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Links and Resources on Angels

About Angels
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here is a very extensive glimpse into the Etymology, History, Mysticism, Iconography and Religious Descriptions of Angels.

I Believe In Angels
All about angels, why angels are here, and what they do. Angels are messengers from a loving God., a vision of God's love and nurturing care.

Amazing Angel Stories
Angelrealm.com - Read amazing Angel stories and miracles. You can share your own story.

The 72 Guide Angels
Guideangel.com - The 72 names (guide/guardian Angels) of God.

Real Angel Images and Clipart
A collection of real angel pictures,photos of cloud angels, spirit guides, also an archive of angel clip art.

Angel Articles
Tomorrowsedge.net - Articles about Talking to Angels, Fairies, and Spirit Guides.

Angel Guide
Angel-Guide.com - Exploring the Possibilities of Guardian Angels, Angelic Realms and Angelic Energy Vibrations

Angels and Celestial Beings
All about angels and celestial beings, guardian angels, angelic messengers of the Divine and spirit guide communication.

Angels in Different Cultures and Religions
The role of God's messengers on earth and the main difference between the Islamic and Christian/Jewish views on angels

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