The Starseed Soul Path on Earth

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From a young age starseeds experience a sense of being alone or separate from others in a way that seems to go beyond just the typical alienation a child or young adult might feel among their family or peers. Some remain isolated or introverted even into adulthood, feeling a sense of being different or not fitting into the world. A starseed is often puzzled by human behavior and motives in general, and they find the society to be illogical at times. They are often reluctant to become involved in the many formal institutions of society either because of a streak of rebellion and non-conformity, or because such systems and instutions don't interest them or even make sense in some way. Although this can describe a lot of people in general, starseeds often see what is beneath the surface and can discern hidden agendas and motives of either instutions and governments; they often know when an individual or entity does not have their best interest at heart.

Starseeds are usually highly intelligent and creative, intuitive and have a devoloped sixth sense; they are also sensitive to their environment and feel a deep affinity with nature and the cosmos; they can be highly empathic with other people and animals as a result.

All of this can lead to them feeling overwhelmed by all of the information and energy present in their physical environment resulting in negative escapism or indifference, or it can pave the way to inner exploration and a spiritual journey on a path of self-awakening; when a spiritual awakening occurs the veil is partially lifted and the individual will begin to remember the wisdom of the soul and perhaps why they have chosen or were sent to experience physical life on earth.

Starseeds are sometimes referred to as 'old souls' having experienced many previous incarnations on planets other than earth, although some may have had past lives on earth as well. The universe is magnificent and vast beyond our comprehension and life is possible even on planets in distant galaxies beyond our own milky way. The soul can inhabit many forms and the human body is not the only biological form that exists. But no matter what form a soul experiences in a lifetime, a starseed is somewhat unique because the soul of that individual has experienced a majority of their physical incarnations in societies or star-groups that are very different from earth. A soul retains memory of it's experiences and incarnations because it is all part of learning or evolving process, but starseeds may have voluntarily chosen to incarnate into human form on earth at this time in order to assist with the planetary ascension process--or even just to experience it on some level. The star seeded soul may retain a memory of these other lifetimes and soul experiences through unusual and reacurring dreams, visions and a sense of just 'knowing' without being able to explain how they know of these other places. A starseed soul may have even experienced lifetimes in other dimensions beyond the physical third dimension or in other parallel realities.

Being a starseed does not mean that an individual in their current physical human form was once walking or floating around on planet Neptune before deciding to take a vacation to earth. It is a little more complex than that and this will not be discussed in great detail here, but you can check out a few of these links and resources on starseeds if you want to explore some of the theories further. Before one can truly understand what a starseed is then it may benefit them to have a general understanding of what a soul is and the concept of reincarnation, or past/parallel lives.

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