The Magick of Intention

"Thoughts by day. Dreams by night."

All things consist of energy which flows in patterns according to vibration and the laws of cause and effect. Powerful thoughts and feelings can change raise or lower the vibration of energy. Thoughts and feelings are another form of energy that can effect the energy of the body. Powerful thoughts and feelings can also change the energy that is around you, and it can effect the body and consciousness of other people, animals, and even plants.

The energy that is involved in creative visualization, prayer, or magick causes changes in the individual sending out the energy as well. Positive thinking/feelings/intentions can create positive changes and negative thinking/feeling/intentions can create negative effects. Energy can be felt and experienced in many ways.

Positive thoughts create positive energy within the environment and body.
Your energy can fill a room!

Intuition works in a similar way. Since energy is not confined to time and space (only are consciousness perceives it that way) means that one can pick up or "tune in" to energy anywhere at any time. Most of us do this all the time but we are not consciously aware that it's happening but we sure can feel it. Your subconscious is aware of these subtle changes in energy. This creates the emotional response which then allows the conscious mind to become "aware" and make sense of what it is feeling.

Have you ever walked into a room where 2 people have been arguing and you could literally "feel" the tension in the room before you even knew what was going on? It's the negative energy (thoughts and feelings) that are being felt. Have you ever watched someone expressing emotions happiness and joy and felt the same positive emotions stirring within you? Or have you ever encountered a friend who was depressed and crying, and it tugged at your heart and brought tears to your own eyes? Beneath the surface, it's all energy that is vibrating, changing, being created and exchanged.

The power of prayer works in much the same way, and it is also one of the basic concepts behind Magick. Magick, not to be confused with stage magic, magick (spelled with a K), relies on the principle that powerful intentions(thoughts,beliefs,will power,faith etc,.) accompanied by powerful emotions and feelings can create internal and external changes in energy, environment and consciousness.

The human consciousness if limited to the three dimensional laws of physics. This means that creative visualization techniques and magick works, but since it is based on the power of belief you might not be able to walk on water, regrow a missing limb, levitate a table, or fly over your house, because the you have been conditioned from a young age to believe that such things are not possible.

But even if your belief was incredibly strong and you felt confident that such things could be done, you have to remember that other people's conscious beliefs are also effecting the energy in this world. A majority of society as a whole does not believe such things are possible, and there is power in numbers. Changing the vibration of the energy that makes up a solid object can be difficult because the solid object is not conscious. Although rare, moving smaller objects with the mind has been demonstrated as seen with telekinesis. Sometimes, the will just wins the energy game.

Living things such as plants, animals, and other human beings have a consciousnes (energy) and so it's rate of vibration can be effected by another conscioussness. But just because physical effects are not seen immediately does not mean the energy is not being effected. Plants respond to music, and even to the human voice. Whatever the reason, the change is still occurring. This is what happens in distant healing or when praying for one to recover from an illness. Intention with good faith creates change if the intention is powerful enough and the emotions are positive enough. But remember that the universe is a master at this at what will be will be if that is what is meant to be.

Loving thoughts,feelings and intentions create a higher frequency and have more weight in the energetic world. Like creates like. So there is caution when it comes to dark/black magick or negative intentions. Negative thinking and feelings create a lower vibration. The universe or the "energy of God" vibrates at a higher frequency of love and light. Negative intentions (no matter how much you desire revenge) can create a negative effect in your own body-mind. Karma comes into play here. Magick or creative visualization that is being used to harm may just be reflected right back at you. Again like attracts like.

The powerful the negative intentions the more powerful the negative result will be.. for you. Since energy is not confined to a specific time or space the effects can be felt anywhere at anytime. Just because you don't feel the karmic consequences of your actions now, does not mean they will not reflect back to you at another time.

The same can be said for positive intentions that stem from good faith, good will, and love for the highest good of all. These kind of intentions are the most powerful and the effects will raise the vibration around you in such a way that effects can be more evident and occur more quickly. But if not, don't be discouraged. Your positive intentions and thoughts will manifest at some point. Just remember that positive feelings and emotions add fuel to the energetic fire.

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