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Local Favorites - America's Famous Hauntings
Here is a site with some great haunted historical sites from around the United States.
A very special Thank You to Kyle of grade 5 for finding and suggesting this wonderful link! Good work Kyle! A big Thank You to Sarah also! ;-)

Creative Spirit Network
Many spirits are working here to nourish the creative spirit in you. Meet them....

Ghost Photographs
This site containts some authentic photos along with some fake or explainable Ghost Photos.

Ghosts & Ghost Stories
Lots of different ghost stories, sightings, photos, videos, EVP recordings, Ghost Cam, and more..

Ghosts & Hauntings
Information on apparations, poltergeists, phantom ships and vehicles, phone calls from the dead and other info on ghosts and hauntings.

Near Death Experiences & The Afterlife
Profiles of the most profound near-death experiences ever documented along with supporting scientific, metaphysical, and religious material..

Haunted Places Directory
Search for haunted locations, submit your own ghost experiences or Haunted Sites, and more.

What Are Ghosts?
What are ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and how does a person become one?

Famous Hauntings is a Ghosts and Hauntings website features famous hauntings.

Haunted Locations
A breif Wikipedia List of reportedly haunted locations.

Ghostly Sounds (EVP)
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), are recordings of ghost voices. Here is a list of several EVP Ghost recordings. viewers.

Ghost Village
Provides ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world, with skeptical, religious, scientific, and metaphysical.veiwpoints.

Spirit World - Spiritualism
Discover the spiritworld through Spiritualist archive of Spirit World Pictures. Spirits caught on camera and other worlds revealed, and more.

Ghost Stories
Resources regarding real ghosts and true hauntings cases, you can also publish, share, and read real ghost stories

Ghost Stories
Investigating into the existence of life after death., and examining the various evidence for and against an afterlife.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Paranormal
How to: Survive a zombie attack, break up with a vampire, get rid of a ghost, survive if you have scissor hands.. and much more.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation
NDERF Is the largest Near Death Experience Website in the world with over 1600 full-text published NDE accounts.

Astral Projection - The Amazing Art of Leaving Your Body At Will
240 questions about astral projection answered

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Astral Projection - The Amazing Art of Leaving Your Body At Will
240 questions about astral projection answered

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