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Your Thoughts Create Your Emotions - Part 1

"Change your mind and change your body"

Visualization is a powerful tool that can be used for healing purposes and to attract the kind of life that you want.

In visualization, your thoughts are used to create an image in your minds eye, imagining it unfolding in real time. Depending on the thoughts, an emotional response is created in your body in real time. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real experience or an imagined experience. Your body still responds to the thoughts and images that are being created in your mind.

Try the following visualization excercise so you can see how the power of thought can create your emotional and physical experience - which is your reality.

Imagine holding a yellow lemon. Now imagine yourself taking a bite of the lemon. (you can imagine cutting it or peeling it first if you'd really like). Once you have taken a bite, take your time with the visual. Chew the lemon, savour it, take another bite if you will. Do this slowly in your minds eye and really try to experience this as if you are actually doing it right at this very moment..

Allow yourself to become aware of the feelings and sensations that take place as you are taking bites of this juicy yellow lemon. Feel the texture of the lemon in your mouth. imagine it's scent of the lemon, and taste it, allowing the sour juices to mingle over your taste buds...

If your mouth watered, even a little, then you can understand the power of thoughts, and how they can create a physical experience. Your body responded to the imagined experience of eating a lemon, even though there was no lemon present. Althought this expiriment would be a little more difficult for you if you have never had the experience of tasting a lemon. But visualizing anything sour will produce the same mouth watering effect. You can try this visual expiriment again, but this time close your eyes so that you can experience it in your minds eye with greater detail.

Your body responds to what the mind sees, whether it is real or imagined. Only your logical conscious mind knows that the lemon was not really there, but the symbolic subconscious mind does not know the difference.

Visualization opens us up to an invisible world that is ours to create at will.

We can imagine our worst fears taking place, and our heart may start pounding out of anxiety. Or we can imagine instead, the experience of being loved, or in love, and our heart may start pounding out of passion. Which feels better?

This example demonstrates how visualization can have a powerfull effect on the body. Thoughts can be used to visualize an image or situation and physical effects can be felt in real time. Your thoughts create your emotions .

Try another quick experiment to get an idea of how your emotions can effect your body, and how you experience your reality whether it is happening in the present, past or future.

Allow yourself to remember a situation in your life that has caused you pain or sorrow. Hold it in your memory (and in your minds eye) for about 20 or 30 seconds. Really visualize it, bringing yourself back to the situation as if you are experiencing it for the first time at this very moment in real time.

How do you feel? Probably not very good.

Now remember or imagine a very happy memory or a joyful moment or situation in your life, and do the same thing. Think about it for about 20 or 30 seconds, and really visualize the experience as if is taking place in the here and the now. How do you feel now? Probably a lot better than when you thought about the negative memory. If you want, you can try this again with your eyes closed, so that you can really bring the experience into the present moment.

It is not the situation creating the experience, it is your thoughts about the experience that create the emotions you have. Your emotions shape the way you experience the world.

The same effects can be experienced by imagining a situation in the future that you fear, and then comparing your physical response to a situation which you are looking forward to. An situation, whether it is real or imagined can bring about the same emotional responses based upon your thoughts.

The thoughts and visuals created an emotional response within your body, similar to the way the lemon visualization might have made your mouth water. If you can't quite feel the effects you might not be getting a clear image in your mind or thinking about the image or situation as clearly as you could. In creative visualization your are imagining the situation unfolding in real time as if it is currently happening in the here and the now. The situation or experience you are visualizing can be thought of as a scene from a movie, but instead of visualizing it as if you are an observer watching the scene unfold before you, you put yourself into the situation itself, experiencing it as if you are an actor in the movie.

Creative Visualization is a wonderful tool that you can use anytime to create the experience your desire. We often go through life imagining our worst fears, or dwelling on painful memories of the past. Use Creative Visualization to imagine the experience you want to have. Start by thinking about what you want, not what you don't want. These thoughts will create the images you will experience when using creative visualization.

Imagine yourself already having the money, relationships, career, etc,. that you desire. Experience what you want as if you already have it so that you will have a positive emotional response. Since we attract the things we think and feel, this will help you to creative positive change within your life.

Practicing Creative visualization can inspire you to begin a journey of positive thinking and reality manifestation, helping you to create a happier healthier you, and changing the way you experience the world around you.

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