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The Occupy Wallstreet Protestors - A Biblical Prophecy?

As the economy of the United States, and the rest of the world, struggles to gain momentum. We are seeing a new cry of the people. An emergence of those who have felt cheated in the ups and downs of life, and lately mostly down. People just plain fed up with how things are progressing. Loss of jobs, loss of extra spending money, and loss of dignity. But for the most part, these protestors are upset with the elite of society. The bankers, the fine suits on Wall Street - the extremely prosperous. And most of all, especially in their own mind - the greedy rich.

To some extent, I would agree that they have a legitimate gripe. After all, what doth a man prosper if he gains the whole world and then loses his own soul, right? And of course, the love of money is the root of every evil and so we have a new thing happening.

What New York saw unfolding in the last few weeks was coming down the pike. We have seen the riots in Greece and London as government attempted to cut benefits for the poor and working class. Although critics blame the protests on those who are uneducated, bored, and lazy. We are all to blame for producing a generation of entitlements. Baby Boomers have experienced the good life with opportunities provided, so why not their children and grandchildren as well?

Well, it is just not going that way. I think we have seen the best of days for everyone, working or not. And those days are gone. I don't need to elaborate on this, we can all see it.

Now take a look what the Bible says will occur in the last days. In Revelation we will have the rise of one man - the Antichrist. We already know that he will appear to answer all the world's problems. That's why the world will be in awe of him and follow him. How he accomplishes that will remain for now, to be seen. However, we have a couple of clues about him that may show how he does this and when he may arrive on the scene.

Go to Daniel 11:21. This gives a great description of what he does. Depending on what Bible version you use, verse 21 states he will not come from royalty. The Living Bible also states he rises during a time of crisis, with flattery and deceit. We are headed towards that crisis now.

Now go to verse 24. This is the one I want to focus on. He will take over the kingdom by doing something never done before. He will 'spread the wealth'. The Living Bible states, "He will take the property and wealth of the rich and scatter it among the people." The King James version states, "He shall scatter among them, the prey, and spoil, and riches."

Can you see the possibility of more violence, protests, and chaos as world economics falter. As more voices join the protests requiring reform, we are seeing a movement not only against the rich, but a movement against those who just have. I believe we will see a struggle between those who have and those who have not, to such a degree that 'someone' will have to step up and do something! Something to appease the mobs, but also something to calm the fears of those 'who have'.

I feel we are seeing the onset of something of Biblical proportions. We need to stay awake and pay attention to the signs of His coming!

I close with this quote: "Tyranny will arise when the people give up certain rights and privileges for comfort and safety."

Christine Weick is the author of book, "Explain This! A Verse by Verse Explanation of the Book of Revelation". She has a strong passion for end time prophecy and often shows others her view of what is going on in current events as it links to Bible prophecy. Her book can purchased for download.

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