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Ascension is a two-fold process. In order for a species to fully join the spiritual realms, ascension must happen both on an individual level and for the whole society in which it lives. The spiritual and evolutionary processes are permanently connected. You can not climb the spiritual ladder until the physical body has been prepared to accept the increased bioelectrical impulses. The physical mutations happen over generations as souls chose parents whose genetics will allow them to progress. As more souls become aware of the process, they become more discriminating of where they shall incarnate. Therefore, creating an impropriate grouping of higher developed souls in certain regions, while others have a disproportioned of the underdeveloped souls. This imbalance is causing many of the current social, economic, and cultural problems, which have created fear, hatred and violence.

The ascension process is best related to the Eastern theories of Chakras. There are seven main chakras. The first is located at the base of the spine. It is the center of the survival instinct--the inborn need to fight or flight. It is characterized by the fear of the unknown. Its energy is seen primarily as red. The second chakra is the need to create, whether it is to perpetuate the species or in higher developed souls to investigate new ideas, create works of art, and to challenge the known knowledge. Its location is two inches below the belly button. Its energy pattern is seen as orange. The third chakra is the power center of the individual. It is where the individuals self worth and self-determination blossoms. Yellow is it energy color. The fourth chakra is the heart. It is the connecting point between the lower and higher trines. Whereas the three lower are primarily concerned with survival, the upper three work on a more ethereal level. The heart is the cross over point. When the soul reaches this level of development, the physical aspects of life where they are person or society generated become less important than the needs of the species as a whole. Fear of the unknown falls away as the curiosity and need for wisdom becomes the new focal point. This chakra's energy is seen as green. The fifth chakra is also known as the throat chakra. It is the beginning of personal truths and the courage to speak them. Its energy signature is blue. Purple is the color of the sixth chakra, which is also known as the third eye. It is located on the brow between the eyes. It is the ability to look beyond personal needs and desires for a way to spiritually uplift the whole. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. Its energy is white. It is at this point the person connects directly with her/his soul and has access to the infinite wisdom of the universes. This is a brief description of the individual ascension process. It is separate from the whole, yet it is paramount to the evolution of the species.

The ascension of a species follows the same procedures, however the probability curve for failure is higher with the likely hood of increased set backs due to the inability of the majority of the group to rise beyond their fear of the unknown. Whereas the law of free will gives the individual the right not to accept change, it is also the main cause for the slow progress of the ascension for the whole. In order to proceed, the bioelectrical changes need to be disbursed evenly among the people to insure the genetic ability to rise above the fear level. However, the transmutation process must be handled with great care. If it proceeds to quickly or under duress, the fear factor will rise and the opposite effect will occur. Only by stabilizing the current culture factors and allowing the natives to grow naturally out of the fear will the general population be able to advance. There is not one set formula to insure the success of this project. Each situation and individual must be carefully considered for the specific needs. Only by slow deliberation, with patient consideration, will the ascension advancement occur.

The maturation process of the individual is the key to the general ascension of the whole. Only by supporting the one will the whole find stabilization and the ability to grow beyond the fear factor. While the general ascension process has been frequently stalled and pushed into regression, the individual, who have succeeded in their spiritual growth, have maintained their achievements, thereby making the forward progress more accessible. These individuals are examples of what may be achieved and by their mere existence fight the fear factor. They are the guides and signposts their companions need to follow on the ascension path out of the valley of fear into the security of love and wisdom. Only by increasing this number if enlightened souls may the ascension of the whole be insured.

On the physical level, the process can move forward more rapidly and with little or no regression. Once genetic adaptations have been introduced, they are relatively permanent. Limited by size and physical build, the Stone Age individual had limited motion and comprehension of her/his environment. This could be considered the first chakra physical stage of development. The primary concern was food, shelter, and security. Once the individuals began to develop communities, which grew its own food, established order and claimed turf, the second chakra development was achieved. The third level is the blossoming of the individual. It is at this stage of development that the personal needs, desires, and creativity begins to blossom. Individuals set goals for themselves and strove to meet them. Between the third and fourth chakra, developmental growth suddenly shifts from the physical to the emotional and intellectual. The cognitive abilities of the brain develop as the body is called on to use less instinctive and more abstract thought. Reaching the fourth chakra, the body has made the bioelectrical connections, which makes the brain capable of fourth dimensional thinking. The ability of the brain to transmit and tolerate higher energy levels makes abstract thought and concepts possible. The fifth chakra opens up the souls need to share and redefine the new thinking processes, therefore creating dialogues with others which stimulates the neurons to higher, more defined synaptic activity. The last two evolutionary developments increase communication between the hemispheres of the brain, allowing the creative, instinctive, and intellectual aspects to combine, which increases the brains capacity to more rapidly understand theoretical concepts.

Souls have a tendency to choose regions, cultures, and parents who will allow the maximum amount of spiritual and personal lessons. The freer and more open the society, the more likely it will attract the advancing souls. In exchange, the society will benefit from the advancing souls increased energy levels and its access to the universal wisdom, which brings about new medical, technological, and scientific discoveries. This self-sustaining process enable both the soul and the society, in which it's a member, to quickly grow towards ascension. The society, which embraces new ideas and wisdom, becomes free of fear. It explores the unknown, finds its secrets, and understands its mysteries therefore it becomes part of the known; the fear factor is removed.

However, in a closed society, the unknown remains hidden; the fear factor remains intact. New ideas are afraid to be shared, thereby cutting off the any potential gains either on the physical or spiritual level. Tradition and history become the ruling force. Change is considered dangerous. Anyone who proposes change is feared and hated. In this type of closed society, ideas quickly become inbred and fixed. Without the challenges to keep it active, the bioelectrical systems of the individuals lose their ability to carry the higher levels of energy. Parts of the bioelectrical systems start to slow or even shut down. Just as muscles need movement to remain healthy, so the brain needs intellectual stimulus to remain active. The slowing of the bioelectrical system effects the entire individual--emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. This is also a self-perpetuating system. As the souls interact, they reinforce the traditional behaviors as good; anyone who thinks or acts outside the norm is punished as evil or banished.

The imbalance between the two societies creates distrust, fear, and hatred. When the open society tries to enlighten the closed, it is seen as an attacking force. The fear factor in the closed society increases. Its posture becomes defensive. It rallies the natives to defend its way of life. The more aggressive the open society becomes, the more their actions have the opposite affect. The open society is seen as paternalistic and condescending. Whereas their motives may have started out pure, the potential for back sliding in the open society is possible as the closed society it judges as backward and ungrateful pulls it back to an earlier thought processes. Communication breaks down on the physical level, leading to bigotry, violence and open hostilities. However, with patience and respect, the spiritual communication can be maintained. In some cases, it is the only route still open for communication. Only by opening the door, turning on a guiding light, and allowing each soul to start the ascension process on its own can the stalemate end. Enlightened souls can be guides through the process, but only after they have been invited. Ascended souls have and continue to voluntarily incarnate in the closed societies, using their love, courage and wisdom to open it from the inside out.

The is no one solution, no one path to ascension. Each soul must find the courage and the wisdom to fight the fear of the unknown. As each individual finds its own path and reaches the higher stage of development, the society she/he lives in is blesses with the same growth potential

Theresa Chaze is a fully dedicated Wiccan Priestess. Her first novel, Dragon's New Home--The Beginning of the Dragon Clan Trilogy is now available. It is based on her philosophy that all people can live together in peace as long as they come from respect. She invites you to visit her site at:

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