The Lightworker Codes

Every single lightworker on the planet can use the following code to help make the ascension process a lot easier. The holographic pattern contained in the lightworkers energy field helps to shape the destiny of the ascension energies. In more simple terms, a lightworker's purpose and mission is to make the world a much better place. A lightworker does this by assisting in the raising of consciousness. By raising their own vibration, they help to uplift the vibration of others, and the planet itself.

One way to recognize a Lightworkers is by their actions. Actions usually speak louder than words, and daily acts of kindness and goodwill can show a lot about a persons character. Lightworkers have a natural desire to help others and can often feel the pain of another person, or animal. Lightworkers tend to practice meditation or other healing spiritual techniques on a regular basis. Meditation helps one deepen their understand and appreciation of life. A lightworker has a deep reverence for all of life, including their own. A lightworker also feels a deep connection with nature, and with the planet, and even the universe at large, for often lightworkers are also starseeds. A lightworkers way of life and being is a great way for us all to live. As we develop our mind and spirit we begin to open ourselves up to more possibilities in life, inspires and encourages others to do the same, and this also helps to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Feeling Is The Key

The attitude and an 'inner feeling' is what is required to be a lightworker. Also, the desire and will to spread the energy of love and light is an essential lightworker quality. A lightworker can allow their own inner spiritual light to shine and radiate outward energetically. Lightworkers naturally have a caring attitude for others and are open to assisting others in life through self-development and by improving mind, body and spirit.

Planetary Ascension

As the collective awareness of the planet begins to expand with more energy and become more whole, lightworkers play an essential role in this process. Any form of positive communication or positive energy can help to spread the light and uplift the frequency of the planet. This helps to make the ascension transition much easier because it 'lightens the load' on earth, in more ways than one.


Personal development does play an essential and important role in the lightworker philosophy. It is this self-development that leads to more expansive and meaningful states of spiritual growth and well-being. An individual needs a lot of energy to bring light onto the planet and transmute lower frequencies. Taking care of one's self, in body, mind and spirit, is a must during this high and intense energetic times.

A lightworker not only empowers themselves when they take care of their mind, body and spirit, but it also helps empower other people and raise the vibration of the planet. The more light an individual has, and the more self-aware they become, then the more the individual can manifest into life. Having a strong connection with God, the highest light, or the Divine Source, allows an individual to be filled with loving and healing energy. This light force can be found within ourselves. When an individual shines their inner light onto others it can have a regenerative and restorative effect.

The more a lightworker radiates love and light within themselves, the more love and light is radiated outward to others and to the planet. Empowerment and freedom are also keywords for a lightworker. Continued personal development empowers a lightworker to express themselves in a more authentic way, and along with kind and positive deeds and actions, a lightworker helps assist humanity and the entire planet in a powerful and inspirational way.

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