What Is Ascension and How to Ascend

What is Ascension, and how do we ascend? Many teachers and channels say ascension is a shift in consciousness from 3rd dimensional (Earth-level) reality to the 5th dimension of multidimensional wholeness. There is also much discussion about cleansing processes, resonating in harmony with the new frequencies, karmic clearing, DNA activation, raising your vibrational frequency, "carbon-based" becoming "crystalline-based," less density and fewer thoughts (I would hope they mean less mental chatter, not fewer insights or less critical thinking), changing the focus of your consciousness, and so on.

As you can see, such vague, abstract ideas can become confusing to the average person, and people desperate for solutions to real problems can fall for some of the nonsense out in the world.

There are very few teachers (according to recent channeled material) who can speak about what ascension is and how to ascend in concrete, specific and detailed terms. (That's because the teachers have yet to do it themselves.) There are also many people who are getting increasingly frustrated at the massive lack of information and understanding dealing with the "how-to" of ascension.

Many teachers and channels, however, stress the importance of getting on the path of ascension. Indeed, the following is one way to look at ascension: After going through many lifetimes on Earth and the learnings that came with them, it is time for you to take the "final exam" and graduate to the next level. Which means it's about making sense of the path we've been on since humanity first appeared on Earth. It's about deeply understanding and getting, "Oh, this is what we've been up to by incarnating over and over again on Earth. This is why we chose this difficult path; this is why we chose to experience duality. It all makes sense now. The Bible makes more sense viewed from this perspective, the variety of religions, cultures and languages that there are actually makes sense now, and the mysteries (for which there were no good explanations) can now all be solved. This Earth experience isn't just about random suffering; there actually is a plan that makes sense, one that I can get behind, one that takes us to the Golden Age. I get it now; I get what the fuss around Awakening is all about."

Here is a relevant excerpt from a recent channeled message from SaLuSa. In this message, SaLuSa stresses that ascension is a privilege and requires a giant leap forward in consciousness:

"The occasion of Ascension is of such a magnitude, that you may consider yourselves very privileged to be involved in the end-times....The fact that you have spent many lives in duality has raised your levels of consciousness far quicker than any other means....Each (of your lifetimes) has been carefully made to allow you opportunities to experience exactly what you needed to further your evolution. Your success, or otherwise, has determined whether or not you are ready to take a great leap forward and ascend..."--excerpt from SaLuSa, Galactic Federation Message, 29 October 2010, channeled by Mike Quinsey

But how do you take that leap forward? How to ascend? By reconnecting and integrating with your higher self. When you reconnect and integrate with your higher self, you're reconnecting to that part of you that chose and planned this Earth experience, the part of you that is not a victim but that helped create this Earth experience--for a ridiculously noble purpose, too, by the way. And now it's time to graduate to a Golden Age. (But the Golden Age will not just come about on its own; you will be instrumental in creating that, too.)

Using specific and detailed language, I have written extensively on how to connect to and integrate with your higher self. I have shared my experiences about how I did that in two books: a how-to e-book, and a detailed memoir of my awakening process. Both complement each other.

"In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has for the most part already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality. Do you understand?"--excerpt from "Potent Entry into 2011," Archangel Metatron, channeled through James Tyberon.

Yes, I understand. Indeed, anyone who has experienced this should be able to help by making the path easier and smoother for others--by giving concrete, real-life examples, too.

Be wary of those who use pseudoscientific language and words you can't understand. If they can't explain things using plain, simple language, how can you assess the situation? (Use your intuition.)

I am reminded of a childhood Bible story, when Jesus got so upset with the moneychangers in the Temple that he threw their table over in disgust. I feel there's more to that story than the Bible tells you. I doubt Jesus got upset over money being exchanged in the Temple per se, but that there were those charging nice sums for "karmic clearing," for securing your place in "heaven," when in truth no one can do that FOR YOU. Jesus would have been completely fine with candles, scrolls, or wedding services being sold in the Temple. We also know he wasn't that easily offended. But he knew that you can't buy a place in heaven, or a clearing of karma, or awareness; the keys to the "kingdom" were within you, and you needed to do the work yourself. That's why you were on this planet!

In summary, the key to ascension and to how to ascend is: connecting and integrating with your higher self, your inner power--which, by the way, is also the quickest way to all those positive transformations mentioned in the first paragraph.

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