The Astrological Moon Sign


zodiac sign leo the lion Moon in Leo represents a very strong, proud, and enthusiastic individual. Moon Leo's are also very kind-hearted and generous people. Leo Moon Signs can be responsible where work is concerned, although sometimes they take on too much responsibility. You have a regal air about you and you would much rather be a leader than a follower.

There is nothing this individual feels that they can't do. You do well in positions of authority and you would be a kind, confident and courageous leader. Moon Leo individuals have a tendency to be a little bossy and egotistical at times. They get angry if things don't go there way or if they are not given the credit they feel they deserve. This individual's pride is easily hurt.

Moon in Leo's have an easy time when in comes to love. They easily attract others because of their charming and optimistic personality. They are also susceptible to having numerous love affairs. Because this sign has such a big heart, they sometimes give too much of themselves or commit themselves to too many things, or people. You can be a very sincere person and you have the ability to earn the respect of other people around you, especially in the business world. You succeed at things because you won't accept anything less, and you strive to be your very best at everything you do, but you always do it sincerely and fairly.

When Moon Leo's shine, they light up the room. This sign has a flair for drama. Moon Leo's secretly want to be the center of attention, and they love to receive praise. Moon in Leo individuals are sociable people who usually have lots of friends and love entertaining them. You are also very generous with your loved ones, sometimes too much so. Leo Moons sometimes have a hard time holding onto money, only because there is nothing they feel they don't deserve once they decide they want it.

Moon Leo's are generous when it comes to love as well. They are loyal and supportive with their loved ones. They can be very affectionate (sometimes too much) and this is because Leo does everything in a big way. Moon in Leo creates an individual with a strong intellectual ability and a love of the arts. Leo Moon Signs are also have a flair for drama, and sometimes they themselves can be a little over-dramtic, especially when they are upset.

Moon in Leo bestows a love for entertainment, luxury, an almost child-like playfulness and creative abilities. You have a lively spirit and even when you are depressed, you pick yourself back up pretty quickly. Not much keeps you down long. Moon Leo's are also very good organizers because they love to perfect everything they do. Their intellectual skills make them good at working out the details of projects and they can also be very successful in the business world.

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There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

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