The Astrological Moon Sign


zodiac sign sagittarius the archer Moon in Sagittarius represents an individual that is freedom-loving and extroverted. This Moon sign is benevolent and has a jovial approach to life. In fact, Sagittarius Moon individuals are usually very lucky people. Things seem to come your way and you always seem to be in the right place at the right time. You are optimistic about life and you have very high ideals.

Moon Sagittarians are also very generous, especially when it comes to their close friends and family. Sometimes this sign can be easily taken advantage of because of this. You like to be straight-forward with people, and you are also very sincere. Sagittarian Moon SIgns are intellectual and broad-minded. They have a philosophical outlook on life and tend to live in their heads at times.

The Moon in sagittarius individual is also very athletic and has a love for the outdoors. This is a freedom loving sign so any restrictions or limits will make this sign very depressed. There is a need for you to have physical activity in your life, whether it's a regular sport you play, a martial arts class, or a brisk daily walk. Lack of activity can cause a Sagittarian Moon to feel restless and filled with anxiety inside. There is also a tendency to over exert yourself though, and also a tendency to neglect the natural intellectual and philosophical side of your personality, and this can lead to imbalance and stress.

Moon Sagittarius is a very fun loving person, and they can also be somewhat scattered at times. You sometimes focus your energy in too many directions and this can wear you out. Sometimes you can be tactless or be a know-it-all. You can exaggerate situations sometimes, and this can upset the people around you.

This Sign just loves freedom. Because they are so active and adventure-loving, they enjoy traveling. This sign sometimes acts first, and thinks later. This can cause a bit of a problem when it comes to conversations. You always say what's on your mind. When it comes to work or career, this sign often has several, or has the ability to balance several different types of work. You also have the ability to size up other people, and you are perceptive to their emotions. You are intuitive about people or situations quite often. "I told you so", is a common motto. If loved one's get hurt, you sometimes take it personally. You are a kind hearted and honest friend.

This Moon Sign also has a short temper because of their easily excitable nature. But you rarely hold a grudge. You have a philosophical perspective on life and you love to teach other people. Often your dreams come true in life, and this is sometimes due to your frequent lucky streaks. This sign can't seem to stay in one place for too long. They have a love of life and are very easy going and laid back.

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There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

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