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11:11 experiences More To It Than Meets The Eye

Experience: I`ve been seeing 11:11 1:11 and 9:11 for i think about 10 years now. have always known it was something between me and the things we know are there but can`t "see". I was ectualy lookig up some things about Nibiru and zacariah sitchin when i came acros this web site. got to say i think it is super cool i share my 11:11 experiences with many others from all over the world! Be light...

Name: Hugo
Location: Canada bc

11:11 experiences Lucky Number Eleven

Experience: In elementary, I was always number 11. My social security number equals 38. 3+8=11. 1+1=2 which happens to be my lucky number according to numerology! WEIRDDDD!!!!!

Name: Cookie
Location: CA

11:11 experiences On A Spiritual Path

Experience: Since 2004 way too many too mention: would be about 300 experiences! Last example of number "coincidence" would be receipt for $11.77,change was 23 cents. I was born 12/23 1956,which adds to 11! No. 23 also comes up all the time. Ever see the movie The Number 23 with Jim Carrey? That kind of thing is regular life for me ! I find it comforting and amusing though; it means you're on the spiritual path. Hope this helps anyone else with this phenomenon.

Name: henry caudle
Location: w cola, SC

11:11 experiences Destinies That Intertwine

Experience: Greetings to all my brothers and sisters, I too suffer the phenomenon thus am connected to all of you as all of you are connected to each other. Why we share this wonder has been, and is, open to much debate and speculation. I am as much confused as many of you but have realized that there are thousands and thousands of people from all over the world, from all walks of life that share a common experience on a regular basis. This is beyond mortal comprehension and as thus should not be dwelled upon too deeply. Keep you hearts and minds open as our destinies intertwine.


Name: Randy
Location: usa

11:11 experiences A Connection To Guardian Angels

Experience: I read some of the stories and I don't know if some of the stories are true. I like to get an answer for my situation, last week a coworker started asking me if I believe in guardian angels and he talked to me about them if I believe in them. then even though i have always used to see 11:11 in the past but it became too frequent after my coworker spoke to me, untill yesterday that I saw it twice and I thought its too much so I started searching 11:11 on the internet. and I found out for the first time that 11:11 is connected to guardian angels. does this have meaning? I am not even christian. can anyone let me know.

Name: Unknown
Location: Canada

11:11 experiences Sending Out Positive Vibrations

Experience: I have been seeing 11:11 for almost 30 years. I've talked to a couple of people over the years about it and no one knows what I am talking about. I am new to the internet and just today decided to google 11:11 and I am in shock that Others are seeing this too! I have pondered the meaning of this for so long! and now I have read that 11:11 is also connected to 1012! My birthday is 12-21 and in 1012 I will be 55 and it is suppose to happen at 11:11 NOW I AM REALLY FREAKING OUT.....What is going on? Can we really use the white light within us to make the changes that need to come to save ourselves from ourselves? I will keep sending out the positive vibes I have always sent to all of human kind, We are all connected...All is One

Name: -
Location: Oregon, USA

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