crystal and indigo child

Links and Resources on Indigo/Crystal Children and Adults

Indigo Children
A great site about Indigo Children with lots of good reading and even an indigo chat room.

First Wave Indigos
The Children/Adults Who Fell ThroughThe Cracks In Our Society

Indigo & Crystalline Children
Channeling from the Ascended Masters June 4th, 2002

Indigo Adults
Are You an Adult Indigo? A list of Indigo Adult Characteristics

Adult Indigo & Crystal Page
Provide support and direction to adults who are experiencing the energies of the Indigo-Crystal transition. Great Articles.

Information about indigo children, inspirational articles and much more

Indigos & Crystals
How do you know if you, or someone you know, is an Indigo or Crystal Child or Adult? It's highly recommended that you read this page to get a clearer understanding of Indigos and Crystals and these changing times.

Indigo/Crystal Children Videos
Videos About the Indigo kids Phenomenon, indigo adults and crystal Children.

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