The Astrological Moon Sign


zodiac sign scorpio the scorpion Moon is Scorpio makes for a very intense individual. Sometimes you feel as if no one really understands you. There is a mystery and secretive side to the Scorpio Moon Personality. This Moon Sign is also a fighter by nature, and this can encourage a very violent temper at times. When in comes to conflict, you don't rely on anyone else to fight your battles, and you won't stand down. You have self assurance and much confidence in what you do and how you do it.

Sometimes though, Scorpio Moon has a tendency to bring out in themselves the very thing they are fighting against. This Sign also has a lot of energy and can be very blunt when it comes to expressing how they feel. You might say one thing, but feel something completely different inside. Your turbulent emotions can conflict with your actions and this can confuse others, even yourself. Sometimes, you are not comfortable with changing yourself in any way unless you work out these conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Moon in Scorpio is somewhat conservative in most areas of their life and resist change. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs because of their tendency to suddenly act out in anger, sometimes, for no reason at all. It seems that way to others but sometimes you don't see it. This sign is one of the worst to have as an enemy. Scorpio Moons have a tendency to seek revenge when someone hurts them. They don't mind waiting years to strike back when least expected.

Other people might think that you don't have any morals, but of course you do. In reality, you just have a strong will and intense determination. You have a love of pleasure, especially the physical kind. Scorpio Moon is a very passionate individual and usually has a very strong sex drive. They might have numerous love affairs in their life. Other people are sometimes magnetically drawn to you because you exude self confidence and sensuality. An overindulgence in pleasure, in any area of life, can sometimes cause difficulty for this sign,

This sign usually has a black or white outlook on life. They have strong likes and dislikes, and do and feel everything in an intense way. They either love something to the point of obsession, or they hate something with the same intensity. Sometimes it appears as if there is no in-between with this sign. Scorpio moon signs also go through life sometimes acting only on their intuitive hunches, and reading between the lines when it comes to the things other people say to them. They are acute observers when it comes to the actions, ideas, thoughts, intentions, and emotions of other people.

Moon in Scorpio is sometimes attracted to the occult, or paranormal fields. There is a profound spiritual side to their inner nature and sometimes they are downright psychic. Sometimes their work/career tends to be a little unconventional or is associated with risk taking in some way. If the intense Scorpio Moon emotions and strong will can be focused in one particular direction that is a positive one, they can create much happiness and success for themselves.

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There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

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