Dreams Can Come True

"Thoughts by day. Dreams by night."

Everyone wants there dreams to come true. Some people make wishes on shooting stars or when blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. If you were to wish on a shooting star, and your wish were to come true, then you can thank the shooting star for inspiring you to have the will power, emotions, and imagination to push that wish forward.

You don't have to wait for a shooting star. You can literally make a wish on anything you want and the same effect can be produced. Thoughts and mental images can have an incredible effect when they are accompanied by the power of belief, and strong emotions.

This is the power of prayer at work, and it is also one of the basic concepts behind Magick. Not to be confused with stage magic, magick (spelled with a K) relies on the principle that powerful intentions(thoughts,beliefs,will power,faith etc,.) accompanied by powerful internal emotions and feelings can create external change. Having your dreams manifest is a magickal experience. Having your worst fears come true, can be a devastating experience, but each of these experiences follow the basic laws of attraction. Like attracts like.

When you make a wish it's because there is something you desire. Your body probably responds to this mental need or want by producing an emotion. But sometimes wishing for something you don't have can produce uncomfortable emotions because not having what you want causes unhappiness. Now is the point where you can learn to create your reality and manifest your dreams. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, and the unhappiness that it brings you, focus your attention and awareness on what you want.

If a dream of yours were to come true, how would it feel? What kind of thoughts would go through your mind? What kind of situation would lead up the desired result and what would it look like? Really visualize it like a scene of a movie playing out in your minds eye complete with sound and special effects. The key to manifesting your desires or having your wish come true is to think and feel as if it already has! Live your dreams and don't forget to be grateful for what you have.

If you think about what you want to feel, then you will feel what it is you that you want to create (as if it's already been created). First of all, this new perception can help you to take physical action towards your goal and it can help you create the results you want that way.

The universe and everything within it is made up of energy. Thoughts are forms of energy vibrating an specific frequency. Everything that is conscious responds to energy. Energy can effect matter. Thoughts create energy which can effect matter. How it is effected depends upon the thought or intention.

Sending intention out into the universe, especially if it is backed by the powerful energy of emotion can also create change on non physical levels. The universe may assist your will by responding/changing it's own energy according to the energy that you are sending out. The necessary conditions will be created that will help the intended desire or outcome to be realized or achieved. Time,space and distance is not a factor when it comes to energy.

Remember, If you think about what you want to feel, then you will feel what it is you want to create (as if it's already been created), and then you will take action and create it, or the universe will respond to your will and help you to create the conditions necessry for you to achieve this intended desire or outcome.

Creative Visualization is distinguished from normal daydreaming in that Creative Visualization is done in the first person and the present tense – as if the visualized scene were unfolding all around you; whereas normal daydreaming is done in the third person and the future tense – the “you” of the daydream is a puppet with the real “you” watching from afar.

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