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The True Nature of the Gods of the Bible
The Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym.

Ancient Astronauts, Planet X, Nibiru, NASA and more, Learn about the hidden facts in our history and ancient knowledge that modern science can know confirm.

The Ancient Astronauts Theory
Talks about the nature of the ancient gods, How they accomplished their seemingly miraculous feats, their connection to humans, Where they come from and where they went, plus much more.

The Annunaki Ancient Gods
About the Giant hominoids who visite Earth from their home planetduring the ancient Sumerian times. This planet is known by many names - Niburu, Marduk, Wormwood, the Destroyer, the Red Star, and lately Planet X. Learn more about the Annunaki and the Sumerians.

Ancient astronaut theories
Wikiepedia Article discussing the Ancient Astronaut theories, and how intelligent extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth and that this contact is linked to the origins or development of human cultures, technologies and/or religions.

Giants in the Bible
About the The Races of Giants mentioned in the Bible, the Nephilim ,Rephaim ,Anakim,Historical Background to the Giants,Interpreting the Giants, Half god half man,and The fallen ones

Giants the Bible and Enoch
The off-spring of this union between the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men"...inlcudes scientific evidence of these Giants along with tons of photos and archealogical evidence.

Kingdom Of God
The book of Genesis describes a higher level of existence when humans walked and talked with God in a place called the Garden of Eden.The Bible and the Book of Enoch tell us that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and there are beings who were already ancient before Adam and Eve first walked the Earth.

Secrets of the Sons of God
Rulers of the Earth is a moving personal attempt to clarify ancient biblical references to the “sons of God”, and relating these to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Enoch Book 1: Watchers
In Enoch, the "watchers" are angels apparently dispatched to Earth simply to watch over the people.

Giant Humans and Dinosaurs
Photos and testimonial that man and dinosaurs co-existed.

Exopolotics Radio
A weekly Exopolitical public affairs talk show, exploring the evidence and impact of intelligent, organized life in the Universe on our human society

Alien Types
Varieties of alien beings known to interact with humans and supposedly involved in influencing human affairs.

Conversations with Extraterrestrials
Several Cases where aliens have conversed with human beings.

Extraterrestrial Connections
There are many different groups of physical and non physical Extraterrestrial Groups assisting planet earth and the starseeds at this time..

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