Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

With the Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit, you'll be armed to gather the most credible evidence of paranormal activity a living person can obtain. The kit contains the most up-to-date instruments available, including an EVP listener to track Electronic Voice Phenomena; a Digital Infrared Pen Style Thermometer to indicate temperature changes that often occur when entities are present; and a vital EMF meter to detect magnetic fields that might indicate ghostly energy in the vicinity. The Deluxe Ghost Hunting equipment kit fits into a convenient case that can be packed and unpacked quickly, so you and your team can hit several locations in one evening if need be.

A Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit lets you enter the world of paranormal research, which is still a new science. There is no such thing as a ghost detector, and no one yet knows for sure what causes paranormal phenomena. A deluxe ghost hunting equipment kit is vital. Many theories exists, and most assume that if humans can experience a paranormal sight, sound, chill, or other sensation, then there should be some type of detectable physical/environmental change. The ghost hunting tools in this kit represent some of the most popular items for extending human senses, allowing users to sense and scientifically quantify changes that cannot be explained under normal circumstances. Naturally, these tools will also detect changes that can be explained by normal activity such as electrical wiring, wind movement, etc. Even with deluxe ghost hunting supplies, it is up to you, the paranormal researcher, to use your powers of reasoning to sort out which activity is paranormal because it cannot be explained by ordinary means. For this reason, it is important to work with these tools under normal circumstances first to determine what ordinary causes are likely to be found for changes that can be detected by these tools, and to become familiar with what they can and cannot do. And even with the Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit, remember, in paranormal research, there are no guarantees that you will find a ghost or have a paranormal experience.

Buy the Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit, and start your investigation into the paranormal with the most accurate and reliable equipment you can buy to obtain credible proof of otherworldly activity. The Kit Includes:

*GaussMaster EMF meter
*Portable Motion Sensor
*EVP Listener
*Digital ILocal Remote Thermometer
*Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together

EVP Listener

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are human-like sounds that are recorded by electronic devices, which may or may not be audible to humans, and for which an ordinary explanation cannot be found. Paranormal researchers have theorized that EVP might be caused by magnetic phenomena, which bypass our normal hearing mechanism and directly impact the recording device. The EVP Listener converts AC magnetic fields into the corresponding sound of same frequency and intensity, so that the user can hear magnetic phenomena in real time.

The EVP Listener can be used with or without headphones, and the output can be attached to a recording device or spectrum analyzer if desired. You can hear ordinary sources of magnetic fields with the EVP Listener. It is important to become familiar with the sound of ordinary AC magnetic field sources such as wiring, fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, motors, etc. These must be ruled out in any paranormal sighting. Listen for distinct or faint words, moans, screams or other non-mechanical sounds.


The thermometer is great for checking the temperature of air. Compare temperature readings in many locations, look for places that have an unusual temperature and be sure to record your findings (be sure to specify ˚F or ˚C). See if these unusual temperature findings correlate with other nearby changes that might be considered paranormal.

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Some researchers believe that paranormal forces can move physical objects. The motion sensor in this kit will detect if an object whose temperature is significantly different from the background moves across its field of view, and alert you by sounding an alarm. Be sure to set up the motion sensor so that its field of view is not obstructed, and so that you and other people will not accidentally trip the sensor. A motion detector can be your eyes and ears to movement in a completely dark or remote location. In fact, you can use several units to monitor multiple rooms.

Trifield EMF Meter

An EMF meter will detect/measure AC magnetic fields. AC magnetic fields are normally caused by the flow of AC electricity and will be found in the vicinity of all appliances and wiring in which electricity is you must get used to finding magnetic fields that occur for normal reasons, and distinguish these from magnetic hot spots that are unexplainable. Although magnetic fields have an orientation, this EMF meter is 3-axis, meaning that it looks in all directions, so there is no need to worry about the orientation of the meter. The Trifield EMF meter in this kit has two ranges. Magnetic 0-100 mG is the standard range. The meter can also operate on the more sensitive 0-3 mG range and will detect even the smallest background levels. These are the two most popular settings for paranormal work. The meter also has electric field and radiowave capability. It comes with the battery already installed so it is ready to use.

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

A deluxe Ghost Hunting kit will get your investigation off on the right foot with fast and accurate readings from reliable equipment. Much like the team of the hit series Ghost Hunters, you'll need an array of devices to help track down and record the apparitions you encounter. The Ghost Hunting equipment kit includes an EMF meter, portable motion sensor, EVP listener, digital remote thermometer and sturdy carrying case to keep it all together and let you pack and unpack your ghost-hunting gear quickly and easily.

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