Magick Spells

magickal pentagram Here is a list of numerous magick spells for various things like money and prosperity, health and happiness, love and romance, protection and binding, and other miscellaneous and magical goodies. Most of the following links are to white magick spells, although they may contain spells of any sort. You will find simple spells for the beginner, and complex spells for the advanced.

wiccan moon The more mental and emotional energy you put into your magick and spell casting, the more change and effect it will have. Please remember to use strong will and good intentions when performing magick and using spells. Magick used to hurt or harm may come back to you, because if you are putting out negative energy and intent, negative energy will be attracted to you.

Love/Relationship Spells

Fun/Misc Love Spells
Free Love Spells and Beauty Spells

More Love Spells
Lots of different love spells for all kinds of situations

Simple Love Spells
Simple love spells and rituals, and some romantic advice.

Money/Prosperity/Luck Spells

Den of Money Spells
A few simple spells for money.

Prosperity Spells & Rituals
A few more spells for attracting wealth, luck and good fortune.

Job/Work Spells
A list of spells for job, career, and success.

Protection/Blessing/Banishing Spells

Misc Protection Spells
Banishing Spells,Bath Spells,Blessing Spells,Breaking Spells,Candle Spells,Cleansing Spells, Protection spells and more.

More Protection Spells
Simple Protection spells, Binding, Keep Evil From Home,Banish Negativity, Object Protection,To Protect A Rented Home,House Blessing, and more

Banishing Spells
Banish Spirits, negative people, emotions, Illness, and more.

Health/Beauty Spells

Misc Health Spells
Here are a few spells for health, energy and weight loss.

Body Spells
A list of various spells related to the body, beauty and self.

Beauty Spells
A few powerful but simple beauty spells.

General Spells - Various/Miscellaneous

Spells Page
A Sacred Place for you to find the Spells for your needful things...

Lucky Mojo
Hundreds of free magic spells for love, money, and protection; white magic, candle magic, hoodoo rootwork, lucky charms, high magick, ...

White Magick Spells
A huge list of various white magick spells. Many unique spells here. You can even add your own.

Assorted Spells
Another list of miscellaneous spells from frienship and money to love and blessings.

Unique Spells
Weather spells, Love spells, Trick spells, Life spells, Spiritual spells, Health spells, Beauty spells, and Luck spells.

Underground Witchcraft Secrets
Discover the #1 mistake people make when casting spells & how to make sure your spells are successful The key secrets to magick & spell work that many witches don't want you to know.

All Magick Spells
Guarded like gold-dust across the ages, these ancient secrets will put the awesome power of the universe into the palm of your hand... And it's so shockingly simple that you cannot fail... Even if you've never cast a single magic spell in your life!

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