The 11:11 Phenomenon

What Does Seeing The 11:11 Mean?

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Once you understand what an 11:11 experience is, and why it's happening to you and so many other people, you may wonder what it means. Here are a few general explanations for what the 11:11 experiences might represent, and why it's so meaningful to so many people.

Seeing the 11:11, or 11's in general (and noticing how often you see it) means that you are aware of synchronicity. Your mind is open and aware. You are probably a very intuitive or spiritual minded person, or perhaps even a bit eccentric! Many individuals having 11:11 experiences may have always felt different from other people throughout their lives. In fact, many 11'ers are drawn to spirituality, nature, metaphysics and science.

Some people like to make wishes when they see 11:11 on a clock, and feel that this special sequence of numbers will give a little more weight to their wish. Others are comforted by the belief that loved ones who have passed on our guiding them from beyond, reminding them that they are always there. Some beliefs even consider that there could be a fun loving intelligence working behind the scenes just trying to alter our perceptions, or our electronics! All of these beliefs can be considered truth if they resonate with you. Try to take notice of the first thing that comes to your mind when you next see the 11 or 11:11, or what your thoughts were prior to seeing it. Trust your intuition!

The 11:11 may be a personal "wake up call" from the universe, or from your spirit guides, angels, god, source, the universal mind, or whatever other term or word you feel comfortable using. You can even think of this expression as the "energy" that makes up everything that ever was, is, or ever will be. (god is all and all is god). You can choose any metaphor that feels right. But for the purpose of the following explanation let's refer to it as "energy". Everything is energy. This energy is happening everywhere, simultaneously, right now at this very moment. Having an 11 11 Experience reminds us that we are all connected. We are all one. Just like how the 11:11 is connected (11+11).

When you see 11 (especially on a clock) you can always stop and take a moment to be thankful for this gift of life, the present moment in time, and to send love and light out into the universe. You will always get back more of what you give. 11:11 can remind you of this balance and of the infinite potential of this energy.

Those who are having the eleven eleven experiences are tapping into the universal mind-energy. The purpose of this one-energy is to manifest Love and Light for all of creation. All things including numbers have specific vibrations. When someone notices the synchronicity with a number like the 11, they are aware and "tuned in" to that specific vibration at that time.

Having an 11:11 experience could mean that your DNA is being activated. This explanation may seem slightly odd to some, but many do resonate with it. Physical reality may be a "program" so to speak, that is created by digital codes or frequencies such as numbers. This is similar to how binary numbers output the programs that run on your computer. The human DNA, (our genetic memory) is encoded prior to our birth. DNA is triggered at times by certain codes or "frequencies" such as those of the number 11. This causes the mind to awaken or change, resulting in the evolution of the consciousness.

11:11 may be something that was precoded into lightworkers DNA, (or consciousness/memory) prior to their incarnation into a physical body here on earth. Lightworkers are here for a very special reason. Their purpose for being here is to "hold the light" in order to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

11:11 may be the wake up call for Lightworkers and Starseeds, allowing them to remember who they are, and what they are here to do. Perhaps lightworkers all share a similar aspect of the universal consciousness, which is the desire to help change the world in some positive way. Everyone can make a difference and anyone can be a lightworker if they so choose.

Sometimes it's difficult to describe what seeing the 11:11 means, because it is a personal experience for everyone. If you feel you are having these experiences for a reason, then it might be that only you will know what these number prompts and wake-up calls mean. Perhaps you already know the answers, and it's just a matter of remembering. Take the time to meditate on the answers, or ask your Higher Self (or God, Universe, your Spiritual guides or Angels, etc.,) to guide you in the right direction whenever you see the 1111. Remember to trust your intuition and follow the synchronicities for they will always reveal what is hidden and bring it into the light.

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