The Astrological Moon Sign


zodiac sign taurus the bull Moon in Taurus represents someone who is a bit conservative in their nature. You like things to b e predictable and sometimes you live a very routine life. You strive to feel comfortable and secure. There is a tendency to have a fear of change and anything that is outside of your comfort zone. You appreciate beauty and value the finer things in life. You like your environment to be aesthetically pleasing and you enjoy surrounding yourself with all of your favorite things.

Your not a very impulsive person and you definitely don't rush into things without first doing a little preperation and planning. You want to achieve success in all that you do, but you do it the smart way. You work hard towards your goals and you are conservative in your approach to your work. Taurus Moon Signs are very patient people, and they achieve success through diligence and determination.

Moon in Taurus individuals usually accumulate money throughout life because money equals security for them. They can also be a bit old-fashioned at times and have a tendency to stick with established routines, or out-dated methods. If it's not broken, why fix it? Taurus Moon Sign doesn't necessarily go after the things they want for the fame or the glory, they go after it because they feel they need it for their own peace of mind.

This Moon Sign is generally a very sociable person. You make a very dependable and trustworthy friend. People can rely on you, even if you do have a stuborn streak to you. You don't take well to criticism because you figure you know what's best for you and sometimes the word "change" frightens you a little. You don't like things to be unpredictable and you like keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. Sometimes in Relationships you can smother the other person or restrict them because you don't want things to change. You need to learn how to grow with a relationship and express your emotions.

Moon in Taurus is also a very sensual person. You appreciate the art of loving but sometimes you can be a little materialistic where relationships are concerned. You can also be a little jealous because competition can make you feel insecure. Although you enjoy familiarity in your life, you also enjoy living it up. You don't mind meeting new people and your social life can be quite glamorous at times. You have a secret passion for all of the finer things in life and nothing is too good for you.

Moon in Taurus makes you a very strong-willed and determined individual so when you want something your willing to get in. But you rely on your feelings when it comes to making decisions and once you do, you rarely budge, only tread on. You can stay committed to something until the very end, despite the obstacles that stand in your way.

Sometimes though, you don't like confrontation and you will do your best to avoid those obstacles and any setbacks in life. You like things to be calm and serene. You rarely have outbursts of emotions unless it's caused by anger, and only when pushed beyong your limits. You'll hold your tongue for as long as you can just to keep the peace.

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There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

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