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Your Thoughts Create Your Emotions - Part 2

"Change your mind and change your body"

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Your body is constantly responding to both your conscious and your subconscious thoughts. Your body even responds to the consciousness of other people.

Have you ever walked into a room where two people were arguing and you could almost feel the tension in the room? Many people who visit supposed haunted locations start to feel the physical effects of the fight or flight response; increased adrenaline, a pounding heart or sweaty palms. The same physical anxiety might occur when one is nervous about an upcoming speech they must give, or a job interview they must prepare for, and so on.

But it's not the situation causing the physical effects or emotional response, it's the thoughts one is having about the physical experience or situation. Thinking positive thoughts leads to positive emotions which effect the body in a positive way.

Thoughts of love produce feelings of love, unless of course you are someone who fears love (perhaps love is associated with a painful experience), then negative thoughts may result in your body reacting in an unpleasant way. Painful memories can bring tears to our eyes, even though the actual physical experience is no longer present or valid. This is a subconscious belief that has been programmed by your previous experiences.

Our mind-body reacts to our past, present, and future no matter if the situation is real, or imagined. We can bring these memories and imagined experiences into our present awareness at any time. We can imagine what our future will be like (or what we want it to be like), and we can visualize ourselves in situations that haven't occurred yet. We can shape our minds at will or we can let the subconscious fears or negative thinking take over. It's amazing what you can experience once you "become aware of being aware".

Some people allow their subconscious fears and worries to take over their thoughts. Negative images and painful memories can paint a dreary picture on the canvas of their minds. Thoughts of any kind create feelings, which your brain interprets, and responds to by sending signals to your body, which react in real time. The fearful thoughts can create a physical reaction such as with the heart pounding, or the sweaty palms we experience when we are nervous or ill at ease. The positive and loving images can also create a physical effect in real time, but of course they feel much better!

When you consciously think about something, notice your emotional response. If it's not what you want to feel then backtrack and change the original thought. Visualize the situation or experience that you want to feel, imagine the desired feeling, and reprogram your thinking process. This can change your perceptions, your attitudes, and can even effect the way other people respond you.

Creative visualization involves using the thinking-feeling process to imagine a desired situation or goal manifesting in real time. This process can be used to heal your own body by visualizing in detail how you want to feel, and imagining the body responding to your desired thoughts at the same moment. Negative thinking such as constant worry can create stress within the physical body. Positive thinking can relax and heal the body, freeing it from tension and stress.

Remember to pay attention to your thoughts, and becoming aware of the emotional response. Once you get into the habit of doing this you can start to reprogram your old negative thinking, and start creating the reality that you want to experience NOW and not later.

By changing your thinking, your changing the emotional responses of your body.

Change your mind. Change your life.

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