Numerology - The Soul Urge/Hearts Desire

Your Inner Hearts Desire, your Likes And Dislikes.

"Your Soul Urge represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. It speaks of your innermost drives and motivations - your dreams. These are usually expressed in feelings, emotions, desires. Your Soul Number represents what your inner secret self desires to be. Most people keep these desires locked away and do little to bring them to fruition. Some people stumble around attempting to 'make their dream' come true. However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realize these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane."
(Excerpted from: http://www.thedreamtime.com/spirit/num_soulurge.html)

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge is calculated by adding the value of only the vowels in the name.
You should use the full name that you were given at birth.

The numbers that correspond to the vowels are as follows:

  A - 1     E - 5     I - 9     O - 6     U - 3     *W - 5     *Y - 7

Let's use the name JANE SMITH for example:

J   A(1)   N   E(5)   S   M   I(9)   T   H

1 + 5 + 9 = 15

15 is a double digit so we must add the two numbers until we arrive at a single digit.
In this example the 1 + 5 = 6

Jane Smith has a soul urge number of 6

*In numerology, the letter "Y "is also considereed a vowel when there is no other vowel in a word (Lynn or Carolyn) and when it is preceded by a vowel and sounded as one sound (Hayden). A "W" is treated as a vowels when it is preceded by a vowel and produces a single sound, as in names such as (Bradshaw).

Once you determine what your Soul Urge Number is you can click on the number below to learn more about it's vibration.

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9

With a 1 Soul Urge, you achieve a sense of contentment when you succeed in any type of competition. You need to have the sense that you are a winner at doing what you do. Winning makes you feel accepted and appreciated and these are keys to being fulfilled.

With a 2 Soul Urge, you have a deep inner need for love and harmony in your life. Resolving problems using mediation and diplomacy produces a warm sense of achievement. When you avoid the pain of stress and conflict, you are well on the road to feeling fulfilled.

With a 3 Soul Urge, you gain a sense of contentment when you engage in creative endeavors. Exercising your verbal or writing talents to gain status in your environment makes you feel good about yourself. Social interaction and just having a good time produces a sense of fulfillment.

With a 4 Soul Urge, there is an ever-present need to feel secure in a financial and in a professional sense. You gain happiness in the knowledge your debts are gone and your home environment is solid. When others show appreciation for your knowledge and expertise, you achieve a sense of fulfillment

With a 5 Soul Urge, the desire to have complete freedom to be in control of your affairs is paramount in your makeup. Happiness is having the latitude to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Tasting life in an unrestrained fashion produces a sense of fulfillment.

With a 6 Soul Urge, having a sense of being needed and appreciated is an always present pressure. You have a strong need for acknowledgment. Fulfillment comes when you are looked up to by your family, friends, or coworkers for the efforts you expend on their behalf.

With a 7 Soul Urge, you have a strong inner need to gain a spiritual sense about the world around you. You have an inborn appreciation for nature and the wonders of the world around you. Fulfillment comes with being able to spend time in solitude and in seeking wisdom.

With an 8 Soul Urge, you harbor a focused drive to achieve in a material sense and to gain a position of authority and power. Happiness is financial freedom, a well established business or, at least, a very secure job. Status in your environment produces fulfillment.

With a 9 Soul Urge, you are happiest when you can do something to benefit humanity. You have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. Living life fully and helping where you can produces a sense of fulfillment.

(Excerpted from: astrology-numerology.com)

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