The Astrological Moon Sign


zodiac sign pisces the fishes Moon in Pisces represents an individuals who is driven by their emotions. This sign can be a bit mysterious and there is a dream-like quality about them. They are also attracted to music, poetry, literature and the arts. They love using their imagination, sometimes a little too much. The Piscean Moon sign can sometimes live a little too much in their heads. They have an active fantasy life, and sometimes they do this just to escape from the cold harsh world around them.

Moon in Pisces changes their mind easily. One minute they want one thing, and the next minute they are not so sure. This can make you seem a little unreliable to other people. They question things about the world around them and can be quite intuitive. Sometimes this Moon Sign gets discouraged very easily. When working towards a personal goal, they sometimes stumble and get frustrated with any obstacles that stand in their way. They sometimes give up too easily.

You are a very easy going person, although somewhat shy most of the time. At least, other people sometimes see you that way, or if they don't, it's because your putting on a mask. Deep inside you feel a little insecure and are easily influences by your surroundings and the emotions of other people. On the outside you can appear very happy, but on the inside, there can be deep sadness at the same time. This sign is very prone to depression because of their sensitivity and emotional outlook on life.

Some Moon in Pisces even lack any sense of humor. Sometimes they just take things too seriously, or have a gloomy outlook on life. These doom and gloom periods can lead to a lack of focus in your life, and sometimes dishonesty with others. There may also be a tendency to bury your head in the sand when in comes to making decisions, or give the cold shoulder to a loved one during times of anger. You sulk alone and wallow in your own self pity sometimes. You need to learn not to let things get you down and not to get so discouraged when things don't work out the way that you expect them to. The sun will always rise again tomorrow.

This Moon sign does have a flair for the creative arts. They especially love and appreciate music in some form or another. Whatever activity that a Moon in Pisces individual gets involved in will be done in a very creative and imaginative way. Your deep emotions touch almost everything and everyone, and you are also very romantic as well. This sign can sometimes be a little too emotionally dependent on others in relationships. Sometimes they have a hard time doing things for themselves.

The anxiety that some Moon in Pisces individuals feel can lead them to escape through drugs or alcohol, or other forms of addiction. Sometimes the emotional energy that builds up within the Pisces Moon heart just needs to be channeled in a positive and constructive direction. They can be very successful when they set their mind on something, as long as they don't let the pessimism, self consciousness, or the "poor me" attitude to get in the way.

Moon in Pisces is someone who loves very deeply and is deeply inspired by many things. Overall Moon in Pisces individuals are sweet and sensitive, but sometimes self deceiving and sulky.

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There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

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