tonight and decided to look up '11' on the internet and see if it...meant anything. And, well...here I am. (still kind of amazed) I never really expected 11 to 'mean anything'...and I'm still not sure what the heck all of this means. It's just pretty amazing to read everybody's story on how this number somehow keeps popping it's head up in other people's lives - especially when I haven't seen (yet) that the number really had any importance or meaning to anybody...other then they keep having these experiences with it.

I'm still pretty confused...but interested now. Gonna look at the links and stuff and see what there is to be seen about it.

*Raises my imaginary glass to toast...' Here's to the number 11 - and my brother that wore that number on his back for so many years...and to all of you who are, like me, kinda dumbfounded by this whole thing LOL.

Be well all - I will think of all of the other people who are waking up at 11:11 with me...and send a silent 'hello' to you...

Name: Darlene Location: Florida
Date Submitted: Oct 25, 2008

11:11 Triggers A Curiousity

Experience: Was looking online the other day and my microwave in the kitchen started beeping and flashing 1111, i was the only person home so I went in and hiy reset which took it back to zero. I shrugged it off but a couple minutes later I heard a beep and watched the number 1111 go back across and it start beeping again. This time I decided someone was trying to tell me something so I unplugged the microwave and left the house. I was running late and had to drop lunch money off to my son and when i pulled in and looked at the clock in my car the same day it was 11:11. I then decided to start researching the meaning.

Name: rxgirl2571
Location: michigan
Date Submitted: Oct 24, 2008

Search Your Heart For The Meaning

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11 appear on clocks for about the last 2 weeks or so. Looking back over the last couple of years I notice that when everything is going right in my life or when I'm about to embark on a new phase in my life 11:11 appears on clocks or receipts. Either my receipt # will be 1111 or the total for my merchandise will be $11.11. Right now I feel as though I'm coming out of a tough battle with a lot of negative forces in my life. I'm just getting to the point where I'm getting back on the right path in life. What I think 11:11 means to me is that it's a symbol to me that I'm doing something right, that I should continue down whatever road I'm on cause it's leading me right where I need to be. I really FEEL as if things are coming together for me and my kids and that we'll finally be ok and that I can breath now knowing that the demons I spent fighting the last year or so are gone and I can do as I was intended to with my life. I hope this explanation can help the next person who's wondering why they keep seeing 11 11 in their life. Just search your heart and soul thoroughly and keep asking God for the meaning of these numbers in your life. You're sure to find the answer!

Name: kay_jacob
Location: MD
Date Submitted: Oct 15, 2008

Everything Will Be Alright

Experience: Like so many people, I'm looking for answers...first let me give you a little insight into myself. I'm a 50 year old single woman from Australia. I choose to be single as I have never felt totally fulfulled in a close relationship. I had a troubled childhood and have endured many difficult times whilst growing up. It took me a long to sort myself out but I have always been guided (mostly sublimally) by something spiritual and believe in God but I don't align myself with any particular religious denomination. I remember as a young child during a times of great emotional distress I would sit outside and look up to the stars and ask my creator to come back and take me, that I felt that I was really not meant for this world or in fact that the world was not really ready for me. I just felt that I didn't belong, that I belonged somewhere else, not of this time and place.

Another time when my life was in total turmoil (which up until a few years ago seemed to constantly spiral into a state of total flux), I was advised by a close friend to take my crystals and go and stand by the water and meditate. I took her advice as I was fairly desperate and figured I had nothing left to lose and drove down to the bay on a quite clear, hot, sultry summer night, sat on a rock for an indeterminate time, holding my crystal and begged my creator for guidance. What do you want from me? Why am I here? What is that I'm meant to do? That's when something amazing happened that I guess changed my life....an epiphany I guess you would call it. All of a sudden I felt the most gentle of breezes touch my cheek, like a cosmic caress. All of a sudden I felt at one with the lapping water, the tranquility of the night and the millions of stars in the sky. This amazing sense of calm and peace entered my entire body and spirit. Then with every essence of my being, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of love. A love that I have never experienced before....it was totally consuming. It was so great that I can't describe it in earthly terms. In my mind I heard words....they are as clear to me as I'm talking to you right now. "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT...YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND PRECIOUS TO ME. YOU ARE VALUED BEYOND THIS WORLD AND YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. YOUR TIME HAS NOT COME. YOU HAVE WORK TO DO AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE SIGNS WHEN YOUR TIME IS RIGHT. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. I AM EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE". For the first time in my life I knew what is felt like to be loved unconditionally and felt at one with everything even the universe (I know it sounds corny)but this was something bigger than I could ever explain. I felt completely cleansed and from that day on I chose to be a better person.

Since that time, I have devoted myself to making my life and the life of others better. Starting with my family and then moving into the community and working with the disadvantaged. I call it my 'soul work'. I have endeavoured to become more tolerant, forgiving and respectful of other people and their opinions and beliefs. Just like the Michael FRENTI song 'Every single soul is a poem....it's written on the back of God's hand'. Another thing I have noticed that since 'that time', is that I have become very intuitive and have predicted many occurrences and cataclysmic events. From the Kersk disaster, Bali bombings, Tsunami and most recently the global collapse of the stock market. It's just like a definately know these things are going to happen and they come as no surprise when they do. I must admit the devastation to humanity and the planet is extremely upsetting and I feel compelled to try and eleviate some of the suffering. These things I very seldomly share as when I have previously, I have been subjected to open ridicule and vitriole.

Over the last couple of years another strange phenonomen has been happening to me. It started with me waking at exactly 3:33am (not 3:32 or 3:34) probably for three of four nights a week but at random. Initially it spooked me but then I became really frustrated by this 'happening'. Finally I took the hint that it was probably THE MESSAGE I had been told about. I got up one night and googled the number and was astonished to find that so many other people from all walks of like had been experiencing the same thing. Just recently I have been seeing 11:11 in conjunction with 3:33 and I definately know that it's my message. On the whole I don't interpret it as a 'doomsday' message but a message of hope. I know our time is nye and that our destiny is quickly approaching and to be prepared. But prepared for what? What are we supposed to be doing? I know all will be revealed eventually but what will it be? Will it be too little too late? I can't do this on my own....it's way too big for one person to cope with. I need help and the help of others....can somebody please give me some advice?

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Name: bluebell22
Location: Australia
Date Submitted: Oct 14, 2008

Life Changing Visions

Experience: This is very strange i know to be telling this. I dont talk about this to anyone. But i feel like i need to start advancing with this idea/story. The day that had changed my life forever happened when I least expected it. Me and some friends decided to take some psilocybin Cubensis. The weather was very strange that day compared to the day before and after. We began to start frying and we could hear crying from this girl in the bathroom. We were trying to guess why she would be crying with her boyfriend. All these ideas started emerging but then one struck us. The friend I was with told me that she cheated on her boyfriend with him. So I replied that she was crying in happiness that he brought the true love out of her and made her realize that she had the most perfect boyfriend ever. Then I said, That would be an awesome story because its like a friend helps friend's girlfriend find the true love she needed to be with him. We began to start writing all these ideas and then I asked this girl what time it was. She told me 11:11. Right when she told me the time my vision became brighter and brighter until everything was almost white. I walked outside and called my ex- girlfriend, (Janette) the only thing I could tell her was, I love you. I hung up on her then I got into my car and I saw a vision of me driving to go see her but I drove off a bridge. So then I crawled into a ball and blacked out then watched myself in space. I could see everything that existed. I saw every action and emotion of every person and how it was manifesting to the future. I felt my brain expanding and it hurt very badly but I didn?t mind the pain. I convinced myself that I solved the reason to live and there was nothing else people needed to live for. I began to see everyone I knew dying in front of my eyes, I was never scared though. I felt as if this presence was the middle of existence. My friend woke me up out of this dream state and I thought I was dead. I walked back into the house and felt myself as a ghost watching over people to make sure they do good in life. I later on fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt knowledgeable. I found out that the girl was crying because she thought her boyfriend was the devil. From that day on I have been writing about all the experiences that have taken place since. What is very strange is that in high school I always hated to read and write. They were my worst subjects. I felt like if I could complete something that I hated so much it would make it even more special to me and others who don't write or read. I wrote all the main facts what happened that night and what I learned. The band Tool I've seen around so much finally came crashing into my life. I am now fascinated in the Mayan Calendar after i read about there beliefs and how the time 11:11 was connected to it.

Name: dustinw41e
Date Submitted: Oct 03, 2008

11:11 experiences A Special Time For Faith

Experience: I have been seeing 1111 since I was about 16 I am now 27 and still seeing it.It felt really special to me.I made the mistake of telling my wife who happen to tell a priest about it and he said it was just a coincidence. But they dont how I feel and they never will.

Name: julianoceguera
Location: Los Banos Ca
Date Submitted:Oct 02, 2008

11:11 experiences More Than Just A Numerical Coincidence

Experience: I have been experiencing numerical coincidences for quite a few years. The difference with mine are that they are not limited to 11:11. I will get 6-10 sightings of numerical coincidences like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and 11:11 in a one week period sometimes, and then nothing for a couple of months. I was driving my car one day and looked down at the odometer just as it changed to 111,111 kilometers. It freaked me out so much I almost pulled the car over, I wish I had my camera with me to record it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person that this is happening to but would like to find out what it means.

Name: Anonymous
Location: /
Date Submitted:Sep 29, 2008 5:31

11:11 experiences The Comfort Of Angels

Experience: Hello everyone, I first noticed 11:11 immediately after the death of my stillborn grandson...I would wake up and the clock would show 11:11. I'd get in my car and it would be 11:11. Clock in at work or out 11:11. Receipts 11:11. It happened so much I looked it up on the internet and it made perfect sense to me....angels. that was 2004 and it has not stopped yet...my grandson was born jan 4, 04 at 444...

Name: billi_philli
Location: ky
Date Submitted:Sep 21, 2008

11:11 experiences An 11:11 Awakening

Experience: Hello everyone, I am very glad that I found this website reason being that it has been driving me crazy to find out what this number means and what it means to me. I started experiencing this phenomenon about 7 years ago but never question it or what it meant. One thing for sure is that I consider myself to be a very spiritual person and I believe in God. Ever since I was a child, interesting things have always happened to me that I think back and I cant help to think I was surrounded by angels.

I don?t know who to talk to about this but I guess I just want an answer as to whom is trying to reach us and why and why us?

I have always felt blessed and God knows I have had my ups and downs and I always bounce back, but I don?t know what to make of this and why it constantly appears to me when I am not even thinking about it. Most of the time, I wake up at night and?..Bang! there it is, the time on my alarm clock is 11:11pm.

Just the other day I went to wash my car and my ticket number of the receipt was 111 and I looked at my watch and it was 1:11pm. This has been accruing more often now than before and I just don't know what to make of it. I consider myself a good person with a good heart but I also don't want to discuss this with family or friends as I am afraid they will judge me or look at me as I am crazy. Can someone help me understand this?

Name: privado_shy
Location: CA
Date Submitted:Sep 15, 2008

11:11 experiences Great Changes and Opportunities Await

Experience: I started seeing 11:11 about four months ago. I saw it on the clock and on a billboard advertising a magazine. I had never heard of the "11:11" experience and mentioned this to my personal trainer one day while working out with her. She told me she heard this "meant something" but was unsure of the meaning. Soon after, she and I went to a lecture by John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga, and he talked about synchronicities in our lives. He told us to pay attention to reoccuring sitings or events in our lives. I still did not understand why I was seeing these numbers but knew it had some meaning in my life. My trainer and I attended another lecture about the history of yoga and she introduced the 11:11 magazine to the attendees. This was the magazine I saw on the billboard; therefore I picked up a copy. It wasn't until that moment that I realized 11:11 was representative of the wonderful changes that were happening to me. I had just begun a journey of the unknown. I am making some great changes in my life and have an unspoken peace about my place in this world right now. I am in a place in my life in which I feel I am awaiting great changes and new opportunities. In the last two months, I have begun seeing 22 frequently. I really don't know why I continue to see these double digits; however, I have this wonderful sense of peace as if I am being "watched over" and led in some wonderful path. Today I feel that each person I meet and each challenge that is presented to me serves some purpose in my life.

Name: Anonymous
Location: South Carolina
Date Submitted:Aug 31, 2008

11:11 experiences 11:11 TimeWave

Experience: My birthday is 11/11/65. 65 is 6+5=11 During 2012 timewave(or end-time as the maya claim it to be)I will be 47. 4+7=11 My son's birthday is 12/17/90 1+2+1+7=11. 9+1+1=11 During the 2012 timewave he will be 22. 11+11=22 I've sensed this megachange and strange phenomenon about existence in my life as long as I can remember. I feel I am starborn. I worry and "know" 2012 will occur. I fear for the world.

Name: Anonymous
Location: /
Date Submitted:Aug 13, 2008

11:11 experiences The Psychology of The 11:11

Experience: I will try to explain in my best english. I been having this 11:11 experience since about 10 years ago on and off, like if I'm driving and something make me look a the clock and is 11:11; when I'm cooking and I turn to see my stove clock. the most common is to wake up and turn to watch my clock next tio my bed just see it is 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on. Lately I been going to job interviews and happened twice thath the address is 1111; my last job I started on 11/11, but I thought this was happening only to me but I had the feeling that was something special until yesterday just playing I type on my Web Search 11:11 and I found all this about it. I'm a very psychical person by nature and I love all that is about mysticism and things like that and I very surprised that I'M NOT ALONE.

Name: chayito1954
Location : California
Date Submitted:Aug 02, 2008

11:11 experiences Much More Than A Coincidence

Experience: I am only 12 years old and the 11:! 11 experiences happen to me quite frequently my mom shares stories that she too has had many sightings of the number 11 111 or 1111 in her life it used to scare me before i realized that it wasn't a bad thing. test scores that i get back in school seem to frequently appear 11:11. i also see the time 1111 often as well. when i least expect it the number will appear. i used to think it was coincidence...but now i see it is much more

Name: phenie1229
Location : NY
Date Submitted:Aug 01, 2008

11:11 experiences Understanding The Eleven Eleven

Experience: I have been seeing 11:11 on random clocks for about 6 years now. I've told people about it, but they just dont understand what the big deal is. It use to freak me out but I think Im starting to understand. Its nice to know that Im not the only one.

Name: Anonymous
Location : MI
Date Submitted:Jul 18, 2008

11:11 experiences 11:11 Clock Experience

Experience: It started, actually, when my dad mentioned seeing the number 111 or 1111 all the time. my dad wouldn't just say something like that unless it really stuck out to him, he saw it quite a bit. As soon as he told me, then I started to see it, now more than ever. I have continually seen it since then and can't seem to find an answer for it. My dad doesn't see it anymore, but I still do and cannot figure out why. It is always I will look at a clock and it will say 11:11 or 1:11. Or it could be anywhere, but it is mainly the clock. If anyone has any answers, please tell me.

Name: eliemay18
Location : MI
Date Submitted:Jul 08, 2008

11:11 experiences Being Guided By The Right Time

Experience: Recently i have been looking at the clock at 11:11 and other times with 11 in it like 2:11 or 5:11 ect... i know there is something spiritual or supernatural about it but everytime i talked to my family about it they think im crazy or they think its a coincedence, but it cant be a coincendence if it happens all the time

Name: Anonymous
Location : /
Date Submitted:Jun 19, 2008

11:11 experiences 11:11 and DNA

Experience: I had never heard of this 1111 thing at all till a couple of months ago i don't know if this counts.my phone keeps ringing three or four times a day and evrytime i pick it up it sounds as if there is someone there for a couple of seconds and the phone just goes blank and when i check the number it always says the last call was 1111 so for some reason i check it out in google and have found loads of people are seeing these numbers all over the place and since i checked it out i have started to see 1111 everywere on my bank statements on the side of vans and this morning i was telling my wife that some people think it is to do with your DNA and your memory and i pulled into the fuel station and when i got out of my car i noticed something in the corner of my eye on the floor so i picked it up and it was silver tag off a chain and it had memory wrote right across it is some one trying to tell me something

Name: steve
Location : England
Date Submitted:May 17, 2008

11:11 experiences 11:11 Following Us Everywhere

Experience: My family and I moved into our house 8 years ago. After about a year my mum starting noticing 11:11 showing up. Every night she would go to bed, struggle to sleep, then roll over and see 11:11 on the clock. After a few months she told my dad and dad told us. In the two weeks after being told the whole family saw it everywhere. My dad's watch stopped at 11:11 exactly. The VCR broke and was going 9:58, 9:59, 11:00, 10:01, 10:02. So officially we has 11 o'clock 4 times a day. My dad put £10 pounds of petrol in the car and it stopped on 11.11 litres. We then told the man at the garage about it and he phoned us a few minutes after we left. Apparently the man standing behind us had overheard the conversation and his items totalled up to £11.11. When I hit 1111 miles in my new car the car in front had the number plate 5P3llS. These are just a few of the things we have noticed and I am eager to find out what it means. we still by a lottery ticket on the 11th November every year though. (Just in case)

Name: Anonymous
Location : /
Date Submitted:May 17, 2008

11:11 experiences The Key To 11:11

Experience: During a time of intense life trauma i have been given peace by this number.Over the weekend three separate hotels my room number was 22/1112 only to find out that they did not have room # 1111/and the last night in the city the clerk hands me the key for room # 1111 I just cried.

Name: Ralph H
Location : /
Date Submitted:Jan 05, 2008

11:11 experiences A 11:11 Text Message

Experience: I have always wished on 11:11... After a few bad experiences with men all I wished for was a good guy, to love. Soon after I met my boyfriend James. I asked a girl at my work to do our numerology, not knowing James birth day I texted him. It took him a long time to get back b/c he was working. At 11:11 I got a texed form him His Full name and his birthday was November 11, 11/11. When the girl did out numerology we matched number in many places and we each had the number 2/11 twice. We have been dating for almost a year... (He asked me out April 11) ever since I have seen 11's everywhere, he?s seen them his whole life. I am sooo glad I found this site to give me some answers. James Dad recently past, he had a thing about 3:33, I think it was something about angles?? Any Theories on what both numbers and what they may mean for James or me I would love to hear them (Email- BikeGRL12 @ aol(dot)com) Thanks MAKE a WISH ON 11:11 it may come true? mine did....

Name: Kym
Location : Barrington
Date Submitted:Jan 05, 2008

11:11 experiences Someone Is Keeping Watch

Experience: Nearing the birth of my first child, i began noticing 1:11 and 11:11 quite frequently when looking at the digital clock on my microwave, oven, car, and cell phone. My son was due to be born in Nov., so I thought Mayebe someone was telling me that he would be born on the 1st or the 11th (he was due the 10th.) Sure enough, he was born on 11/11/03 at 10:58 p.m. (just missing 11 pm!) Since the I still see it pretty frequently (he's nearly 4) and I have always considered it a reminder that someone was watchin over me and my son. I knew nothing about the 1111 phenomana until coming across it one day online!

Name: Kate
Location : /
Date Submitted:Jan 05, 2008

11:11 experiences 11:11 and Unexplained Phenomenon

Experience: I've had many experiences. Having spirits,orbs,entities with me all my life. The entity was a negitive and invasive one that had to be smudged out of my house. The orbs are every where,the spirits are usually always in the bedroom. And recently strips of glowing enery things have all been caught on camera like all the other phenomenom!

I've had prophetic dreams, and dreamed about the Katrina disaster. I saw an actual entity or ghost when I was 10 yrs old. It was neat and lasted for awhile. I have visions in Sweat Lodges I participate in.

And the most craziest thing that I ever experienced was telepathy. It happened to me in a hospital by a very bad man that told me he used to hurt little boys. He spoke to me with no words from his mouth, he spoke to me through my mind!

An Indian man was around us and he asked me what the dude said to me! Like he was telepathic too. I told him thinking what I'm about to say is going to sound absurd. But he knew already and shook his head at me and walked away. Not saying another word to me.

When I left I saw that creepy bad man outside, but the Indian man was out there too in a distance. Like he was watching or following that dude?

Just so bizzar, but it happened! I have sent out 2 messages to 2 people that were not the things to say, and those were my only experiences with that. I felt like it was a spiritual test and I failed.

I had a vision that I sit down with an Elder and we have conversation but we don't not talk aloud, we speak though our minds. I hope the vision becomes true....

Yep there's things out there that may be greater then us. Unexplainded phenomenom that's happening all around us is being brought to our attention slowly thanks to tecnology now a days. Hopefully we will find ways to really understand it all. CAUSE IT'S FRICK'N COOL!

Name: Renee S.
Location : Wpg. Canada
Date Submitted:Sep 14, 2007

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