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Links and Resources on Lightworkers

A place for spiritually evolving humans offering information to shift comfortably into the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth.

A spiritual social networking community, new age philosophy, ascension, star seeds, channelers and inter-dimensional travellers.

Lightworker's Handbook
A wonderful guide for the Lightworker that includes The Lightworkers' Basics, Lightworkers' Tools ,Lightworkers' Techniques

“Symptoms” of Being on The Path
The Archangel Michael – through his Channel, Michel Green, shared this information of the experiences those seeking the Spiritual Way.

Lightworkers - enlightening resources
New Age Spiritual News Feed And Articles for Lightworkers.

About Lightworkers
More information and resources about workers of the light and the lightworker mission on earth.

The Lightworker Codes
Every single lightworker on the planet can use the following code to help make the ascension process a lot easier.

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